Insights on Global Mobile Games in October|Save-the-doge fever abroad still lingers

Insights on Global Mobile Games in October|Save-the-doge fever abroad still lingers

Using App Intelligence and other module data, we sorted out the TOP 20 games in global advertising, income and downloads in October 2022 to help more people in the mobile app industry to understand the variation trends of the global mobile app market.

Here's the overall performance of global mobile games in October:

  • [Three Kingdoms] shouted out “free 1,000 draws”.
  • As the save-the-doge fever still lingers abroad, [Save the puppy] and [Doge Rescue] emerged on the top download rankings.
  • A Marvel CCG card game developed by the Father of Hearthstone and published by Nuverse was released.
  • With Nilou + Weapon Banner bonus, [Genshin Impact] received about 30% more revenue on Android.
Advertising TOP 20

Let's look at the advertising of global mobile games.

SpringGame's strategy idle mobile game [Three Kingdoms] topped the iOS Advertising Rankings with nearly 3,000 deduplicated creatives released in October. According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis Function, the advertising of [Three Kingdoms] in October is as follows:

  • In terms of advertising media, Simulation, Arcade and Puzzle ranked top 3.
  • In addition to China's Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, it also actively advertised in Singapore, Malaysia and the USA.
  • The creatives are mainly videos and images, and images accounted for as high as 46.67% of all creatives.
  • The creatives mainly attracted users with texts on free draws and free digital products, such as “Free 1,000 draws, Free iPhones and $100,000 Gifts and $1 Million Cash Bonus”.

Star Union has launched a super hot ant SLG and it's trying to come up with something new. It launched [Myths of Moonrise], a vampire-themed SLG, in April and didn't make too many moves until October when it started frequent updating and big-volume media buying. In October, it released about 5,000 deduplicated creatives on iOS and Android, up 42% QoQ.

According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis Function, advertising releases of [Myths of Moonrise] in October are as follows:

  • In terms of advertising media selection, RPG media received 60.1% of all creatives, followed by Puzzle and Arcade.
  • Mainly released in Germany, the USA, Brazil, etc.
  • 85.6% of all creatives are videos.
  • Creative texts are mainly about vampires, werewolves and 🧛🏻‍♀️🐺emojis.

Unlike the clustering of strategy games on iOS, Android is having a tripod situation of Casino, Casual, and Puzzle games.

8 Casino games entered Android Advertising TOP 20 in October. [Teen Patti Dhamal] released the most creatives and the number of deduplicated creatives released in October was as high as 6,500. The creatives were mainly released on FB News Feed, Audience Network, Instagram, etc.

With its unique and relaxing fridge-filling gameplay and powerful creative releases, the Puzzle game [Fill the Fridge] stayed in Download TOP 20 for quite long. It released nearly 5,400 deduplicated creatives in October, up 44.2% QoQ. In addition to its heavy releases, [Fill the Fridge] changed 5 new game icons in October.

Revenue TOP 20

Let's now look at the revenue of mobile games in October. The top 3 fastest-growing games in App Store in October are:

  • KONAMI's baseball game [プロ野球スピリッツA] launched a 7th-anniversary event in October and generated a 75.5% QoQ revenue growth.
  • With the launch of the Halloween Event and October Qualifier, Supercell's [Clash of Clans] achieved a QoQ revenue growth of 56.8%.
  • Playrix's [Township] achieved a 28% QoQ revenue growth with its Halloween event and Observatory Plot.

Products with awesome income in Google Play in October include:

  • Kakao Games's [오딘: 발할라 라이징] achieved a QoQ income growth of 162.5%.
  • Dream Games' [Royal Match] achieved a QoQ revenue growth of 16.8%.
  • With the release of banners of Nilou and super weapons, [Genshin Impact]'s revenue grew by 27.5% QoQ.
Download TOP 20

Last but not least, let's look at global mobile game downloads in October. New products with amazing downloads in App Store in October include:

  • The Marvel CCG card game [MARVEL SNAP] developed by Ben Brode, “Father of Hearthstone” and his studio Second Dinner, and issued by Nuverse was officially launched on October 18 in 169 regions around the globe. It hit the top of iPhone Free Strategy Games in 7 regions, including the USA, the UK and Italy.
  • With the advent of the World Cup, the top football event in the world, Madfut released [MADFUT 23] on October 16.
  • Alictus' barber shop simulator [Fade Master 3D] was officially online on September 20, and topped the App Store Free Game Rankings in the USA for 7 days.

Products with amazing downloads in Google Play in October include:

  • Zego's gangster action game [Gangster Crime, Mafia City] topped the download ranking in October. This third perspective 3D shooting action game was downloaded more than 1 million times with 64,000 comments and a game rating of 3.7 (out of 5).
  • The gameplay of doge rescue remains highly popular abroad. [Save the puppy] features the same gameplay as [Save the Doge]. Coincidentally, Debbie Shine's [Dog Rescue] also asks players to draw lines to protect the dog.
  • With two followers and the original [Save the Doge], 3 doge rescue games have entered the Download TOP 20 in Google Play. Although doge rescue games in China have begun using new creatives, old creatives remain highly favored abroad.