SocialPeta Helps Mobile Development Companies for Users Acquisition Worldwide

SocialPeta Helps Mobile Development Companies for Users Acquisition Worldwide

Globally, the mobile gaming industry has seen a significant rise in the number of daily active users and revenues generated. Many reports predict that this industry will continue to grow in many years to come.

In response to this, a lot of companies are looking for creative ways to add value in order to stay afloat in the rapidly changing industry. It has become very important for mobile development companies to have an insight into the layout of global businesses to make the right marketing decisions. This is where SocialPeta comes in, this marketing intelligence platform offers a huge advertising database and tools that are valuable to many industries including mobile development companies.

SocialPeta Provides Global Advertising Intelligence for Mobile Developers and Publishers

SocialPeta is a powerful advertising intelligence platform that offers analysis insights such as application intelligence analytics, advertising analysis, cost analysis, and many more tools that help businesses boost their sales. This platform has also partnered with different game companies and continues to expand its business globally. Some of the companies they’ve partnered with include;

  • VNGGames in Vietnam 

VNGGames has collaborated with SocialPeta in advertising marketing since last December. With the ad creatives and marketing inspiration from the platform, VNGGames has been able to accelerate its game publishing process globally. From their feedback, the two main features, Ad Creatives and Cost Intelligence are widely used in game advertising. At first, they can save time in finding high-quality ad creatives by checking the big database for creatives inspiration, as well as spying on their competitors' ad performance to make a campaign adjustment. Additionally, companies can directly check the average index of costs in the advertising industry and understand their audience preference with the feature of Ad cost Intelligence, then it can help them in cost control.

  • Vasundhara Infotech in India

Vasundhara Infotech is an India-based business and technology company that provides IT services and products for clients. Some of their services include Web development, software development, Mobile App and Game development.

The biggest challenge many companies face is the lack of insights into data that can help manage their ads properly. SocialPeta made it easy for Infotech to find new trending creatives which not only shortened the time of work but also helped them boost their growth and revenue. "After using the product, we can easily find new trending creatives and it helps us to grow in the market. Also, we get ideas by looking at other creatives as references," said Somish, CTO of Infotech.

  • Gismart

Gismart is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and entertainment-focused apps with over 800 million downloads. They are most interested in Chinese market intelligence among the all features of SocialPeta. By regularly checking out who is running new ad campaigns, which creatives are working right now in Chinese advertising channels with SocialPeta, Gismart can improve their advertising strategy in the target market.

Data-driven analytics is very important for mobile games and applications growth, said Anastasia, UA Manager at Gismart. Through the advertising impressions, trends, popularity estimates, and other data provided by SocialPeta have brought a lot of new creative inspiration and trend intelligence to the team.

Except for the above companies, SocialPeta has other partners globally, such as Tencent Games, NetEase Games, SohaGame, AdSide Media, etc. Especially, as the data is highly valued, SocialPeta is actively expanding the global business and build partnerships with more global companies.

More About SocialPeta Features

  • Ad Creatives

With SocialPeta, you can access the world’s largest ad library with just a tap. Here, you can easily find ad creatives ideas from your competitions by just searching up the keyword related to your requirements. This platform lets you filter your search to your preferred category, countries, language, network, format, time, and operating system. Also, you get to see trendy and high-ranking ad creatives ranked based on the impressions they are getting.

SocialPeta helps mobile app development companies attract users around the world
  • Advertiser Analysis

Another great feature of SocialPeta is the in-depth analysis of advertising trends. This tool performs analysis on advertisers with a focus on elements like ads theme, details, and texts and it presents results in detailed graphical representations. With this, users can easily grasp the advertising strategies and performance intelligence of any advertiser.

  • Monitor Competitors

SocialPeta has many creative tools and its ad intelligence data helps monitor and analyze the ad performance of their competitors. They have a database that helps analyze different aspects of your competitors in terms of creativity, launches, publishers, and other things. With this, you can analyze and monitor the ads of the leaders or competitors in your industry so that you can get insights that will help improve your ad quality. Just find the industry leaders, see what they are doing with their ad targeting and let that guide your strategy.

SocialPeta helps mobile app development companies attract users around the world


The success of mobile products is inseparable from data insights and it’s only by fully grasping market trends and competitor information that you can stand out.

SocialPeta collects a massive amount of data from over 69 publishing channels thus making it easy for companies to extract powerful advertising insights. This platform enhances and updates the database regularly and they currently have a record of 1.2 million daily ad data updates. With their ad intelligence tools and ad marketing data, mobile development companies can easily expand their global business.