What is Marketing Intelligence?What can Marketing Intelligence Do for You?

What is Marketing Intelligence?What can Marketing Intelligence Do for You?


What is marketing intelligence

Marketing intelligence is to collect and obtain data related to marketing work, and use the data to analyze the marketing strategy of competitors, or a marketing strategy that is more suitable for oneself. Marketing intelligence is also common in the advertising industry. It is used to track the dynamics of the advertising industry. We can use the collected marketing intelligence to make more optimized decisions.

Collecting and analyzing marketing intelligence can provide a more substantial preparation for our digital marketing plan. Marketing intelligence in the advertising industry is the vane of advertising, and it is an indispensable skill for every advertiser to have insight into industry trends and directions at any time. Therefore, how to obtain marketing intelligence is particularly important in the digital marketing environment, especially for advertising practitioners.

So how should advertisers obtain marketing intelligence? I have compiled 3 analysis directions for obtaining marketing intelligence for you, please continue reading.

The role of marketing intelligence

Regarding how to obtain advertising and marketing information, we can actually have many complicated methods, such as manual collection, social media collection, website query, website analysis, etc. These methods are time-consuming and laborious, and the direction is not clear. In this article, I have compiled five general directions for obtaining marketing intelligence.

1.Marketing intelligence – ad creative skill

Advertising creative skills are one of the most prominent in advertising marketing intelligence. We can collect all the advertisements of popular brands similar to our products and organize their creative skills. The advertisements placed by well-known brands have standard advertising creativity; the brand advertisements that become famous overnight because of the advertisements have novel ideas; because the large number of popular advertisements have themes that cater to the masses… every style of advertising creativity is behind It brings together the marketing strategies of developers and operators. These are the marketing intelligence we can obtain through advertising creativity.

If we want to obtain the marketing information of the mobile games of the Three Kingdoms, we select the label “Three Kingdoms” in the theme, and we can see 10M+ advertising ideas, which come from different advertisers. Then, we sort by popularity and filter out the most popular To further analyze the marketing intelligence behind them.

ad creative

It can be seen from the advertising creativity in the picture that the Three Kingdoms games all use war images as advertising creative materials, and a small number of advertising creatives use exquisite character designs and simple-looking card ideas to attract users. The advertising creativity of this type of well-known advertisers is actually aimed at brand reputation. Their advertising creative skills are not gorgeous and exquisite and eye-catching. It is enough to make no mistakes. They show the details in the simplicity of the design and pay more attention to them. Reflecting the ingenuity of gameplay, rather than creative gimmicks, such big advertisers will choose a large number of advertising creatives to attract traffic.

There are also some small advertisers who do not have so much budget for advertising, so they are more inclined to make advertising creative more sophisticated and eye-catching, so that they can stand out from the audience facing multiple advertisements and give the audience Relatively more impressive.

These advertising creative skills are an important part of our marketing intelligence. Use these seemingly simple ideas to analyze the marketing trends behind them to analyze the advertising intentions and strategies of these advertisers.

2.Marketing intelligence – audience analysis

In advertising, I have always emphasized the importance of audience analysis, and marketing intelligence is no exception. Audience analysis is very important in the advertising industry. Each type of product will have different keywords, which will generate different audiences. We most often calculate the audience of Facebook and Google, using keywords to analyze our target advertising country, audience age, gender, occupation, equipment, education level, marital status, interest words, Facebook page details, etc.

Audience analysis is to use the keywords we want to query, and you can get the audience situation of any keyword on the two major channels of Facebook and Google. Take “puzzle” as an example, first analyze the audience on the Facebook channel:

Facebook audience

When searching for the keyword “puzzle”, we can get a lot of similar results, each of which shows a small abbreviated information-keyword traffic, ratio of male to female, and age with the highest percentage. Any search result can be clicked to get more complete audience information. I chose the first report and opened it to get more accurate data display. Among them, females account for 15% higher than males, and they are particularly prominent in the 25-34 age range. Most of them are married. The education level is mostly university. The occupation label is mostly administrative management. The equipment is mainly mobile phones and computers. Among them, iOS system users accounted for 95%. The highest traffic of related interest words is “puzzle video games”, which is much higher than “puzzle’s traffic”. “Puzzle” accounts for about 33% of the relevant audience on Facebook in the United States. It is the country with the highest proportion.

Correspondingly, we can also search for the audience situation of any keyword in Google, and get another detailed analysis report, and add it to get the most complete existing keyword audience marketing information.

Google audience

Google’s keyword audience report is more inclined to search trends of similar keywords, and there are some differences in the audience area with Facebook, and it can be modified according to the distribution channel when it is launched.

This part of the marketing information obtained through the audience report is mainly for advertising, which is of indispensable importance for advertising. Audience has always been the basis of traffic, and traffic is precisely the result of marketing. A good grasp of audience analysis can be said to be a multiplier for marketing.

3.Marketing intelligence – ad cost intelligence

Advertising cost intelligence is also a very important part of marketing intelligence. All advertisers hope to achieve the best results with the least budget. Cost intelligence is the best marketing intelligence for budgeting. Cost intelligence in the advertising industry is led by CPC, CPM, CTA, and CTR. We can use SocialPeta to obtain regional cost analysis of any keyword and cost analysis of any advertising type.

cost intelligence

Take Facebook as an example. Facebook’s average CPC in the past 90 days is $0.35, average CPM is $4.27, and average CTR is 1.23%. Compared with the previous stage, both CPC and CPM have increased significantly. Cost intelligence also analyzes the average CPM, CPC and CTR of men and women and at various ages, which is a very meaningful marketing intelligence.

Moreover, we can also use keywords to get the corresponding CPC and CPM of the search audience area. Each item can be analyzed separately and finally summarized together. This is the current dynamics of the advertising industry-the marketing intelligence we need, the data in our hands. The more comprehensive, the greater our chance of success.

audience cost

Here I chose “sports” as the keyword search, and I can get similar keywords and the regional audience of each keyword and the corresponding CPM and CPC. From this cost information, we can get that “sports” has the highest audience The region is the United States, the average CPM is $21.15, and the CPC is $0.68.

Cost intelligence can provide great help for marketing, and as cost intelligence becomes more and more perfect, marketing intelligence will become more specific and detailed. We can say that these parts are combined to form a complete marketing intelligence system for our Prepare for the follow-up promotion of the product.

The importance of marketing intelligence

The acquisition of marketing intelligence does not seem to be difficult. The main thing is to use tools to export reports and analyze data. So what effect does this marketing intelligence have on our advertising?

  • Get more complete advertising industry dynamics

Through the above three methods, we have collected about advertising creative skills, keyword audience reports and cost analysis, which is equivalent to obtaining marketing information that 80% of the practitioners in the industry do not have, and we have a pre-emptive advantage from the resources we have. . The marketing idea of ​​learning from and optimizing successful cases is also the most convenient way to reduce the risk of launch.

  • Update marketing strategy in time

When we collect marketing intelligence, the information will change over time and update every day. We can use this real-time feature to monitor and analyze the marketing strategies of competitors in a timely manner, and we can also respond in time to analyze whether we need our marketing strategies. To optimize and update, use the real-time industry dynamics to analyze marketing plans.

  • Analyze and improve ROI

The marketing intelligence we have can help us estimate audiences, costs, and conversion effects. Using these data can help us effectively increase investment conversion rates to maximize our marketing effects.

As long as you are in the advertising industry, whether you are a mobile game, app or e-commerce company, you can find your marketing intelligence in SocialPeta, and even if you are only in the e-commerce industry, you can find what you need in SocialPeta data analysis.


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