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Competitive intelligence is the first step in our marketing intelligence work and one of the most important parts. Only when we understand the details of our competitors can we formulate a correct and effective marketing strategy.

In this report, SocialPeta analyzes the Dreamnovel’s ad analysis from multiple aspects and helps you see the competitive intelligence of top grossing apps Dreamnovel.

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1. Basic Information of Dreamnovel

App Name : Dreamnovel



OS : iOS

Network : Facebook,Audience Network,Instagram

Developer : 思娜 范

Publisher :

Total creative ads during the time period : 751

Duration : 61

Popularity : 41,336

2. Dreamnovel’s Competitive Intelligence

what is competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence is the most important part of our marketing. Only when we fully understand the overall situation of our competitors and the market can we make accurate judgments.

Before advertising, we usually use various tools, such as SocialPeta, to check the details of competitors’ ads. In this report, we will analyze the recent advertising performance of advertiser Dreamnovel in detail to understand its advertising strategy.

Trend of Category

There are many types of creatives. We mainly analyze the trend of the ad creative category of Dreamnovel in the recent period. As of 2020-09-07, among the Dreamnovel‘s ad creative, the Html category’s proportion is 0.0%, Video category’s proportion is 0.0%, Playable Ads category’s proportion is 0.0%, Image category’s proportion is 100.0%, Carousel category’s proportion is 0.0%.

Ad Network Analysis

The network that SocialPeta monitors can cover almost all mainstream channels in the world. Understanding the competitor’s advertising channels is the first step in marketing work. According to the analysis of SocialPeta, we can see that in the date of 2020-09-07, Dreamnovel’s the proportion of networks impressions are placed like this:

Messenger’s proportion is 28.34%,

Facebook’s proportion is 25.45%,

Audience Network’s proportion is 23.11%,

Instagram’s proportion is 23.11%,

’s proportion is .

In the date of 2020-09-07, Dreamnovel‘s network with the most ads is Facebook and its proportion is 29.41%.

3. Top 3 Ad Creative Analysis of Dreamnovel

This is the detailed information of the top three ad creatives with the best performance among all ad creatives of Dreamnovel. We can see some advertising trends.

Top 1 Ad Creative of Dreamnovel

Ad Details :

Headline :A Hero's Odyssey

Text :To save her father, she married to a poor guy who hauled bricks for a living. However, five days later, people found out that the guy was actually a billionaire. _______________________________________________ At last, he was back! Fan Hunjun couldn’t help but take a deep breath when he exited the train station and took in the oh-so-familiar streets. His seven-year-long journey drifting around overseas was finally at an end. His present self had not just returned home with riches and power. He was also here for revenge on all those who had bullied him, looked down upon him, discriminated against him, and even framed him. He was here to enact his vengeance upon them. No matter who it was, as long as they owed him, he would be there to collect their debts! In order to clearly ascertain the debtees’ hideous, ugly faces and mouths, Fan Hunjun hid his status as a person whose wealth was enough to rival a nation’s. Prior to taking the train back to his hometown, he bought himself a full set of cheap clothing. The first thing he did upon his return was to look for that unscrupulous intermediary from all those years ago. Fan Hunjun stepped out of the train station, but just as he was about to walk toward the public transport station nearby, a red Ferrari zoomed past him and abruptly stopped by the side of the road. When Fan Hunjun walked past the car, the driver’s window rolled down to reveal an unfathomably beautiful face looking to the side at him. The person took off her sunglasses and gasped in astonishment. “Thoughtless Hun?” Fan Hunjun turned in the direction of the voice to see, and similarly gasped in astonishment as well. “Fang Youqin?” “Is it really you? You look pretty scruffy there. I thought I was mistaken.” Fang Youqin shook her head. “Get in!” Fang Youqin was also known as River City’s golden darling. She was one of the school’s Twin Star Beauties in the past along with Li Shanshan. When they walked together on campus, they were Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling, the two pretty Chinese Vocaloids virtual singers. Fan Hunjun hurried to get into the car. A light, elegant fragrance tickled his nose, making him jolt. “We haven’t met in years. I heard that you went overseas to work after graduating from high school, so how’s it going now?” “What do you mean, ‘work’? I was just an exported labor. I transport bricks at construction sites overseas.” “Your earnings should be fairly handsome, shouldn’t it?” As she said that, Fang Youqin surveyed Fan Hunjun When compared to how he was in the past, Fan Hunjun was a little taller and a little darker now, on top of being rather burly in terms of build. He was still alright when he didn’t speak, but the moment he opened his mouth, his rough personality from when he was younger came tumbling out. “Let’s not talk about income. After meeting with that black-hearted intermediary back then,armed conflicts had been taking place in the country we arrived in, but it was too late for us to flee. Not only that, some unknown local armed forces stole everything from me before I came back here. If it weren't for the embassy’s aid, I wouldn’t even be able to afford the plane ticket back.” Fang Youqin believed his words when she looked at his cheap clothes. Fang Youqin suddenly thought of Li Shanshan’s face, of how she was about to cry, but was unable to shed any tears. A malevolent gleam suddenly flashed in her eyes. “That’s right,” Fang Youqin spoke as she drove. “You had a crush on Li Shanshan back then, hadn’t you?” Practically all the guys had crushed on Li Shanshan and Fang Youqin, never mind Fan Hunjun. “Who said that? You’re the one I had a crush on!” Had those words come from Zhang Junhao’s mouth, Fang Youqin would have been excited. Most unfortunately, they came from Zhang Hunjun’s. Fang Youqin’s mouth merely curved up a tiny bit. She gave a faint smile. “Do you want to marry Li Shanshan?” Fang Hunjun was stunned. “If you want, I can guarantee that she’ll marry you!” Fan Hunjun was completely stunned and shocked. “Quit fidgeting around being embarrassed like that. Since we’re old classmates, I plan to fix you guys up.” Fan Hunjun had no words. “Oh my great beauty Miss Fang, do you take me for Christmas leftovers?” Fan Hunjun huffed. “Are you saying that you’re on board?” “I…” “Got your ID card with you?” “I even have my passport.” Fang Youqin started a call through her car’s tablet screen. Fan Hunjun could see Li Shanshan’s name displayed on it, his little heart inexplicably beginning to get pumped. “Shanshan, bring your ID and come to the civil affairs bureau. I’ll be waiting for you by the entrance.” “The civil affairs bureau? Now? O... okay.” Li Shanshan’s voice was just as pleasant as ever. It seeped into your bones, just like Fang Youqin’s voice. Fan Hunjun sensed from Li Shanshan’s tone that she was utterly respectful and reverent toward Fang Youqin, and she was extremely humble too. What was going on? Fang Youqin stopped her car by the entrance to the civil affairs bureau and immediately called for Fan Hunjun to get out of the car. “What are we here for?” asked Fan Hunjun. “Getting that marriage cert of course! Didn’t you hear? Li Shanshan’s going to be here soon.” “You mean—” “Didn’t I say it earlier? I’m getting Li Shanshan to marry you!” “My great beauty Miss Fang, this joke of yours is a little excessive. Plus, it’s not funny at all.” Shortly after, Li Shanshan arrived, her expression frantic. She straightaway dashed over to Fang Youqin without even looking at Fan Hunjun, who was off to the side. Li Shanshan was far more modest and elegant in comparison to Fang Youqin’s in-your-face gorgeousness. Fan Hunjun carefully observed the two. If they were like Luo Tianyi and Yuezheng Ling in the past, they were now like a lady and her little servant girl instead. Fang Youqin took hold of Li Shanshan’s arm and dragged her to the side, before fishing out a card from her handbag. When Li Shanshan caught sight of the card, she looked as though she was looking at a lifeline. Before Fang Youqin could speak, Li Shanshan beat her to the punch. “Rest assured, I promise that I won’t talk to Zhang Junhao anymore.” ”No, the conditions have changed,” Fang Youqin said to Li Shanshan while glancing at Fan Hunjun at the side. “As long as you marry him, I will cover the surgery and rehabilitation fees for your father, not just the kidney.” Li Shanshan froze in an instant. Breaking up with Zhang Junhao was one thing. Making her marry someone else was another. She turned around and only recognized Fan Hunjun after studying him for ages. “Thoughtless Hun?” The well and utterly confused Fan Hunjun gave an awkward smile. Li Shanshan nearly fainted. Fang Youqin felt great as she watched Li Shanshan’s look of despair. She did her best to hide her glee as she spoke. “Shanshan, it’s now or never. Besides, Fan Hunjun came back from his ‘endeavors’ overseas. With such a golden groom by your side, you just might be able to go from rags to riches. In the future, I may even have to rely on you instead!” Fang Youqin was deliberately humiliating Li Shanshan, but all Li Shanshan could do was withstand it all. However, neither of them knew that the Fan Hunjun of today would be considered a golden groom to practically any woman in the world. It was a pity that Li Shanshan did not understand this, as she still begged despite having been offered a perfect hand. Tears brimmed in Li Shanshan’s eyes. “Youqin, we have been friends for over twenty years. I’ve already agreed to break off my relationship with Zhang Junhao, so why must you insist on pushing me into the fire pit?” “Shanshan, you need 600,000. I can’t just let you pine after Zhang Junhao every day like some spiteful widow all just for 600,000, right? He will only lose all his interest in you if you marry and have children!” Li Shanshan finally understood that Fan Youqin did not only intend to snatch Zhang Junhao from her. She wanted to humiliate Li Shanshan for the rest of her life! The problem was Fan Hunjun, or also known as Thoughtless Hun... Li Shanshan reached out to wipe her tears of humiliation, and nodded, despaired but firm. All to save her father. Whoa, this happy ending came a little too soon, didn’t it? Fan Hunjun followed the two women into the civil affairs bureau. After they had filled out the marriage application forms and taken a marriage photo at the little shop next door, he felt he was sleepwalking when the marriage certification was finally in his hands. Right then, Fang Youqin pulled Li Shanshan to the side. “I know that it’s difficult for you. This 600,000 is practically an astronomical number to you now, and to me, it’s no small sum too. We ought to set up a repayment period, no?” she whispered. Fang Youqin’s request wasn’t over-the-top, but Li Shanshan was at a loss of words. She truly had no idea when she would have the money to pay it back, as deep into debt as she was. “Why don’t you… set the time frame?” Fang Youqin sighed. “Alright then, since you said that we’ve been friends for over twenty years, if you bear a child with Fan Hunjun within a year, you won’t have to pay me back that 600,000. Otherwise, I’ll give you an extra year. You’ll have to pay me back that sum in two years.” Li Shanshan’s father’s kidneys had failed. Simply buying new kidneys would cost 30,000, and that didn’t include the surgery fee, the rehabilitation costs and their regular daily expenses. This sum was truly a life-saving amount of money. Li Shanshan’s father, Li Haobo, had originally been the head of the quality inspection department at the bureau of construction. Although his position wasn’t that high up, he had held true power in the palm of his hands. All construction projects under the area he governed could only be carried out once they had passed his checks. Later on, a few developers reported him for accepting bribes, and he was sentenced to five years in prison on top of a monetary fine. Not only did he owe many debts, he was also fired from his job. It was why his wife, Jia Xiaoyan, divorced him. Li Haobo had no job, and had had no social security benefits for the past few years. His surgery costs came out of his own pocket. Li Shanshan, who worked as a primary school teacher, had borrowed money from all of her friends in order to pay off her father’s debts. However, she hadn’t even finished paying off her previous debts when her father suddenly needed new kidneys. Li Shanshan, who was at her wits’ end, could only ask her ex-best friend Fang Youqin—now also a rival in love—for help. She had already made thorough mental preparations for this. She had already decided to give up Zhang Junhao the moment she opened her mouth to ask for money from Fang Youqin. Li Shanshan was deeply in love with Zhang Junhao and did not wish to burden him. Moreover, Zhang Junhao’s parents opposed their relationship, never mind asking for money to treat Li Shanshan’s father’s illness. And now, not only did Fang Youqin agree to lend her that money, she even promised that so long as Li Shanshan and Fan Hunjun had a child together, Li Shanshan wouldn’t need to repay the money. Li Shanshan made her peace. She was already married to Fan Hunjun anyway. Having a child with Fan Hunjun within a year wasn’t much of a condition for those 600,000. To put it frankly, Fang Youqin wanted to make Zhang Junhao and Li Shanshan lose interest in each other. Although she was forced to agree to those terms under duress, Li Shanshan still didn’t hesitate to nod. Despite it all, she loathed Fan Hunjun. She didn’t known that Fan Hunjun had only returned to the country today. She didn’t know that Fang Youqin had only met Fan Hunjun by coincidence when she was driving past the train station. Instead, she thought that Fan Hunjun had been in cahoots with Fang Youqin from the very beginning. Li Shanshan even suspected that the 600,000 offered to her was actually Fan Hunjun’s money. Otherwise, Fang Youqin wouldn’t have been so generous. After Li Shanshan agreed, Fang Youqin made her way over to Fan Hunjun and left her phone number with him, while also dragging him into a chat group with their other former classmates. “Hope you guys have a happy life. Give me a head’s up when you get that wedding going. I’ll be sure to be your wedding officiator,” she said. With that, Fang Youqin made a face toward Fan Hunjun before strutting out of the civil affairs bureau and driving off in her sports car. Fan Hunjun stared after her. It was only after a long while that he came back to his senses. “Li… Shanshan.” Fan Hunjun didn’t know what to call her, and simply laughed awkwardly. “I… I have no idea what’s going on really.” “I know.” Li Shanshan had no expression on her face. “Are we going to your house, or are we heading to a hotel?” “My house? A hotel?” Fan Hunjun looked at Li Shanshan, confusion on his face. “Didn’t we just get that marriage certificate? We are now legally husband and wife.” What? In a hurry to do such things as soon as we’re legally married? I thought we still haven’t held the wedding ceremony yet? “Uh alright, Shanshan, there’s something I don’t understand. What did Fang Youqing say to you for you to agree to marry me?” Li Shanshan coldly snorted and turned to walk toward the lobby. She thought that Fan Hunjun was putting on an act, and a very poor one at that. Fan Hunjun immediately followed her. Just as they reached the side of the road and prepared to hail a taxi, Zhang Junhao suddenly appeared while riding his electric bike. “Zhang?” Fan Hunjun hadn’t thought that he would meet Zhang Junhao by such coincidence here. Zhang Junhao was still just as handsome and dashing as he was during their student days; the only difference was the extra maturity in his face. His attitude was not as obnoxious as before as well. When you factored in his electric bike, he looked rather ordinary. Zhang Junhao, Fan Hunjun, Fang Youqin, and Li Shanshan were classmates during high school. Zhang Junhao had received a call from Fang Youqin, who said that Li Shanshan had gone to the civil affairs bureau to register for marriage with another man. It was because of that that he rushed over on his electric bike at lightning speed. He hadn’t noticed Fan Hunjun at all. After he heard his name being called and some blinking later, he finally recognized Fan Hunjun. “Thoughtless… Hun?” “Hahaha, Zhang, old chap, isn’t this a coincidence?” Fan Hunjun was about to step forward to greet him when Li Shanshan suddenly grabbed his arm. “Come, there’s an empty taxi,” she said to Fan Hunjun. Zhang Junhao froze on the spot when he saw Li Shanshan grab Fan Hunjun’s arm. Fan Hunjun still didn’t know about Zhang Junhao and Li Shanshan’s relationship with each other. He simply thought that Zhang Junhao was awestruck that such a beautiful woman like Li Shanshan was being so affectionate with him. He fished out his marriage certificate and waved it around. “Zhang, who would have thought, right? We just got married!” Zhang Junhao pushed his electric bike to the ground and charged over the moment he heard those words. In one swoop, he snatched the certificate from Fan Hunjun’s hand and read it, so furious that his body was trembling. “Shanshan, why? Why did you end up with that… Thoughtless Hun? Even if you don’t like me, you could have chosen anyone else. Why did you have to choose a mongrel like him?” When they had still been in school, their class had 31 boys in total, including Fan Hunjun. Fan Hunjun had suffered beatings from 29 of those fellow classmates. Apart from himself, the only one who never raised a hand against him was honest and straightforward Wang Xu, who was also Fan Hunjun’s only friend. Every beating that he got was because of some fault he made, which was why he had the moniker of ‘Thoughtless Hun’. Li Shanshan’s suggestion to break up with him was already a huge blow to Zhang Junhao. The fact that she picked Fan Hunjun was practically killing Zhang Junhao. To Zhang Junhao, he could lose to any other man, except for that Fan Hunjun. It was only then that Fan Hunjun realized that Zhang Junhao and Li Shanshan had an rather unusual relationship. However, Li Shanshan spoke to Zhang Junhao expressionlessly. “Please speak with a little more respect. Who’s the mongrel here? He is now my husband!” “Husband? Hahaha!” Zhang Junhao burst out into laughter despite his anger. He didn’t care that Fan Hunjun was now nearly as tall as he was, or that Fan Hunjun was even burlier than he was. He suddenly flung the marriage certificate in his hand at Fan Hunjun’s face, before following it up with a couple of punches and kicks. Punches rained down upon Fan Hunjun’s body, knocking him straight to the ground. Zhang Junhao had originally been one of Fan Hunjun’s tormentors. He had been bullying Fan Hunjun ever since they were little. He hadn’t thought that Zhang Junhao would pummel him into a pulp just like how he did in the past in front of Li Shanshan. Fan Hunjun did his best to withstand this, searing the new grudge along with the old in his heart. Most importantly, he wanted to see how Li Shanshan would react. “What are you doing?” Li Shanshan suddenly lunged forward and held Fan Hunjun tightly, using her body to shield him from Zhang Junhao. “Don’t go too far, or I’ll call the police!” “Call the police? Thoughtless Hun… Thoughtless Hun, and the police? Haha, hahaha!” The despaired Zhang Junhao laughed and yelled in a wretched manner. He didn’t even pick up his electric bike; he simply ran off into the distance. Li Shanshan watched this, her heart aching. How she wished she could run after Zhang Junhao and stop him, but when she remembered how her father was lying in the hospital painfully waiting for his surgery, she forced herself to stop tearing up. However, she had broken her lips from biting them. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Get the APP to read more “A Hero's Odyssey”.

Top 2 Ad Creative of Dreamnovel

Ad Details :

Headline :At the class reunion, tables were assigned based on income. They never thought that poor guy would ask, "Where does a billionaire sit?"

Text :At the class reunion, tables were assigned based on income. They never thought that poor guy would ask, "Where does a billionaire sit?" ---------------------------------------------------------------- The North Pole, a land with nothing but ice and snow, with the earth and the sky in different shades of the same white, and in the deepest corners of this land, in a place undetectable even by satellite imagery, a military base towered above all else. It had the best elite soldiers, a state-of-the-art medical team and top-notch weapons, but only insiders knew this world-class military base was not built for research or intelligence purposes, but to protect one man—a man who’d been locked away, but was capable of bringing glory to the three million soldiers of the Donghua Armed Forces! In the blizzard, a muscular old man with sharp eyebrows strode through the base, his military boots stepping on the snow with an audible crunch. “That boy’s illness is acting up again? What’s the situation?” The old man’s voice rang out as clearly as a church bell; on his shoulder, three golden stars gleamed. “Marshal!” A military doctor wearing a white lab coat saluted him, then sighed. “The Dragon Head is getting worse. It’s the third time this month. Not only that, his aggression and destructive abilities have more than tripled! We’ve purposely reinforced the room wall with the sturdiest aeronautical alloys, so he can rampage all he wants, but… ” Before the doctor could finish, a dozen elite soldiers emerged, struggling to carry a twenty-centimeter-thick chunk of the alloy metal wall. The wall itself was covered in dents made by sandbag-sized fists, along with big footprints and even a dent from a headbutt; all of the dents were clearly defined and, judging from the extensive force used, they were almost enough to puncture the wall itself. “That boy did all this?” “Yes, yes.” The old man felt a prickle on his scalp; a twenty-centimeter-thick, reinforced wall made of aeronautical alloys was sturdy enough to withstand the explosion of a small missile, and now, this man had all but turned it to scrap metal. With a force so strong, tanks seemed like nothing in comparison. “I want to see him,” the old man said calmly. The doctor became nervous and hastily said, “Marshal, the Dragon Head has just recovered from his fit of aggression, and it might come back at any moment. It’s too dangerous, so you—” The old man strode inside without a word. In a custom-built room made of alloy metals, a young man sat on a chair with his limbs cuffed and his body shirtless. Although his skin was a gleaming bronze and his muscles were bulging, he was covered in wounds and scars that criss-crossed over one another—the sign of an honorable warrior. However, his eyes were completely devoid of emotion, and his aura reeked of death and despair. A corner of the old man’s mouth twitched, his heart feeling a stab of pain. “Didn’t die again?” The young man laughed at himself, his chiseled features expressing his mockery and dejection as he replied, “I’ve almost crippled myself fooling around like this, but Satan just won’t let me into hell. I think even if I did cripple myself, not a single soul would care.” The old man suddenly raged when he heard that, flipping the table before him with a single kick and scaring the doctors nearby. “Who the heck is Satan to lay a finger on a soldier who belongs to me, Qin Shihuang?” He seized the young man’s hair and gripped it tightly. “Listen to me, Chu Feng. You’d better live, and live well! No one gets to kill you on my watch. No one, you hear me?!” Qin Shihuang couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of this demotivated man, his heart feeling as if it’d been stabbed. Chu Feng, Head of the Dragon Soul squad and valued asset to Donghua, was the best soldier the nation had for decades, and Qin Shihuang was proud to have trained him since he was young! An immensely decorated soldier, he was the pillar of faith and glory among Donghua’s millions of fighters! Three years ago, Chu Feng had even led his squad in the sacking of the holy grounds known as the 'First Organization'. Even when separated from others, he’d blown his way through the seven Thrones of the grounds, filling the place with complete bloodshed. It was this heroic feat that earned him this godlike status, and the title ‘God of War’. However, he was also inflicted with the diabolical ‘Mandraka Poison’ in the same battle, subjecting him to fits of aggression. When those fits were triggered, he’d go on beast-like rampages and harm indiscriminately, and there was no cure even as the fits became increasingly frequent. In the end, all Chu Feng could do was to be tortured until he was nothing left but a senseless beast and watch himself hit rock bottom after rock bottom; such was his cruel fate. “Live? What’s the point in me living?” Chu Feng said monotonously, his eyes completely emotionless and blank. “I idle away every day in this godforsaken place, worrying about when my fits will be triggered again, worrying about harming my fellow comrades. Old man, I am no longer able to fight. I’m not fit to be a soldier, and what else do I do besides using up precious resources? Living is torture to me, and death is my only release.” It was not that he didn’t fear mortality anymore, it was just that he’d become numb. He couldn’t see any hope, any future or even a tomorrow. He felt so guilty every day for the brothers in arms he’d hurt during a fit, for everything he’d done… Such cruelty it was for a proud soldier who had once fiercely defended his land, that death would have been a pleasure in comparison to living a life like this! The soldiers standing around empathised so much that they started tearing up; even Qin Shihuang had fallen silent, speechless. “Marshal, the Dragon Head’s condition is getting worse and worse. If he stays demotivated like this, it won’t end well. It might even be fatal…” A doctor walked over and presented a bag of crystalline white powder. “If this goes on, I’m afraid we’ll have to use this…” Qin Shihuang froze; he’d always been a decisive leader, but now he found himself in painful hesitation. This was the God of War he’d single-handedly brought up, the pride and joy of the million-strong army. Was he really going to resort to this? But if he didn’t, then what would it mean if he continued succumbing to these fits thrice a month? He could only only end up becoming a mindless monster at any moment, a heartless beast! “Get out. Out!” Chu Feng was suddenly angered and kicked the bag away forcefully as he bellowed. “I am a soldier, the renowned God of War! You dare let me use this thing, and turn me into a drug addict? How can I dishonor my fallen brothers in arms, the uniform on my back?” The elite soldiers became covered in cold sweat. Even though Chu Feng was firmly bound to the chair, they still had a strong feeling that like a fearsome animal, he might break free and kill them anytime, if he fought hard enough. “Oh, so now you realize you’re a soldier? That you’re the Dragon Head, the God of War? If that’s the case, then why can’t you get over minor wounds like these instead of being a coward, and trying to kill yourself every chance you get?!” Qin Shihuang lost his temper as well, and jabbed a finger at Chu Feng. “Where’s your dignity? Your honor as a soldier? Your tenacious, determined fighting spirit? If I hear you so much as breathe the word ‘die’ again, then I’m kicking you out! My army has no room for cowards!” Chu Feng felt himself choke up; in the face of Qin Shihuang’s rage, he could only lower his head in shame. Qin Shihuang harrumphed, then hesitated before taking out a file and tossing it to Chu Feng, and said, “I’ve been keeping this from you for five years, so it’s high time I told you. Take a look and make of it what you will. If you’re so hell-bent on dying, and leaving them both mother and daughter alone, then go ahead and die!” Mother and daughter? Chu Feng froze, then immediately opened the file and said in a surprised voice, “I-I have a daughter!” Chu Feng stared at the girl in the photo, with her exquisitely doll-like features and felt his hands start to shake; his eyes, previously devoid of emotion, were now filled with renewed vigor and hope. “I-Is this true?” Chu Feng felt like everything was too sudden, as if he was in a dream, but when he pinched himself, the pain made him hiss. “The Dragon Soul never gives false intel. And what would I lie to you for? I’m sure you remember that mission you went for in Jiangling, five years ago,” Qin Shihuang said simply. Chu Feng paused, then remembered that pleasant night in the bar five years ago, the elegant figure that belonged to the only woman in his life. At the same time, Qin Shihuang threw another file at him and told him, “This is your discharge report, effective immediately after you sign on it. On account of your outstanding contributions, the country will only revoke your military authority, but you get to keep your rank and your position. Now scram, go outside, see the world, meet your wife and daughter.” “Old man, can I really leave? Will the old geezers back in the capital agree to you doing this?” Chu Feng teared up, feeling a wild mixture of emotions. Once one joined the Dragon Soul, the only way out was by death; this principle demonstrated one’s resolve to dedicate their life to the army and country, so everyone followed it without exception! And now Qin Shihuang had strong-armed the army into giving him a discharge, defying the law for his sake. One can only imagine the hoops he must have jumped through to make this happen. “Don’t make me laugh. Who can stop me, Qin Shihuang, from doing whatever I want?” The old man scoffed arrogantly, pride emanating from him. Just then, Chu Feng noticed the gold stars on Qin Shihuang’s shoulder, and that there were only three stars instead of four! “Old man, your rank—” “Look at you, dilly-dallying like a girl!” Qin Shihuang waved his hand impatiently, then kicked Chu Feng right on his backside, scolding. “I feel disgusted just looking at you. Just get out of here! And remember to take your meds, don’t go around having your fits and dishonoring me in public!” “I’m going, then.” Chu Feng grinned. “When you die, old man, I’ll be sure to come back and pay my respects before drinking all your alcohol.” “Get out!” Qin Shihuang roared. Chu Feng laughed and left with a wave of his hand. The photo of his daughter felt oddly warm in his palm, and it felt like his future was full of hope again. “Chu Feng.” He’d only taken two steps when Qin Shihuang yelled at him from behind, standing outside in the freezing wind and snow like an unmovable mountain. “Remember! Once a Dragon Soul, always a Dragon Soul, even when you’re gone! The sky is for me to hold up, the earth for you to walk on! This world and all the damn elites in it will bow to you! That’s the God of War I know, the soldier I raised to join the Dragon Soul.” With a resounding smack, Qin Shihuang saluted and yelled, “I, Qin Shihuang, humbly send you off, Dragon Soul’s God of War.” More smacks echoed through the air as dozens of armoured soldiers saluted in unison. “We humbly send you off, Dragon Soul’s God of War!” Even as the blizzard worsened, Chu Feng stood tall and took big strides ahead, not once did he stop or turned around. It wasn’t that he was heartless, it was just that he’d shed blood and sweat but never tears in all his years as a soldier— But now, tears were streaming down his face. Men cried too, but more importantly, they forged bonds as well! It was at the international airport of Jiangling City. “Quick, quick!” “Disperse, disperse!” Over 45 men in black sprinted to the express lane and evacuated the crowds. All of them looking respectful but serious, as if a formidable enemy was coming. With a loud rumble, an eighteen-car entourage of exclusively Maybach cars showed up immediately after, clearing the path on both sides to make way for a luxurious, extra-long Lincoln limousine in the middle, which sped down the road with intimidating arrogance. The passers-by all went wild, taking photos and admiring the spectacle while also frantically gossiping among themselves in the electrifying atmosphere. Good lord, who was this bigshot who’d arrived in Jiangling? What a grand welcome! Meanwhile, in the back seat of the luxury Lincoln limousine, Chu Feng was seated there in a tattered camouflage uniform and slippers as he swirled the premium Bordeaux red in his glass, his outfit a sore thumb among the grand entourage. “Whoo, this car is so comfortable to sit in. It’s so many times better than that cold stool I’ve been sitting on. After three years in that godforsaken place in the North Pole, I’m finally living some semblance of a life. How nice.” Keeping a low profile had never been Chu Feng’s style. As the God of War and an esteemed general, he must act in a way befitting the title’s grandiosity and the confidence it inspires! Besides, Chu Feng figured Qin Shihuang was getting old and he was childless, so what if the old man kicked the bucket before someone could spend his fortune? As his subordinate, Chu Feng arguably had the responsibility of bearing this important burden. “Ah, Jiangling, a city full of memories.” Chu Feng squinted at the view rushing by his window, the memories flooding back into his mind. As he stretched, he glanced at the driver and asked, “Are you one of the old Marshal’s men, brother?” “Y-Yes, Dragon Head, sir!” The man was so overwhelmed upon seeing the legendary Dragon Soul’s God of War that he stumbled over his words and yelled seriously. “I’m Luo Gang! Current rank and position as a Colonel and second-in-command of the Jiangling territory, sir. I—” “Just keep these titles in mind, there’s no need to report to me. I’m already retired anyway,” Chu Feng waved and interrupted him. “You’ll always be the Dragon Soul’s God of War to me! Besides, the country only revoked your military authority so technically, you’re still a general,” Luo Gang’s expression was determined and enthusiastic as he continued. “The old Marshal has made it clear that we should be ready to help should you encounter any problems in Jiangling. Of course, he won’t tolerate and extravagant spending, so the costs of all these car rentals today will be deducted from your military pension—” “That old fox!” Chu Feng rolled his eyes begrudgingly, his hard-earned sense of gratitude dissipating in an instant. “Let’s go! I want to see my daughter!” “Yes, sir.” Chu Feng gripped his photo. His heart melted at the sight of the chubby girl with her bright, angelic smile. Daddy’s coming home, my good girl. Wait for me! An hour later, the car stopped near the Xinxin Gardens residential area and Luo Gang handed Chu Feng a thick envelope of documents. “Dragon Head, this envelope contains all the information we have on your wife and daughter. I’ll leave you three to your reunion so I’ll remain here, but just say the word and I’ll come.” “Well done, brother.” Chu Feng patted Luo Gang on the shoulder, overwhelming the latter so much that he couldn’t stop saluting Chu Feng as he left. “Xinxin Gardens, Block 1, Room 102.” Chu Feng quickly came to the ground floor of a block after consulting his envelope, then lit a cigarette before continuing to look through the information; he felt thoroughly absurd and aggrieved that he knew nothing about his own ‘wife’ and ‘daughter’. “Yun Muqing,” Chu Feng murmured, gazing at the angelic woman in the photo, his thoughts running wild; so that was her name. Five years ago, Chu Feng had been executing a mission in Jiangling when he bumped into a drugged Yun Muqing and rescued her from her captors. But Yun Muqing had already been drugged into a stupor at the time, and Chu Feng had been a young and impulsive man. Both of their good looks only added fuel to the fire, and everything had seemed like it was meant to be! That was Chu Feng’s first and only time with a woman. The image of a single plum blossom resting on the sheets lingered in his mind, filling him with immense guilt. He remembered that night; he left all his savings and a letter explaining his situation, and asked the personnel of Dragon Soul to take care of her, but he never expected that the woman would have gotten pregnant back then, and even gave birth to his child! Yun Muqing had been the heiress of Jiangling’s wealthy Yun family, but her out-of-wedlock pregnancy had turned her into a laughing stock overnight and subjected her to much ridicule. The very next day after giving birth, she was disowned by the family for ‘tarnishing the family image’, leaving her to raise her daughter alone for five whole years. Five whole years, how many of those could one have in a lifetime? The woman who should have been the apple of someone’s eye had turned into a single mother in just one night; how much gossip, slander and hardship had she endured in these five years, and how did she survive all of that with her daughter; five years of staying single in an empty house, for a man who all but disappeared from her life as quickly as he entered it! “You silly woman. Why did you do such a thing?” Chu Feng stroked the image of the mother and daughter in the photo, his guilt worsening to the point of being painful as he looked at their beautiful smiles. “But this will soon be over!” Chu Feng took a deep breath, his eyes expressing his disdain for the world. “Because I’m home now. From now on, no one can harm you both, not even God himself!” He fondly touched the photo of them again and took another deep breath, readying himself to give his woman and his daughter a big hug! But at the last moment, he stopped in his tracks and began worrying; would the two of them really accept him? After five whole minutes of hesitation, a pebble struck Chu Feng’s head out of nowhere with a resounding smack. “Hey, creep! What are you loitering outside our house for?” A high-pitched voice screeched, causing Chu Feng to furrow his brow. When he turned around, he saw a four- or five-year-old girl in a pretty princess dress and pigtails, fuming at him with large, beady eyes and a wary glare. Could it be...? Chu Feng felt like a bombshell dropped in his head, and he nearly screamed with excitement as his heartbeat sped up. Suddenly, he had a strong urge to hug this cute girl, his own daughter, and give her plenty of kisses. “Hey, Mr. Creepy, I was asking you a question.” The girl pouted and scanned Chu Feng up and down with a look of wariness. “Are you here to bother my mother too? Hmph, I’ll beat you up, you baddie!” “I’m not a baddie, kid.” Chu Feng suppressed his emotions and stooped down, rubbing his hands before using the gentlest tone he could muster. “You’re a pretty little girl. Will you tell me your name, and how old you are, if I give you some candy?” “You’re so immature, Mr. Creepy,” the girl pursed her lips in disgust and put her chubby hands on her hips, saying defiantly. “This trick is for two- or three-year-old babies. I’m already four years old, so I won’t fall for it!” Chu Feng laughed and fondly patted the top of the girl’s head. “Of course, Duo Duo is the smartest girl of all.” The girl seemed proud of herself. “Of course, I’m the smartest in the entire kindergarten. Wait, how do you know my name?” Chu Feng merely smiled and asked with narrowed eyes, “Duo Duo, you mentioned there were baddies bullying you and your mommy. Is that true?” There was an iciness to his tone. “Mm hmm!” Duo Duo nodded her head furiously and huffed. “Uncle came to bully Mommy again today. Every time he comes, Mommy will hide away and cry for so long. He’s a bad person, I don’t like him.” She pouted again and waved her fists around with teary eyes. “I want to grow up fast, so I can protect Mommy!” Watching Duo Duo acting wise beyond her years, Chu Feng was filled with bitterness and sorrow. Smack! Just then, there were sounds of arguing and things crashing coming from Yun Muqing’s home, scaring Duo Duo to the point of going pale and scrambling to hide behind Chu Feng. “Uncle is hitting Mommy again. I’m scared…” Chu Feng felt an internal explosion; did she just say uncle, someone from the Yun family? Hadn’t they done enough after disowning her and chasing her away? What rights do they have to bully his woman! “It’s okay, Duo Duo. I’m here,” Chu Feng said and extended a palm to her. “Let’s go protect Mommy together and chase the baddies away, okay?” “Okay!” Duo Duo nodded furiously. “So brave.” Chu Feng smiled and took her chubby hand; knowing that his blood flowed through her gave him immense strength. The next thing he knew, his rage burst forth from every pore on his body; anyone who dared to bully his woman must die! A loud smash of something breaking could be heard. “Yun Tao, you all have gone too far!” Yun Muqing smashed a mug in the middle of her living room, her stunningly beautiful face now filled with rage and indignance. “I’m supposed to remarry? To sleep with someone else? Who do you think I am? I, Yun Muqing, would rather die than do something as despicable as that!” She roared at the young man on the couch, helpless and nearly in tears. Just this morning, five years after the Yun family disowned her without caring if she was alive or dead, they sent a message telling her that she had been given a second chance at coming home. She’d been so excited, because she thought that the family had decided blood was thicker than water after all, and was sending someone to come for her specifically. Alas, reality gave her a hard slap on the face! All they saw was her body, and how they could use it as a cheap product to please the Li family’s eldest son, so that they can secure that hundred million-dollar contract! She had been their own flesh and blood, but now they were so cruel as to not care for her dignity or even her life at all; just thinking about it made Yun Muqing’s heart ache. “Don’t put yourself on a pedestal, cousin. Don’t forget that you were only disowned because you bore a child out of wedlock, and brought shame to our family in the first place! A sl*t who can’t even find the kid’s father, pretending to have dignity? Don’t make me laugh!” Yun Tao haughtily filed his nails and spoke in a high-and-mighty tone. “The Li Group is worth billions on the market, and their family as big as their market share. You should consider yourself lucky to be chosen by Young Master Li, the heir to that company and the elite among the elites! “What’s more, he doesn’t mind you bringing that burden around and is offering you the chance at being rich again, at being the Yun family’s eldest daughter again! It must have taken you three lifetimes to get enough good karma for this!” He scoffed condescendingly. “Getting money thrown at you the moment you strip your clothes and spread your legs, who knows how many women would kill for such a chance. Our family’s already doing you a big favor, so stop acting so ungratefully!” “Get out! All of you!” Yun Muqing’s face contorted even further in rage as she teared up. “I’d rather die than give in to you and marry someone else!” “You’re saying no? Since when do you get any say in Yun family decisions?” Yun Tao dropped his mask of civility and gave a malicious wave. “Tie her up.” “No, stay away!” Yun Muqing as a lady couldn’t possibly fight off several big men at once; on instinct, she seized the kettle on the coffee table and threw it. There was a resounding crash, followed by a loud “Ahhh!” The boiling water splashed right onto Yun Tao’s face, almost burning his skin off and making him scream like a pig being slaughtered. “That hurt! I’ll kill you!” With teary eyes, he brought up his arm in a wide arc, then swung it down straight for Yun Muqing’s face; with the force he was using, this slap would really hurt even if it did not disfigure her face. Yun Muqing squeezed her eyes shut in despair, fearing for her life. Bam! Suddenly, the door was busted open with a single kick and Chu Feng strode in, catching Yun Tao’s arm within just two or three strides. “W-Who are you?” Yun Tao felt like his arm was being crushed in a metal vice, which felt painful enough that he was gritting his teeth. Behind him, the bodyguards were astonished; how did this man get in? Chu Feng paid no attention to him and stared at the arm he was holding, then said simply, “This arm of yours, is very evil. I don’t like it.” “What nonsense is this?! Let me go, or—” Crack! “Ahhh!” Chu Feng straight up broke Yun Tao’s arm with a twist, once again making him scream like a pig being slaughtered, the sound almost deafening everyone. “Young Master!” The bodyguards were shocked and immediately rushed over to check the injury, only to find themselves covered in cold sweat; every joint, every bone in Yun Tao’s hand had been broken and with that one twist, the arm was gone for good. Not even Hua Tuo, the founding father of Chinese medicine himself, could have salvaged this arm! Such was Yun Tao’s cruel fate. Yun Muqing blinked in shock. What happened within the few seconds she closed her eyes? Who was this strange man? “Mommy, Mommy!” Suddenly, Duo Duo rushed in from outside. Seeing her, Yun Muqing took her daughter into her arms. “Are you alright, Duo Duo?” “I’m fine, Mommy. Mr. Creep is my new friend, and he says he wants to fight off the baddies and protect you!” Duo Duo cheerfully tugged Chu Feng over. “Your friend?” Yun Muqing said in surprise, then hugged Duo Duo closer and looked Chu Feng up and down, just as he turned around and became stunned by her beauty. Yun Muqing was wearing a tailor-made, baby blue suit that made her figure stand out against her pale skin and gorgeous face. Not only that, she was exuding an aura of gentleness and elegance that did not detract from her sexual appeal at all. The sight of her with mussed up hair, biting her red lip with an expression of helplessness and panic made her seem all the more pitiful. “It’s her. It really is her!” Chu Feng felt like he could cry just by looking at this silly woman, the woman who’d remained a single parent for him. Who’s lost her family and home for him. Who’d suffered so much ridicule and mockery, for him! In that instant, Chu Feng had the urge to take her into his arms and hug her. “Yun Muqing, you sl*t with nerves of steel! No wonder you didn’t want to marry Young Master Li. You have a lover!” Yun Tao stood up, gnashing his teeth and roaring. “You dare betray the family, hook up with this riff raff who broke my arm? Just you wait, our family will hear about this! And when I tell Grandpa, you two dogs and that fatherless bastard child will die!” ‘Fatherless bastard child’!? Those words not only deeply hurt Chu Feng’s heart, but also made Yun Muqing’s already petite body quake as she teared up. Chu Feng turned around with narrowed eyes; anyone who knew him would have been scared to death at his current expression, because it meant the God of War had just snapped! “Say that again?” He pointed a finger at Yun Tao. "Are you threatening me? Who do you think you are?” Yun Tao spat at him in disgust with an arrogant, provocative expression and deliberately enunciated, “Bastard chil—” Before Yun Tao could finish his sentence, Chu Feng charged over like a pouncing tiger and slapped him with a resounding slap to the face. In the blink of an eye, Yun Tao’s face was bruised and he was missing three teeth! “Keep going, Mister! You rock, Mister!” Duo Duo waved her fists excitedly. “No, don’t look at this.” Yun Muqing hastily covered Duo Duo’s eyes and held her closer, still shocked. The bodyguards gasped as well; this man was way too aggressive! “How dare you?” Yun Tao said, bleeding from his face and unable to enunciate his words properly with missing teeth. “I’m the eldest male heir of the Yun family’s eldest son! My grandfather is Yun Changqing, and his net worth is several billions!” A loud slap could be heard as Chu Feng slapped him again. “I don’t care.” Just sit there and take the beating. How is name-dropping your father going to help at a time like this? “The Yun family will not let this slide. I’m going to throw you in jail and leave you to rot…” Smack! “I’m going to kill you!” Smack, smack, smack! After nearly twenty slaps in a row that all hit home, Yun Tao was reduced to a bloody, howling mess, “Forgive me, please stop slapping me. I beg you…” Smack! Chu Feng slapped him again and said, “Who do you think you are? You really think I’d stop just because you asked me to?” Yun Tao was almost in tears, and his bodyguards were cowering in the corner, too scared to intervene. Finally, Yun Muqing spoke up, “That’s enough, you’re going to kill him at this rate… ” If Chu Feng had really killed someone for her, that would have gotten her in big trouble, not to mention that even after everything, Yun Tao was still her own cousin and she couldn’t bear to see him hurt so severely. Hearing that, Chu Feng kicked Yun Tao far away from him. As the bodyguards helped Yun Tao up, he held a hand to his bloodied mouth and spat out, “Yun Muqing, don’t think you can get away with this just because this riff raff is protecting you! I’m telling you, you can’t escape! The decision for you to marry Young Master Li was made by Grandpa himself! Disobey him at your own risk!” Yun Muqing paled; in the Yun family, that old man was like a tyrant who held absolute power, and a merciless one at that. No one has ever defied him without suffering the consequences! “I see you still need some sense slapped into you.” Chu Feng simply glared at him and rolled his sleeves up again. In an instant, Yun Tao let out another wail and hightailed it out of there like a dog who just got kicked. “mua~” “Coward!” Duo Duo made spitting sounds at Yun Tao before jumping up excitedly at the sight of the bad guys running away. “You’re so great, Mister! You’re the best!” She held Chu Feng’s face and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, instantly invigorating the latter; she was his daughter, alright. “Duo Duo, don’t be rude to this man.” Yun Muqing said in a warning tone, and Duo Duo complied with a pout. After that, Yun Muqing expressed her gratitude. “Thank you so much for helping me, kind sir. Oh, may I know your name?” Her beautiful eyes were alive with curiosity, and her smile was gentle. “My name is Chu Feng, and I’m—” The man you’ve waited for five years, your husband! Chu Feng wanted to tell her everything, but he couldn’t say a word as he looked at his woman’s pretty face and his daughter’s cute and innocent look. Would she still accept him if he told the truth honestly? Even if he had his reasons, he’d still let her wait five long years for him, and suffered so much humiliation all those time. And Duo Duo… would she accept this father that showed up out of nowhere? Would she hate him? Strong feelings of guilt and nervousness arose within Chu Feng. Before this, he was the God of War who’d once led the Dragon Soul to glory and had everything he’d ever wanted. Now, he was as helpless as a child. “Did Daddy send you, Mister?” Duo Duo asked suddenly, blinking her big eyes. “Daddy—” --------------------------------------------------------- Due to the word limit, it can only be updated here Install the APP to search for the title "Ode to the dragon" Read more exciting content immediately

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