Has the Epidemic Catalyzed the E-commerce Industry? Ecom Intelligence Helps You Compete Better in the Market

Has the Epidemic Catalyzed the E-commerce Industry? Ecom Intelligence Helps You Compete Better in the Market

Cloud dining and cloud disco dancing are indeed popular in the spring of 2020. The home-bound economy has changed people’s lifestyles and consumption concepts in a short time. Following that is the small-scale rise of fresh food e-commerce, but whether it can fuel the whole e-commerce industry remains to be seen. Meanwhile, we cannot underestimate the prospect of cross-border e-commerce. To help practitioners get a clear picture of the market trend, SocialPeta continues to upgrade its advertising intelligence analysis function and launches the latest Ecom Intelligence.

Ecom Intelligence-the Microscope of Industry Trend

First of all, what is Ecom Intelligence? Through it, you can check the popular commodities and analysis of Aliexpress. Besides, you can pay attention to the trend of intelligently selected commodities and competitive stores under the Dropship business model. Of course, it now mainly provides the data of popular and potential goods on Aliexpress and Shopify. In the future, we may consider increasing the data performance of more platforms according to demand.

addition, in the advanced screening items of Ecom Intelligence, cross-border
e-commerce practitioners can get more detailed data analysis results, including
but not limited to:

  • Screen commodity category, selling country, purchasing country, order, and price;
  • Search the range according to the number of added favorites for commodities, commodity ratings, and the order volume today;
  • Screen as per whether the commodity introduction video is provided, whether Paypal is supported, whether express delivery and one-click selection of hotlist commodities are possible, and new product recommendations.

This function can even track the change of orders/ wishlist in the sales process, check the distribution of selling countries, match the stores selling the commodity in the market, and offer information on market sales and profit. It follows that Ecom Intelligence serves as the microscope of the industry, which can help related enterprises quickly understand the current market development trends to assist in operating and making decisions.

Intelligent Algorithm-Detector of Data Treasures

let us see how Ecom Intelligence works. It uses its powerful database to conduct
commodity capture and screen and analyze popular and highly potential
commodities through the intelligent algorithm. At the same time, it
intelligently matches the captured commodities with the ones in the store,
eliminates the uncompetitive high-cost ones combined with market verification,
and then recommends the ones with real value and profit.

Intelligence can help relevant enterprises and practitioners from the following

  • Seize the market trend, check high-quality goods, find the key points of successful operation, and embrace the good opportunity to forge popular goods;
  • Understand the details of the goods based on product positioning as well as holistically access detailed and useful information on them and the most valuable commodity category;
  • Compare competitive stores’ data on profit, price and sales volume and estimate the market trend to find excellent competitive goods and optimum profits.

SocialPeta hopes to become a detector for enterprises in search of data treasures, thus enabling them to win market share and user reputation in commercial competition. For Ecom Intelligence, we will continue to optimize its analysis on e-commerce product selection and offer enterprises more high-quality and helpful data analysis. Welcome to consult us and propose valuable ideas!