Global Mobile Apps in October|India's electric bikes are in great demand in Europe and America

Global Mobile Apps in October|India’s electric bikes are in great demand in Europe and America

Using SocialPeta's App Intelligence and other module data, we sorted out the TOP 20 mobile apps (non-game) in global advertising, revenue and downloads in October 2022 to help more people in the mobile app industry to understand the variation trends of the global mobile app market.

Here's the overall performance of global mobile apps in October:

  • Represented by [JOANN], multiple shopping apps have started their year-end media buying.
  • Streaming apps rolled out new series and raised their subscription fees for a revenue boost. [Peacock TV] achieved the highest revenue growth.
  • Thanks to [TikTok], [CapCut] emerged as No.1 in downloads in both App Store and Google Play.

Advertising TOP20

As the world enters the year-end shopping season, shopping apps are spending vastly on media buying. JOANN, a traditional US textile and artware retailer, has been actively engaging in digital transformation since the outbreak of the pandemic. Its online shopping app [JOANN] released 13.5K creatives in October, up 335% QoQ.

According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis function, advertising releases of [JOANN] in October are as follows:

  • The releases on entertainment media accounted for 24%, followed by racing car media which accounted for 19%. Judging from its media proportions in the last 6 months, [JOANN]'s media selection is still in the trial phase.
  • The main target market is North America, with over 50% of creatives released, followed by the UK and Australia. It can be seen that [JOANN]'s target market is developed areas.
  • Most advertising creatives are Html, accounting for 64%, and most of the content aim at attracting users to make purchases in stores.

In early October, [Poshmark] was acquired by Naver, the parent company of South Korea's leading social app [LINE], at $120m. Naver stated that this acquisition will make its online shopping platform bigger and more diversified. Be it acquisition or cooperation, the integration between social networking and online shopping is becoming more and more obvious around the globe.

Among shopping apps, [Hero], a smart electric bike app, showed a sudden rise in creative releases. It only released less than 100 creatives in September, yet the number reached 9.3K in October. The huge increase in creative releases is Hero MotoCorp's attempt to build momentum for the arrival of Hero Vida V1, a smart electric bike. Hero Vida V1 is available in all markets around the globe and the prices range between ¥12,600 and ¥13,800.

According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis Function, advertising releases of [Hero] in October are as follows:

  • Mainly released on social media platforms, accounting for about 54%. Its releases on social media have been quite stable in the past year, reflecting a satisfactory conversion effect on such media platforms.
  • The main target regions are Australia and Canada, accounting for about 50%. Given the product's price, its target market is developed areas.
  • More than 60% of all creatives are videos.

The most popular creative in the last month is a short film sending the message that "riding this motorbike makes men more attractive in social settings" by left and right swipes. According to SocialPeta's Original Posts function, this ad was played 22.6M times on YouTube and received 2.9K likes. Ads fitting a country's national conditions can easily win the favor of its consumers, but it remains to be verified if this fondness can drive consumers to spend about ¥12,600 on this product. 

[Glamour] is a video social app launched in July 2022. In October, it released 19.3K creatives, up about 53% QoQ. According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis Function, [Glamour]'s creative releases in October are as follows:

  • India is the main target market and received about 29% of all creatives. Judging from the proportions of creatives in the past year, it's quite clear that [Glamour] has taken India as its major target market.
  • The creatives were only released on four advertising platforms, including FB News Feed, Messenger, Audience Network and Instagram, with about 28% released on FB News Feed.
  • The creatives are mainly images, accounting for 76%; and the content of images is mainly the fixed template of beautiful Indian girls + text of online chat invitations.

In general, [Glamour], though being a new-gen video social app, hasn't proved itself to be an "up-rising star" and it remains to be seen whether this app can generate a handsome revenue in the Indian market which has a huge demand yet a fierce competition.

Revenue TOP20

Products with fast-growing revenue in App Store in October include:

  • Sports live-streaming app [ESPN] achieved a QoQ revenue growth of 7.5% owing to its revenue made from the live-streaming of the 2023 NBA Mock Draft.
  • With the release of TV anime [Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War], [Disney+] achieved a QoQ revenue growth of 20%.
  • [Hulu]'s revenue increased by 21% QoQ. On October 10, it raised its subscription fee to $7.99/month for the ad version and $14.99/month for the ad-free version. Meanwhile, season 11 of American Horror Story, Hulu's top-earning series, began on October 19.

Products with awesome revenue in Google Play in October include:

  • With the exclusive streaming copyright of [Halloween Ends: The Final], [Peacock TV]'s revenue rose by 25% on Google Play and 35.1% on App Store QoQ.
  • [Paramount+] raised its subscription fee on October 2 to $11.99/month for the ad version and $14.99/month for the ad-free version, leading to a 17.6% QoQ revenue growth.
  • With the release of the highly-anticipated new anime [Chainsaw Man], the anime streaming platform [Crunchyroll] realized a 9.5% QoQ revenue growth.

Many movies are released in cinemas and on streaming media at the same time, and this has become an important way for streaming platforms to draw new users. In terms of subscription revenue, exclusive and quality content is showing unprecedented importance in the scramble for users.

Download TOP20

Products with amazing download increases in App Store in October include:

  • [WeChat]'s downloads increased by 48.7% QoQ, with the highest downloads (52K) in the USA.
  • [Google] released its spam mail algorithmic update in mid-October and optimized its spam search system, aiming at creating a cleaner search environment for users. Its downloads of the month rose by 23.5% QoQ.
  • [CapCut]'s downloads in both App Store and Google Play rose sharply, with a 46.6% QoQ growth in App Store and 67.7% QoQ growth in Google Play. It's undeniable that the increase in the downloads of [TikTok] has generated some positive impact on [CapCut] and its new "Motion Tracing Function" released in October must meet the demands of many users for video editing.

Products with amazing downloads in Google Play in October include:

  • The free network app [Normal VPN] registered a 2632.4% QoQ increase in downloads, with 67% of all downloads occurring in India. According to the reviews in the application stores, the demand for network apps soared due to the government's ban on certain apps.
  • The downloads of [Flipkart], an Indian online shopping app, rose by 72.8% QoQ. October remains a shopping season in India, and [Amazon India Shop] also achieved a 4.4% download increase.