Top Casual Games Examples Analysis in 2020

Top Casual Games Examples Analysis in 2020


Casual mobile games have always occupied an important position in the game market. Regardless of men and women, young and old, there are inevitably one or two casual games in their mobile phones for the pastime and decompression of fragmented time. In 2020, when there are so many kinds of casual games, some games have been able to stand tall, some games only appeared briefly, and disappeared from the public’s vision after overheating, and some were even worse. There is no ripple in the casual game, as if it never existed.

Casual games occupies a large position in the mobile game industry, and advertising is overwhelming. 2020 is an era of rapid rise of casual mobile games. In order to better seize the opportunity, it is very important to choose your own advertising creativity. When you have rich ideas, novel experiences, content combined with hot trends, and appropriate advertising, then no one can reject such a game.

Features of popular casual game advertising creative

  • Make good use of emoji in ad copy
  • Bright color contrast
  • Vertical ads will be more popular
  • Two-pronged delivery of playable ads and video ads
  • Live-action video advertising commentary
  • Catch the audience’s psychology

1. Use emoji expressions in copywriting

We can find that emoji can often be seen in the ad copy of these popular casual games, and any ad with emoji copy will get good traffic. This is a very effective way to attract users’ attention.

ad copy-SocialPeta

I intercepted the ad copy of casual games since 2020 and sorted them according to the amount of impressions. I can find that 4 out of these 10 popular copybooks have emojis, and based on their amount of placement, they have all been shown in terms of display. A huge success. After searching the copywriting of these casual games, it is found that the emoji they add are mostly 🔥, 👉, 🙋, 🎁, 😍, 👏, 📱, 🌹, ⭐️, ✨, etc.

At the same time, short copy is easier to get users’ attention than long copy. Excessively long text will distract the user’s attention and make the advertising effect not good enough. As much as possible, images and videos should be used to convey game information.

2. Bright color contrast

There is no doubt that bright colors are easier to attract people’s attention. Color has the effect of influencing people’s emotions and moods, arousing people’s emotions and resonating with them. Most successful advertising creatives make good use of the function of color, and successfully use color in advertising creatives to play a role in contrasting and rendering advertising content. Colorful advertising ideas will give people a novel feeling, and people will be attracted by it unconsciously.

Many popular casual games have taken advantage of this feature to grab the user’s attention and thus get good traffic. For example, the following two forms:

Amazing Block Puzzle

Amazing Block Puzzle-SocialPeta

This kind of elimination casual game mainly relies on the way of highlighting the game screen to attract users. The combination of high saturation color matching and cute animation image with the game screen has obtained considerable traffic.

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir-SocialPeta

The color contrast brought by the bright pink background is used to highlight the game screen, so that people can focus more on the game screen to attract traffic.

3. Vertical ads are easier to get traffic

It is not difficult to find from a large number of advertising ideas for popular casual games that vertical screen advertising can bring more immersive, more efficient, and longer-tailed advertising effects. Moreover, today’s short video industry can be said to be thriving. In the mobile Internet environment, users’ viewing habits have migrated from the horizontal screen in the traditional TV and PC era to the vertical screen mode with mobile hands. This change in consumption habits represents the brand. The way must be iterative. Vertical screen becomes a better choice. Compared with horizontal screen advertising, the advantages of vertical screen should not be underestimated: not only is the mainstream expression of short video products, but also because vertical screen can naturally occupy the full screen of mobile phones, which expands the advertising display area by 3.16 times and intensifies the immersive experience ; And from the perspective of viewing operation, it can be obtained by clicking on it, which reduces the intermediate steps of changing the direction of the phone in the horizontal screen, greatly shortens the communication path between the brand and the user, and makes the user interaction more natural and smooth, and the conversion rate of the advertisement and the long tail play The space has been significantly improved.

In this era, these popular casual games have all added vertical screen advertising creativity to achieve better results. Take this Cooking Fever game as an example:

Cooking fever-SocialPeta

Even though the game itself is a horizontal-screen casual game, it still has a lot of vertical-screen advertising ideas for placement. When you search for advertising ideas for casual games, you will find that most of the advertising ideas are also vertical. It can be seen that vertical ads have become the general trend.

4. Combination of playable ads and video ads

Playable ads occupy an unshakable position in the advertising creativity of casual games. Most popular casual games have a large number of playable ads and a large number of video ads. This form not only perfectly retains the advantages of playable ads, but also reduces the risk of putting playable ads on the full budget.

playable ads-SocialPeta

Really restore the game is also an advantage of the playable advertising. The demo advertisement uses 2D, 3D, interactive video and panoramic technology to show users the content of the game. The story characteristics, art style, operation method, etc. in the advertisement are basically the same as the original game. It shows a clear story background and core gameplay. Users quickly understand the core mechanism of the game in a short period of time; at the same time, video advertisements are used to supplement the explanation when placing playable ads, which reduces the loss of users due to lack of understanding of the game. The combination of playable ads and video ads allows users to get an intuitive and vivid game experience, thereby bringing a higher quality user experience and a higher return on investment, so it has won the love of these popular casual game advertisers.

5. Live-action video advertising commentary

After the adventurous and legendary games appeared live-action ads, some popular casual games also cited this idea for creative placement of live-action commentary ads. The advantage of this kind of advertising creativity is that on the one hand, it uses the celebrity effect to gain traffic and popularity, on the other hand, it allows users to have a clearer understanding of the game. Take this newly launched popular casual game Gacha Life as an example:

Gacha life-SocialPeta

With the help of Internet celebrities on the YouTube platform for promotion, a large amount of traffic and attention has been gained in just one day of launch time. As a newly launched casual game, using this form to make a breakthrough in one fell swoop to become a popular casual game, it is undoubtedly a huge gain Success.

6. Grasp the audience’s psychology

Once the game advertisement catches the audience’s psychology, it will be easier to succeed. To achieve the best advertising effect, it is necessary to go deep into the inner world of users, attract users’ attention, understand and grasp the laws of users’ psychological activities, and their attitude towards advertisements, etc., so that users will have a psychological desire for advertisements, thereby inducing It produces behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably apply some psychological principles in the process of making and disseminating advertising ideas.

Take Tangle Master 3D, the No. 1 free list in this App store as an example. This is a game with less than 90 days of advertising time. It can be ranked first in such a short time. I have to pay more attention to it. Start this game.

Tangle Master 3D-SocialPeta

I chose the ad with the highest display volume among the creative materials of Tangle Master 3D. From the data, we can see that this is a video ad that has only been online for 56 days. I studied this advertising idea. It can be said to be very effective for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The video is a 30-second game process that attracts “obsessive-compulsive patients” by being unable to untie these four ropes. The advertising materials placed on the other platforms are almost the same, almost all of them are placed in this creative type, which has obtained good presentation and traffic.

Except for Tangle Master 3D, most of the other casual game ideas are also based on this idea, “defrauding” traffic with simple operations and relaxing game experience. This is now the general trend of casual games. We can find from any list that most casual mobile games are in this easy and simple game mode, which has become the trend of casual games.


The above content is an analysis of the characteristics of popular casual game advertising creativity. When you do creative advertising for casual games, you can also refer to this idea to allocate creative materials for advertising. Appropriate advertising creativity will harvest more users and bring more traffic, and blindly assigning advertising creative materials will waste your budget. Any industry, especially the advertising industry, needs to save the budget as much as possible so that it can be used in the most effective place. More reference to popular advertising ideas can effectively sum up experience.

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