4 Types of In-App Advertising & Top 10 Publishers

4 Types of In-App Advertising & Top 10 Publishers

What is in-App advertising?

Most people in the advertising industry know in-App advertising, which is a new advertising model in recent years. So what exactly are included? Is it worth trying?

Banner advertising

Most apps will leave a conspicuous place at the top as a display space for events, notifications, brand information, advertisements, etc. This is the banner position we often mention.

The banner position can place several display information pictures at the same time, using a carousel method. Every few seconds, the system will automatically switch to the next one. The continuous loop playback brings dynamic elements to the entire App page, and in the static environment around it, it immediately grabs the attention of consumers.

It can be used for the promotion of App internal activities, new functions online, etc.; the style of the displayed banner image should match the overall page, and the color matching and text size of the image should not be abrupt; the display copy of the banner advertisement, event, and so on should be concise powerful, focused and eye-catching.

App Open advertising

App open advertising refers to the transition page that the App actively pops up when the user starts or exits and restarts the App for the first time every day, and the start page usually stays for 3-5 seconds.

It can be used as a promotion channel for brand advertising, App activities, function point display, etc.; because the App start page has only a few seconds of display time, and only one display page can be set, it is necessary to control the copywriting and the entire page design .

In-app pop-up advertising

It means that when the user completes a certain operation behavior on the App page, it automatically triggers pop-up activities, advertisements and other floating pages. It is usually displayed in full screen, the middle small window is a clickable picture page, and the surrounding background is set as a transparent and visible lower homepage.

The promotion channels for App users should be based on users with different attributes and different operating behaviors, and different pop-up content should be set up for precise advertising.

Push ad

It refers to the active message push by App developers to the user’s mobile device through a third-party tool, which is displayed in the user’s mobile phone notification bar and desktop APP icon.

Message push can reach all App authorized users at one time, achieving true full coverage; in the face of accurate internal user groups, it avoids the waste of resources caused by the asymmetry of message push on unrelated users. News push plays a very important role in the operation and promotion of App. It can wake up sleeping users, increase user activity; drive the use of functional modules, especially new module experiences.

Push ad can push a wide range of content, which can be freely set by App operators, including App internal activities, new notifications, information messages, advertisements, etc.

Top in-App ad publisher

The easiest way to choose an in-App advertising publisher is to find similar types of apps on the popular list for paid advertising.


The top 10 publishers of Games App in the past 90 days are:

  1. Tap Tap Bubble
  2. Drift Mania Championship
  3. Cacheta Gin Rummy
  4. Buraco Canastra Online
  5. Trance Online
  6. Damas Online
  7. Addition Addict
  8. Gas Station
  9. Multi Level Parking Simulator
  10. Buraco Justificado Mano a Mano


The top 10 publishers of Tools App in the past 90 days are:

  1. Fotor
  2. GulogGratis
  3. Korean Food Recipes
  4. OLX ClassifIeds
  5. YouCam Nails
  6. POTO
  7. Un día más culto
  8. Video Editor with Music Star
  9. Light Bible
  10. AirBrush

Now that many advertisers have not discovered the advantages of in-App advertising, we can seize the opportunity to seize this business opportunity.

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