Inspire You And Drive Your Marketing Campaigns

Inspire You And Drive Your Marketing Campaigns

Spy Competitors' Ads Data‎, Get Insights of Top Networks, Publishers, APP Advertisers, eCom Advertisers with us.

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Global Ad Analytics

Global Ad Analytics includes 40+ networks of global, covering mainstream networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Unity, and other local networks in Japan and Korea such as Naver and Ameba.

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China Ad Analytics

China Ad Analytics includes 40+ networks, covering major advertising platforms such as TouTiao, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, and other medium networks such as NetEase, BiliBili, etc.

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Optimize Your User Acquisition Strategy

Discover top Creatives and Insight to Advertising Strategy and Market Dynamics

Get Inspiration from Ad Creative Spy

· 69 countries and 70 mainstream networks, 1.5B of creative materials
· the latest materials are updated in real-time.

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Insight Into the Ad Cost of Facebook

· Audience Interests recommend with CPM, CPC, and KD.
· Top Countries‘ Benchmark of CTR,CPM, CPC.
· Find the secret of CPA like purchase, active, achievement, and so on.

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Spy the Marketing Strategy of Your Competitors

· TOP Advertisers
More than 6 million global advertiser data, material, text, network and other multi-dimensional analysis, grasp market dynamics.

· Learn from your competitors
Follow popular advertising strategies to drive business growth and maximize revenue.

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Spy Your Competiors? You're in the right place!


Navigate to success with SocialPea Ad Analytics

Get more inspiration than your competitors and make decisions that will win more objectively.

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As a busy marketing head, SocialPeta updates data and intelligence information in real time, which solves many of my pain points and difficulties in advertising.

Jack Rod,Senior Director of Marketing
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