April 12, 2024

SocialPeta | Insight into 2024 Marketing Trends for Japanese Mobile Games

In the global gaming market, Japan's mobile gaming market has always maintained its unique position and strong influence. It is estimated that the revenue of Japan's mobile gaming market in 2023 was close to $14 billion, making it one of the major markets globally.
February 04, 2024

SocialPeta | 2023 Global Mobile Apps (Non-Game) Marketing Trends White Paper

SocialPeta is pleased to announce the release of the "2023 Global Mobile Application (Non-Game) Marketing Trend White Paper." Our goal is to provide insights into these rapidly evolving fields and empower individuals to succeed in competitive markets.
February 04, 2024

2023 Global Mobile Games Marketing Trends White Paper

To address this, SocialPeta has released the "2023 Global Mobile Game Marketing Whitepaper" to help stakeholders gain insights globally and support the growth of game publishing. In this whitepaper, we provide a detailed analysis of the marketing trends for popular overseas game categories and regions, observing how blockbuster mobile games are deployed in 2023.
January 22, 2024

SocialPeta|Q3 2023 Insights Report on Marketing in Indian Mobile Games

Q3 2023 Insights Report on Marketing in Indian Mobile Games from SocialPeta
October 25, 2023

SocialPeta|Q3 2023 Insights into Marketing Trends of Global Mobile Games

In response to this, SocialPeta released the "2023 Q3 Global Mobile Game Marketing Trend Insight" report. The report delves into the dynamics of the mobile gaming market in Q3 of 2023, providing a systematic analysis and attribution of the gaming market from aspects such as volume purchase placement, material trends, download and revenue share of game developers, and marketing feedback on new games.
August 16, 2023

SocialPeta x SnapChat H1 2023 Insights into Marketing Trends of Global Mobile Apps

SocialPeta and Snapchat partnered to produced the "2023H1 Mobile Application Marketing Trend Insights" report. This report aims to provide insights on a global scale and support successful product expansion into global markets.
July 20, 2023

SocialPeta Q2 2023 Global Mobile Game Marketing Trends Insights Report

To address this, SocialPeta released the "2023 Q2 Global Mobile Gaming Marketing Trends Insight Report. This report will deeply analyze the competitive situation of the mobile gaming market, explore key factors and best practices in market marketing.
July 04, 2023

Mobile Game Trends White Paper [Simulation Games]

To provide with the latest market information and help to seize opportunities in the mobile game industry. SocialPeta and SoWork have launched the "Asia-Pacific Market Potential Report."
April 24, 2023

SocialPeta Q1 2023 Global Mobile Game Marketing Trends Insights Report

SocialPeta analyzed and summarized the 2023 Q1 game market data, finally, we released the Q1 2023 Insights into Global Mobile Game Marketing Trends report as usual.
January 29, 2023

SocialPeta 2022 Mobile Game&App Marketing Report

SocialPeta released the 2022 Global Mobile Game Marketing White Paper. This report is a combined version of mobile games and applications, we invited industry partners such as Singular, Tenjin, Digital Turbine, Moloco, Storemaven, AdQuantum and etc to provide valuable perspectives.