Global Mobile Games in July: Stumble Guys tops the downloads chart

Global Mobile Games in July: Stumble Guys tops the downloads chart

With the aid of its App Intelligence and other modules, SocialPeta sorted out the top 20 global mobile games by revenue, download, and advertising in July 2022, hoping to be of assistance to more people in the mobile app industry who try to understand the changing trends of global mobile market.

The overall performance of global mobile games in July:

  • [Uma Musume Pretty Derby]'s Japanese version and South Korean versions generated outstanding revenue, both were among the top 10 by revenue;
  •  Through frequent collaborations with EVA and One Piece, [Knives Out] reached a new peak revenue;
  • [Stumble Guys]'s downloads surged by 52.6%, topping the download chart;
  • Boost by the Minions movie, Minion Rush was new on the App Store download chart;
  • New puzzle and casino games dominated the advertising chart, and top games by advertising on both Google Play and App Store were all new.
Top 20 by Revenue

First, let's check the revenue of global mobile games in July. Uma Musume Pretty Derby's Japanese version and South Korean version were among the Top 20 games by revenue on Google Play. With the powerful support card Kitasan Black available online, Uma Musume Pretty Derby replaced the [Lineage] series to top the Google Play revenue chart in South Korea.

Except for the outstanding revenue of its South Korean version, Uma Musume Pretty Derby's Japanese version also released many events, including its official release on 20 July through collaborating with [StarHorse 4], a Sega horse racing arcade game, and the release of the preview of its collaboration with [The Idolmaster] a week later. Seen from its collaborations, Uma Musume Pretty Derby generated better revenue through working with game companies that are highly related to the game and highly popular, with a revenue growth of 57.5% month-on-month on the App Store to climb 11 spots up the revenue chart.

[Knives Out] also had frequent collaborations in the summer by working with the world-famous Japanese IPs "One Piece", "EVA", and "Sword Art Online" in July. Because of the three collaborations, [Knives Out]'s revenue in July bounced to its usual level from its slumping revenue since January 2022, up 68.1% month-on-month on the App Store.

In addition to the above 2 games, there were many other games with outstanding revenue:

Before its 7th anniversary in August, [Fate/Grand Order] started its anniversary countdown event on 21 July. Two days after the event was updated, [Fate/Grand Order] jumped from the ranking of 400 to 84 on the iOS free chart. And [Fate/Grand Order] has reached a revenue peak on Google Play since September 2021.

[Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle], a card mobile game developed based on the Dragon Ball anime franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, was also ranked among the top 20 on the Google Play revenue chart, thanks to its 7th-anniversary events. [プ口野球スピリッッA], a Japanese baseball sports simulation game published by Konami, offered Qixi Festival gift packs in July, boosting its revenue by 50% month-on-month on the App Store to move 4 spots up the revenue chart.

Top 20 by Download

Let's check the downloads of global mobile games in July. The party knockout game [Stumble Guys] replaced [Subway Surfers] to become the top 1 most downloaded game on the App Store. The game received 8.7 million downloads, up 52.6% month-on-month, with the US accounting for 27.6%, which was the highest percentage.

[Minion Rush], a parkour mobile game based on Minions, was launched by Gameloft in 2013. When the big movie Minions was released on 1 July, this old parkour game came back in popularity again. On the next day after the release of the movie, the game was ranked No.9 on the iOS free game chart with 1.9 million downloads.

While old game titles achieved new high downloads among fierce competition, various new simulation and arcade casual games started to join the competition.

[Airport Master!], a game developed by Panteon, was released this April. Thanks to its fancy settings of airport business, simple and interesting 3D stick figures, and very exciting management activities, the game achieved 1.7 million downloads on the App Store, up 419.9% month-on-month.

In this hot summer, a snow ball battle game [Snow Race!!] was released in July by the Japanese company GOODROID, and later was ranked among the top 20 most downloaded games on Google Play.

Top 20 by Advertising

Let's check the advertising chart. The games were all new on the advertising chart on both Google Play and App Store.

PlaySimple Games' puzzle game [Daily Themed Crossword] increased its advertising effort in July, with 5,200 deduplicated creatives on Google Play and App Store combined, up 477.8% month-on-month, and replaced [Word Trip] as the No.1 on the iOS advertising chart. [Word Trip] had 5,100 deduplicated creatives on Google Play and App Store combined in July, down 53.2% month-on-month.

[Scatter Slots], a casino mobile game developed by Murka Games, was among the top games on the Android advertising chart. The game had over 37,600 deduplicated creatives in July. In June, casino mobile games dominated the Android advertising chart, and in July, 3 casino games were new among the top 20 games, including [JinJinJin] which had over 5,600 deduplicated creatives on Google Play and App Store combined in July. [JinJinJin] started releasing its creatives as early as 2 September 2021, and it was most advertised in America, Malaysia, and Singapore.

On iOS, there was intense competition among new and old strategy games. The strategy mobile game [Three Kingdoms Origin] started advertising as early as 25 May, with 2,100 deduplicated creatives in July, up 5% month-on-month. And the SLG [The Ants] had 2,300 deduplicated creatives in July, up 3 spots on the chart.