SocialPeta Q3 2022 Mobile Game Marketing

SocialPeta Q3 2022 Mobile Game Marketing

Compared with 2021, the mobile game markets around the world experienced various degrees of decline this year. However, the Q3 mobile game marketing reports recently released by SocialPeta and OpenMediation suggest that the markets have been "recovering and even growing" in Q3.

In this 100+ pages report, it includes advertising, market, cost and creative analysis of casual, strategy, RPG, simulation and other games; it also includes mobile game market analysis in some regions.

Catalog Details:

  • Q3 2022 global mobile game marketing insights overview
  • Strategy games analysis (advertisers, top charts, Ad marketing analysis in different regions, cost intelligence, creatives cases and etc.)
  • RPG games analysis
  • simulation games analysis
  • Casual games analysis
  • Insights on Mobile Game Marketing in different regions

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