A4D Partners with SocialPeta: Using Data Analytics to Improve Efficiency

A4D Partners with SocialPeta: Using Data Analytics to Improve Efficiency

About A4D

A4D is a company that provides marketing solutions for brands. Acquire high-quality users for clients through technology and proprietary algorithms. When faced with complex advertising problems, they use a wide range of proprietary products that they have built to solve their own business challenges, and with years of marketing experience they make their clients’ products stand out from the crowd.

How to make marketing more efficient

Serving quality brands and clients for many years, A4D was looking for a more efficient and effective workflow. Before solving the problem for each client, they need to do huge research work, such as analyzing the target advertising market, competitors, and evaluating the current marketing effect of their client.

It's known that the advertising market is very competitive, and good creative and marketing plans need to be executed one step faster than the competition. So with the help of marketing and data insight tools, it will be easier for the A4D team to solve this problem.

E-commerce analysis feature of SocialPeta

SocialPeta is a professional advertising marketing tool, it has an advertising database of over 1.2B from 70+ channels covering more than 70 countries. And these advertising data are continuously updated at a rate of 1.2M per day.

These data can help to analyze the dynamics of competing products; explore effective and popular advertising ideas to bring continuous inspiration to the marketing plan; A tool can be very comprehensive to help analyze market dynamics and advertising data. This is why A4D chose SocialPeta after careful consideration.

A win-win situation: Increasing the 200% output rate of effective marketing strategies

After cooperating with SocialPeta, a lot of market research and data analysis are done by SocialPeta's exclusive algorithm. Therefore, the team saves a lot of time to customize better marketing plans for customers.

According to the A4D team, after using SocialPeta, the productivity of effective marketing solutions they provided to customers increased by 200%, and customers also reported that after using their marketing strategy, advertising costs were reduced by 30%.

With data-driven marketing strategies, the complex and tedious analysis work is handed over to artificial intelligence to solve, accurate and efficient. This is the result that SocialPeta is committed to bringing to customers.