Socialpeta-[eCom Analytics] added [Amazon] Market Insight!

Socialpeta-[eCom Analytics] added [Amazon] Market Insight!

E-commerce product selection is never an independent matter. Before choosing a product, you should focus on choosing a suitable industry and sub-category.

Large industries with higher traffic determine the upper limit of products, and an easily accessible sub-category determines the survival of the product. Socialpeta integrates 14 million Amazon product data and more sub-category information through powerful data analysis capabilities to bring you the latest “Amazon” market insight system!

What are the functions of the Amazon Market Insights?

  • All Amazon third-party sellers can sell categories, with full data as a sample

Through a powerful product monitoring system, we have obtained most of the active products in all categories that Amazon third-party sellers can sell. Through the integrated analysis of these products, we have obtained an active map of the entire Amazon market. You can use nearly 20 different dimensions of filter criteria to define the path you want to reach, helping you to find market segments that can help you increase profits more quickly!

At the same time, you can easily customize the sample space and freely view the sub-categories or the entire market data. Help you make more accurate decisions!

  • Diverse market analysis dimensions

Through accurate data capture capabilities, we show you more secrets of subdivided categories, and accurately locate all the paths and basic information of the category for you.

  • Category Activity

By monitoring the review changes of all products in a category for a long time, we can clearly understand the activity of the category and whether there are frequent orders for the category; by analyzing the daily comment growth of the category and the proportion of the total category theory , You can easily judge the market saturation of this category!

  • Price Analysis

By comparing the number of monthly reviews with prices, we can better provide a reference for our pricing strategy, and set commodity prices within the range of higher evaluation growth as much as possible

  • Release date analysis

By analyzing the distribution of different listing times, you can more clearly see the recent situation of other friends in this category. If there is a sudden drop in the listing of goods, it means that the category’s recent activity is relatively poor, and it is not suitable for any longer. Select products in this category.

  • Category health analysis

By analyzing the distribution of all product ratings and reviews in this category, we can clearly understand the health of this category. If the products with lower scores are more distributed, it means that the health of the category is poor. If the products with fewer reviews account for more, it can also reflect the poor health of the category, but it can also reflect from the side that there are more opportunities for sellers.

I hope our “Amazon” product selection tool can provide you with a more powerful reference for your product selection work and inspire you new inspiration! We will continue to improve our products and provide you with more high-quality and powerful functions.

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