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Launched [Ecom Intelligence]!

  1. what is Ecom Intelligence?
  2. What Ecom Intelligence will bring you?
  3. How does Ecom Intelligence work?

what is Ecom Intelligence?

In March 2020, we launched the Ecom Intelligence function. The e-commerce Intelligence function provides important functions for the e-commerce industry: to be able to view Aliexpress hot-selling products and analysis and to pay attention to the movement of smart selected products and competitive stores in the Dropship business model.

We mainly provide hot sale and selection of potential products for Aliexpress and Shopify products. At the same time, the Ecom Intelligence module also provides advanced filtering items: you can not only filter by product type, country of sale, country of purchase, order, and price, but also search by range according to the number of products added to the collection, product ratings, and order volume today, , You can also filter the hotlist products and new product recommendations according to whether to provide product introduction videos, whether to support Paypal, whether express delivery, and one-click.

In addition, the Ecom Intelligence module can track the order / wishlist changes of the product sales for you, check the distribution of the country of sale, and even match the stores that have already sold this product in the market to provide you with market sales and profit.

What Ecom Intelligence will bring you?

  • Seize market dynamics and view quality products

Shop selection has always been a problem that plagued the e-commerce industry. The style and positioning of a shop have become the key point of whether the shop can be successfully operated. Why are the ratings different for shops in the same industry? Why can other stores get such low prices for the same product? How to seize the opportunity to create explosive products?

Now with Ecom intelligence, this problem can be greatly solved. Search keywords, categories, and so on to find the target product’s comparative price, and sort it by growth rate-find the pearl buried in the soil in front of competitors.

  • Understanding product details for product positioning

Why are the prices of the same product different? Which product can increase the traffic and increase the repurchase rate, and have a group of loyal shop fans? How long can this explosion last?

Ecom Intelligence provides you with detailed product analysis, tracking order growth trends, analysis of selling countries, observation of product collections and ratings, and help you analyze the available information of AliExpress products in all aspects. You can select your target product, click to see more similar products for price and rating order, and clearly select the most valuable products in the ocean of products.

  • Compare the profit, price and sales volume of competitive stores and estimate the market trend

How to stand out in the homogeneous e-commerce industry? Is the competition for this product fierce? How much does the competitive store price this product? How much profit can I get in the market competition?

Ecom Intelligence provides Shopify smart selection of products to help you quickly find high-quality competitive products. At the same time, you can also check the matching stores, how the competing stores are priced, and how much profit you can make from them.

How does Ecom Intelligence work?

We use a powerful database for product capture, and use intelligent algorithms to select hot and high-potential products for you. At the same time, we will intelligently match the captured products with the store products, and combine the market verification of product sales to exclude those uncompetitive high-cost products and recommend those products that have real valuable profits.

At last

The Ecom Intelligence module will fuel your business growth in the e-commerce industry. We will also continue to improve the selection analysis of e-commerce to provide you with more high-quality and powerful functions.

You are welcome to contact us for business opening purchase, and ask any questions for free!