8 Tips of Game Ad Creative

8 Tips of Game Ad Creative

There are a large number of game advertisements, so how to stand out from the many advertising ideas will become the biggest headache for advertisers. Therefore, the creativity of game advertising is very important to me. As the first step of advertising, ad creativity is of great value to the success of advertising.

For game ads, there are many types, and the effects of each advertisement are very different. It is very risky to become popular. Therefore, it is a good way to learn from successful examples.

I have compiled 8 successful game ad creative tips for everyone:

  • Influencer effect, live commentary
  • Beauty into creative material for game advertising
  • Real movie peripheral products
  • Show game features
  • Use cute characters to explain the story of the game
  • Dual modules to compare and display game content
  • Grasp the audience's psychology and create pain points
  • Design ups and downs, failed ending

Influencer effect, live commentary

American popular mobile game-Darkness Rises advertisements are second to none in terms of presentation and quality. Popular YouTube game bloggers were invited to comment on the game to promote the game, which was a huge success.

Darkness Rises-SocialPeta

We can see in the video that it is just a simple explanation of the game screen and the process of pinching the face in the game. Utilizing the influence of internet celebrities has become a popular advertising idea. This kind of advertising creativity is actually not uncommon. It mostly appears in competitive mobile games. Bloggers use simple explanations and language while operating, and through beautiful operations and Internet celebrity effects to complete the rise of personal popularity and the promotion of games, it can be said that it is kill two birds with one stone.

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Beauty into creative material for game advertising

Since ancient times, beautiful women have always been eye-catching. Incorporating beautiful women into advertising creativity is also one of the ways to increase popularity. This is a popular game advertising idea in the United Arab Emirates. Three aesthetic beauties are substituted into the plot, and the exciting background music of the advertisement is the reason why it can become popular in the country.

Mobile Strike-SocialPeta

The video uses the plot of a live-action simulation game battlefield. The five beauties are in two camps. The creative design of the advertisement is also a novel technique by creating plot conflicts. The novel plot and the seductive beauties appear in an advertisement creative at the same time, it is difficult to make people uneasy, and it even stimulates the mood of the audience to download and try.

Real movie peripheral products

The movie "Harry Potter" is a mobile game of the same name. Although it has paid the copyright, it also has a natural advantage: standing on the shoulders of giants. The movie "Harry Potter" has been hot for many years. Using this advantage to make mobile game commercials can be described as a breeze.

Harry Potter-SocialPeta

However, the advertising design of this mobile game is still very exquisite. The characters in the movie are animated and 3D, and the dubbing is also extremely high. Enter the game from the first-person perspective and complete the tasks with the protagonists, which can satisfy the audience watching the movie. Unfortunately, I cannot get a real experience. Use movie popularity and plot to make up for a lot of heat.

Show game features

Displaying game features for specific game themes is also a good way of creative advertising. For example, puzzle solving and casual decompression games are very suitable for this kind of advertising creativity. These types of games have plot advantages. Using the plot creativity of the game itself to integrate into the advertisement can achieve good results.

Words Story-SocialPeta

This is a word spelling puzzle game-Words Story. Use word spelling design to escape the plot, attract the attention of the audience, and then stimulate download behavior. Starting from the characteristics of the game itself, designing the storyline of escape from prison, using simple word lines, can not only exercise word lines, but also play games, for users, it is two birds with one stone.

Use cute characters to explain the story of the game

"Boom Beach" is a story-based tower defense game that has become popular with its exquisite characters, simple and easy-to-use operations, and interlocking plots. Its advertising creativity firmly grasps these three points for modification and processing, and the advertising design is as exquisite as a movie.

Boom Beach-SocialPeta

This advertising creative uses the confession of a villain in the game-Doctor Horror to design the advertising creative, combining the exquisite 3D animation model with the thrilling plot, making users want to find out. A large number of plot advertising ideas and its exquisite character images are important factors that bring traffic to the game.

Dual modules to compare and display game content

Putting multiple modes of the game itself on the same screen, using black and white and dynamic contrast to create visual conflicts, display advertising creativity is also a trick to attract attention. Make the advertising creative have obvious visual conflicts during display, which can improve the display effect.

Lords Mobile-SocialPeta

Lords Mobile has used the advertising design skills of creating visual conflicts in this advertising creative, and has also successfully attracted traffic. The left screen is played first, and the right screen is black and white and still. After the broadcast, the screen is switched to create visual conflicts, which can easily capture the eyes of the audience and obtain extremely high presentation and traffic.

Grasp the audience's psychology and create pain points

In recent years, the application of advertising psychology in advertising creativity has become more and more frequent. Many casual games have used some characteristics of advertising psychology when designing advertising creativity.

Find The Differences-SocialPeta

Find The Differences is a finding difference game. In this advertising idea, only one theme was selected: the wife caught the cheating husband. Combining the game of finding a difference with this kind of plot to catch rapes, it firmly grasped the psychology of female audiences. Combined with the audience of the finding the difference game, in fact, female players are much higher than males, so seizing the psychology of female audiences is enough to obtain high traffic conversion.

Design ups and downs, failed ending

Using advertising creative design ups and downs, and then failing to end is the usual tactics of advertisers, which basically appear in casual avoidance games. In the advertising creative design, the early stage is smooth, and the later stage is full of difficulties, and then a small mistake is all lost. Use this advertising creative to stimulate the audience's mentality and trigger the subsequent behavior transformation.

Fire Rides-SocialPeta

Fire Rides is a parkour game with simple graphics, soft colors and simple operation. It also has the inherent advantage of attracting fans. While designing the advertising creative to maximize the original advantages, it also ends the advertising creative with a failure, which accurately grasps the audience's psychology. Perfectly grasp the audience's obsessive-compulsive psychology and attract users to download games for operation.


The above are 8 game advertising creative skills collected and summarized on SocialPeta. For game advertising, advertising creativity is the core thing. When there is a lack of good advertising creativity, we can choose to learn from some successful advertising creative ideas Organize to find the advertising ideas that suit us. Innovation is naturally possible to become famous overnight, but unprepared innovation has too much risk. We must be prepared people to move towards success.

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