AdEspresso VS SocialPeta: Which is the more helpful ad intelligence tool?

AdEspresso VS SocialPeta: Which is the more helpful ad intelligence tool?


More and more people choose to advertise on social media. It is very difficult to collect and organize social media advertisements. Therefore, many ad spy tools have been invented. Here I chose two popular tools-AdEspresso and SocialPeta for comparative analysis, which one is the more helpful ad Intelligence tool?




AdEspresso is a free Facebook ads spy tool and has a vast library of Ads related to Facebook.Quite interestingly, it has a great collection of advertisements from businesses that operate on the global platform.One can view these posters in this tool that comprises of all companies including the competitors.

Moreover, AdEspresso has an extensive array of resources for marketers who belong to all skill levels.On the other hand, using this useful tool one can also create sample campaigns for marketing.

Hence, it is a great tool that serves the dual purpose of creating and spying on advertisements by the competitors. 


SocialPeta is a globally popular ad Intelligence tool with powerful functions and complete database reserves, and has a leading position in the world. SocialPeta has 73 global popular networks including Facebook, covering 46 countries and nations.

The omnipotence of SocialPeta is that it includes four categories of ad Intelligence: Game, App, eCom, and Brand. Can fully explore all types of advertisements on 73 channels. This is very important for advertisers. After all, whoever has the most comprehensive and comprehensive data and who has the most complete advertising information can design the most impeccable marketing strategy.

SocialPeta can be said to be the best and most comprehensive tool in the industry on ad Intelligence.

  • App
  • Game
  • eCom
  • Brand



AdEspresso is a tool mainly for Facebook ads, with the functions of creating, managing and optimizing Facebook ads, as well as the ad spy function on Facebook, which can download ad creatives on Facebook.

  • Create ad
  • Ad creative
  • Ad manage

SocialPeta has a comprehensive ad Intelligence, from which a large amount of effective information can be obtained to facilitate our better marketing.

There is a big difference from AdEspresso, SocialPeta pays more attention to ad Intelligence. SocialPeta has collected a comprehensive set of ad Intelligence for advertisers, whether it is game, App, eCom or brand advertisements can be found in SocialPeta. In addition, SocialPeta has powerful data analysis functions. The cost Intelligence and audience Intelligence required by advertisers are also very accurate, making it the most complete advertising analysis tool at the moment.

Ads Inspiration

One of the main SocialPeta featurues is Ad Analytics.

The module contains the analytics of more than 980 Million deduped ads with various filters to narrow down the search according to the set parameters.

There are 6 subsections in the module.

  • Discover top creatives.
  • Display Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • Top chart
  • Text idea
  • Featured Search & Filters
  • Audience Insights & Campaign Analysis

To find the ideas for ad creatives from the competitors, all you need to do is to search for your keyword and press enter to see the magic.

As mentioned earlier, you can refine your search for the ad creatives by clicking on the filters for category, networks, language, ad format, theme, countries, type of ad creative, supporting operating system, and time. 

With the right use of these filters, one can easily make a strategy that can help in laser-targeting of the audience with the ad creatives that work.

Moreover, if you don’t put the category yourself, the artificial intelligence of the tool can detect it from your searched keyword and do the job for you.

Also, users can see the top charts for ad creatives and top trending new products that are ranked based on many factors, particularly in the ascending order of the impressions they are getting.

If you click on an ad from the results page, you can see more details and more options to explore the creative, copy, and performance.

One can also get the inspirations for ad copy and playable ads to use in their advertising creatively and cleverly.

Advertising Strategy

  • Advertiser
  • Ad publisher
  • Cost intelligence
  • Platform analysis
  • Audience intelligence
  • Inventory intelligence

The most important sections in SocialPeta’s advertising strategy are cost intelligence and audience intelligence. The control of costs and the positioning of the audience are both important to advertisers.

The cost intelligence module of SocialPeta helps the users in determining the estimated cost of their advertising campaigns.

Currently, the tool only helps in finding the advertising cost for Facebook ads and its related advertising channels such as Instagram, Audience Network, and messenger. 

You can find the size of the audience for any given keyword, no matter its English, Russian, Japenese, or Chinese versions.

The super powerful algorithms of the tool can not only find the audience’s size, but it can also show the trend of the cost per click (CPC) of that keyword.

This CPC trend can give an idea about the estimated price that users have to pay per click by targeting that keyword.

There are also some keyword suggestions based on the searched query. Advertisers can use these suggestions as keywords in their ad campaigns to reduce their marketing costs.


Apart from the audience and CPC, the tool also provides the estimated amount of money required to gain 1000 impressions (Cost per mille or CPM). 

Detailed graphical representation of the CPC, CPA, and related factors can also be accessed through the tool.

You can select the advertising channel, category, placement, call to action, operating system, date range, and country to find out the best estimation for the CPC, CPM, and CTR. Demographics data is also available. 

Similarly, a graphical representation of cost per action can also be accessed if you click on the CPA button from the sidebar menu.

Here the action can be an app installation, product view, purchase, or anything that can add to the benefit of the advertiser.

Apart from the general filters of SocialPeta such as country, publisher, category, and type of action, there are some advanced filters as well. 

These include placement filters, which can be used to find the cost per action according to the placement.

SocialPeta-audience cost

Some example placements include Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Groups Feed, Facebook Search Results, and a lot of others.

Advanced filtration for the call to action button (CTA Button) and OS is also present.

After selecting all the criteria according to their requirements, you can find near to the exact estimation of cost per action, and the interesting thing is that SocialPeta shows these matrices according to different genders, age groups, and locations.


eCom Intelligence

  • AliExpress Products Analysis
    Covers 800W+ AliExpress products, which can be filtered by growth, top brand, top shopify, etc.; multi-analysis features can help you find hidden diamond.
  • Shopify Products Analysis
    Recommend Shopify’s popular products 2K+ daily; provide a powerful filters; price analysis, Wishlist trends and intelligent analysis and spy competitive stores can help you find competitors’ information at once.
  • Amazon Products Analysis
    Covers 12M+ of all Amazon products and 8M+ updated daily. 19 powerful filters and multi-features such as price trend, category ranking trend, reviews growth, and abnormal ordering drive your bussiness to a new level!

With the module of eCom analytics, you can find winning products and niches for dropshipping using Aliexpress、Shopify and Amazon stores.

Anyone who is experienced with eCommerce business model or dropshipping can tell how much it can save time, energy, and money if you can find winning products and the best competitors.

The module consists of 3 subsections -Aliexpress products、Shopify products and Amazon products.

Filters are available for each of the categories, top countries, number of orders, selling price, shipping country, top brands, containing videos, the availability of PayPal payment method, and fast shipping.



You can start using AdEspresso for a free 14-day trial, after which you can choose from the following four packages:


SocialPeta’s quotation is currently not publicly available. You need to contact the person in charge to get the quotation. However, according to its internal staff, the contact email may have unexpected surprises.


Below I will show you the difference between AdEspresso and SocialPeta more intuitively in the form of a table:

  AdEspresso SocialPeta
Network 3 73
Create ad
Text idea
Display ad
Playable ad
App Intelligence
Cost Intelligence
Platform analysis
Advertiser analysis
Audience analysis
Publisher analysis