Adbeat VS SocialPeta: Which Competitive Analysis Is Better?

Adbeat VS SocialPeta: Which Competitive Analysis Is Better?


Adbeat is a competitive intelligence platform that allows you to instantly uncover your competitors’ online advertising strategy.

Adbeat has hundreds of thousands of publishers in its database. And it has coverage across more than 90 ad networks and over 20 countries, this includes both traditional display ad networks and native ad networks.

Adbeat also has both desktop and mobile data all of this data, show you the top spending advertisers on each ad network. By simply entering a keyword you can uncover competitors and the top-performing creative.

If you want more detail you can view an advertiser spend level by day, week, or month. 

The top networks are spending on their top ads split test results, and even their top-performing landing pages and publishers.

you can also check which publishers they have been advertising successfully, so you can spend more efficiently.

In the publisher’s view, you can drill down on the highest performing advertisers currently spending on this publisher, and find other publishers that are competitors to scale your inventory.



Advertising Creative – Use SocialPeta to get comprehensive advertising data and creative ideas
SocialPeta has a total of 1 billion advertising creative data, which is updated every day at a million levels. The data covers 60+ advertising channels worldwide, 40+ country filters, and 70+ language filters.

Advertising Intelligence – Obtain detailed strategies for competitors’ advertising
More than 5 million global advertiser data coverage, in-depth analysis of competitors’ advertising strategy, including advertising channels, media, advertising hours, countries/regions, and other intelligence.
SocialPeta monitors the hottest advertisers to find out the competitive advantages of competitors. Analyze high-quality advertising channels and popular advertising media data to customize the most effective advertising strategy. And estimate the effect of ad serving, so that ad serving is no longer blind.

Traffic Intelligence – Understand the world’s hottest advertising spots and traffic sources
Understand the traffic information of advertising spots on popular App, PC Web, and mobile Web sites around the world, the PV and PU values ​​of different countries and application platforms, and the size of advertising spots.
SocialPeta monitors the latest high-quality advertisers and publishers in other advertising platforms. Compare advertising channels by country/region, category, platform, and creative to understand advertisers and popular creatives.

Advertising costs – Changes in advertising costs by country in each time period

Analyze global advertising costs and trends, find market opportunities.

Overall grasp the overall change trend of Facebook advertising costs, analyze each time period, each country, each type of advertising costs, and click rate changes. Advertisers can adjust their advertising budget by analyzing advertising costs.


Through the above two product descriptions, we can find that Adbeat and SocialPeta are both competitive analysis tools for advertising. They explore competitors’ advertisements from multiple angles. Let’s analyze which tool is more powerful for competitive analysis?

Comparison of ad search dimensions:


Adbeat supports 90 network platforms and 20 countries for ad search and filtering. These 90 networks include 3 traditional advertising platforms and more than 80 native networks.


SocialPeta supports 68 online platforms and 45 countries for advertising search and filtering. SocialPeta’s network platform is composed of various social media and local network platforms of various countries.


Analysis: The composition of the online platforms of the two tools is different, but in the country, SocialPeta is more dominant.

Competitive advertising analysis:

top Advertiser comparison


The top advertiser is an important function of Adbeat. Here, it uses a list to show how excellent advertisers carry out advertising marketing. Adbeat shows the main channels of advertising marketing for these advertisers, the total cost of advertising and advertising time, as well as the overall performance changes in these ads.


SocialPeta’s top advertisers are sorted according to the category of advertisers. SocialPeta divides advertisers into 30 categories: games, e-commerce, brands, and others. You can find a list of top advertisers by type or country, and analyze the advertising strategies of these advertisers.

SocialPeta analyzed the performance of advertising from five perspectives: advertising creativity, advertising copy, advertising audience, advertising costs, and advertising publishers.


Advertising ideas:


Adbeat will provide competitors’ popular advertising ideas. Enter the competitor’s website domain name in Adbeat, and click top ad, you can see the competitor’s popular advertising ideas.


SocialPeta contains billions of advertising inventory. It also supports multiple advanced filtering methods. You can directly enter keywords to get the advertising ideas you want, and you can also download any advertising ideas you want from SocialPeta.
Analysis: Both Adbeat and SocialPeta will provide competitors’ creative ideas, but SocialPeta can provide the most comprehensive and complete materials, while Adbeat can only provide some popular data.

Target users:


Adbeat’s analysis data dimension is more focused on large companies, because the companies it cooperates with include Box, Ancestry, and Lending Tree. Although its sales packages are provided for SMEs, its main customers are still large enterprises.


(1)Game industry:

From the focus of SocialPeta’s data analysis, we can also see that SocialPeta’s analysis of the game industry is very detailed. SocialPeta conducted a detailed analysis of changes in advertising data in the game industry from multiple perspectives such as creative materials, advertising costs, and advertising trends. Moreover, SocialPeta has also cooperated with game publishers in many countries, so for the competitive analysis of advertising data in the game industry, SocialPeta is currently the best tool in the world.

(2)E-commerce industry:

In addition to the gaming industry, SocialPeta is also a key analysis of the e-commerce industry, because SocialPeta not only recently analyzed the advertising data of e-commerce. It has also developed a product selection function specifically for the e-commerce industry. It focuses on analyzing the product data of Shopify and AliExpress Amazon, so if you are still worried about product selection and e-com ad, it is better to try SocialPeta!



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The above is a detailed comparison of the two competition analysis tools. Adbeat and SocialPeta are great competition analysis tools. They analyze competitors’ advertisements from multiple angles. My analysis above only compares some of their functions, for example: SocialPeta also has advertising copy, competitive analysis of advertising audiences and advertising costs, not listed here one by one, if you want to understand competitors more clearly, you can use these 2 tools.