Global Mobile Game Charts of Feb.; Pokémon UNITE is the Most Downloaded

Global Mobile Game Charts of Feb.; Pokémon UNITE is the Most Downloaded

[Abstract] Roblox remained the highest-grossing while Pokémon UNITE became the most downloaded.

Based on SocialPeta's App Intelligence and other data, it sorted out the top 10 mobile games by revenue, download, and advertising worldwide in February 2022, hoping to be of help to more people in the mobile app industry who try to understand the changing trends of global mobile market.

Top 10 by Revenue

The sandbox game Roblox remained the highest-grossing game on the App Store with a total revenue of 60.3 million USD, down 20.3% month-on-month (MoM); the game generated a total revenue of 28.1 million USD on Google Play, a slight decrease of 1.4% MoM.

Fate/Grand Order, a classic anime-style card game published by Aniplex, reported a surge in revenue (mainly from the US and Japan) in February driven by in-game events including Grail Front Rerun and Valentine 2022. The game grossed up to 24.7 million USD in revenue on the App Store, up 30% MoM. Uma Musume Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリティーダービー), also an anime-style mobile game, announced a few celebration events on 24 February, its first anniversary, and announced its plan of publishing a traditional Chinese version.

All top 10 games on Google Play in February, except Clash of Clans and Genshin Impact, reported decreases in revenue. Clash of Clans generated 20.3 million USD on Google Play in February, up 5.2% MoM; Genshin Impact generated 34.9 million USD on Google Play in February, up 0.3% MoM.

Top 10 by Download

Let's take a look at the downloads. On the list of most downloaded mobile games worldwide in February, stimulation games stood out, with one truck stimulation game ranked on each of the App Store and Google Play. And there was a brilliant performance from arcade games, several of which saw amazing growth in downloads.

Pokémon UNITE, a classic Pokémon MOBA mobile game, saw a surge in downloads and topped the list of most downloaded games on the App Store with 4.7 million downloads, up 441.5% MoM, moving up 125 spots on the rankings. Most of the game's users were in the US and Japan, each contributing 1/4 of its downloads.

Looking at the overall data, medium and heavy games saw a significant MoM increase in downloads in February. Among which, Twerk Race 3D, an action game of Say Games, reached 12.1 million downloads on Google Play in February, up 1192.7% MoM.

The game with the greatest MoM growth in downloads was Merge Master, which was officially released to the world by Homa Games on 20 January and recorded skyrocketing downloads in February to become the most downloaded arcade game on Google Play.

Top 10 by Advertising

Let's move to the last one, advertising. Dream Piano, a casual rhythm game of Eyugame, remained the 1st on the list with over 2600 sets of deduplicated creatives on iOS in February, up 5.5% MoM. Most of its ads were placed in regions including Chinese Taipei, the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada.

The Grand Mafia, a mafia-themed SLG of Yotta Games, reported over 6000 sets of deduplicated creatives on Android in February, down 5.3% MoM.

DK Mobile: The Return of Heroes, released by Mover Games, saw the biggest growth of ad creatives on iOS in February with over 1900 sets of deduplicated creatives, a MoM increase of over 10394.4%. The game was developed based on DK Online, an MMORPG, and launched officially on 22 February. The player of the game plays a revenger with a medieval fantasy background. With its exaggeratedly big sieges and peculiar prison system, the game has been well-known in South Korea.

That's all for revenue and downloads on the App Store and Google Play and insights into advertising data of mobile games worldwide in February 2022.