[Download] SocialPeta's 2021 H1 Global Mobile App Marketing WhitePaper

[Download] SocialPeta’s 2021 H1 Global Mobile App Marketing WhitePaper

In 2021 H1, global mobile marketing competition became increasingly fierce. According to data captured by SocialPeta, the average amount of creatives in 2021 H1 has grown by 66% compared with the same period last year. It indicated that how to stay competitive in the mobile market becomes an issue.

The whitepaper released by SocialPeta will cover everything you need to know about how to win, it features market analysis, ad creatives, ad cost, and etc. More details:

Global Mobile Game Market Review

  • After an unprecedented opportunity in the mobile gaming industry last year due to the COVID-19, the number of advertisers in many regions has started to decline as the market gradually calm down this year.

Global Mobile Application Market Review

  • 2021 H1 cumulative captured data of advertisers exceeded 129K, with a single advertiser running 368 pieces of creatives, up 39% on the same period last year.

Chinese mobile game market review

  • Approximately 6,100 Chinese mobile game advertisers competing for media buying on daily basis. Most of them are RPG advertisers, accounting for 25% of the total amount.

At the end of the report, SocialPeta also shared diverse perspectives from global advertising platforms and authorities. Click the button above to download it for free.