SocialPeta | 2023 Global Mobile Apps (Non-Game) Marketing Trends White Paper

SocialPeta | 2023 Global Mobile Apps (Non-Game) Marketing Trends White Paper

2023 marked the emergence of short video and AIGC as leading trends in the mobile app landscape. While other sectors experienced a cooling period, short video and AIGC saw rapid growth, attracting a wave of newcomers and becoming focal points within these fields.

However, in the dynamic market environment, merely riding the wave of popularity isn't sufficient. It's crucial to deeply understand the needs of target users and develop effective marketing strategies to drive business growth and success. With this in mind, SocialPeta is pleased to announce the release of the "2023 Global Mobile Application (Non-Game) Marketing Trend White Paper." Our goal is to provide insights into these rapidly evolving fields and empower individuals to succeed in competitive markets.

Based on the findings of our report, we've identified several key trends:

  • Short video app advertising is essential, with localized dominance being a critical factor.
  • AI advancements will continue, with the integration of multiple modules and vertical products emerging as a prominent trend.
  • Emerging markets like Brazil present significant opportunities, particularly in the realm of financial products.

The white paper covers various application categories, including short video, AIGC, social, tools, and shopping. Additionally, it offers detailed analyses of key regions such as the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, the Middle East, and the Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Regions. We aim to provide valuable insights to help stakeholders better understand the development trends in the global non-game mobile application market and devise more effective marketing strategies.

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