Marketing Insight platform SocialPeta and its China station Launched [AdCost Intelligence]!

Marketing Insight platform SocialPeta and its China station Launched [ADCost Intelligence]!

  1. what is ADCost Intelligence?
  2. What ADCost Intelligence will bring you?
  3. How does ADCost Intelligence work?

what is ADCost Intelligence?

We launched the advertising cost analysis function module in March 2020,witch we called AdCost Intelligence. Advertising cost analysis module provides important functions for advertisers, optimizers, and many people in the advertising industry, which is conveniently and intuitively view the average index of key costs in the advertising industry. You can see the performance trends of CTR, CPC, and CPM on the Facebook Ad platform.

This is a very amazing feature. We mainly provide advertising cost analysis for the Facebook platform and its sub-media Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger. At the same time, there are types to divide App, Web, or Page, of which App and Web are well-known types, but Page is a very popular form of purchase on the KOL category of very popular social media platforms. We will add more classifications in the future.

In addition, the cost analysis module provides advanced filtering items, placement, country,region or CTA type. You can view the advertising cost index of different countries, and you can also view the data of Facebook’s 17 placements. If you pay attention to the advertising cost performance of different CTA, such as Play Game, Download or Shop now, you can filter and view its CTR and CPC at will.

What ADCost Intelligence will bring you?

  • View market average indicators and adjust advertising spending strategies

Advertising cost has always been an industry secret. Many advertisers or optimizers suffer pain and balance excessive spending or substandard advertising effects. Many advertisers are left in the dark and can only wait for slaughter. Advertisers can only go forward with their eyes closed.

With the help of Ad Cost Intelligence tools now this can be greatly reduced. Check the advertising market cost data index regularly to optimize the advertising strategy or adjust the expenditure ratio.

  • Observe the trend of time and cost, and find out the law of Ad costs

Advertising optimizers with excellent experience in the industry have found or obtained the golden rule of buying, but in fact, this is what everyone is pursuing. We know that advertising costs often change regularly throughout the year.

Extending the timeline, do you want to know how advertising costs have changed in recent months or in recent years? Is CPC constantly rising? Explore in the product, this function module can help you greatly.

  • Watch sudden changes and gain insight into the market response

We often encounter unexpected or unconventional phenomena in the process of advertising. For example, a sudden rise in CTR or a sudden decline in CPC should not be anxious at this time, because there may also be hidden contradictions. The cost analysis of the advertising market will give you a reference value.

How does ADCost Intelligence work?

We have numerous cooperating Campaign data and advertising automation companies to provide us with numerous data sources through powerful computing power and security desensitization rules. You can learn more about head advertisers ’delivery strategies by checking out the Top Campaign. However, please be assured that we have hidden the advertiser ’s name.

At last

The ad cost Intelligence module will become a powerful helper. We will also continue to optimize the functions of the advertising cost analysis module. For example, we will add games and e-commerce categories in the near future.

You are welcome to contact us for business opening purchase, and ask any questions for free!