Global Apps of November| AI Becomes a Booster For Real Estate Revenue? Indian Streaming App Achieves 5x Download Growth Through Local Users.

Global Apps of November| AI Becomes a Booster For Real Estate Revenue? Indian Streaming App Achieves 5x Download Growth Through Local Users.

According to the data from modules such as SocialPeta App Intelligence, the author has compiled the TOP 20 list of global mobile applications (non-gaming) for advertising, revenue, and downloads in November 2023. This helps more mobile application professionals understand the global mobile market trends.

The overall performance of global applications in in November:

  • Many newcomers are on the Top 20 release list. Shopping apps like "Hobby Lobby" increased their advertising efforts for the end-of-year shopping season.
  • Entertainment for kids and educational apps saw a remarkable increase in advertising, soaring up to 975%.
  • The real estate app "Compass" integrated artificial intelligence to enhance its marketing efforts and achieved growth against the trend.
  • "ReelShort" was impressive on its downloads and revenue, showing the buying power of American users.
  • The Indian streaming app "Hotstar" achieved a 520% increase in downloads solely with local users, entering the Top 20 download rankings for the first time.

Top 20 by Advertising

Apart from previous periods, we saw several new apps appearing on the Top 20 advertising for the first time. Most of them are shopping apps. No wonder to see the boost of shopping apps happening due to the holidays in November such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other year-end shopping frenzies.

Home supplies e-commerce platform “Hobby Lobby” saw a 69% increase in iOS app deployment in November. It not only promotes online shopping but also drives traffic to offline stores. According to the analysis of the advertising feature by SocialPeta, the deployment situation of “Hobby Lobby” in November is as follows:

  • The target markets were very specific, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with an equal share of content in these four countries.
  • The advertising was concentrated in sports equipment, education, and news categories.
  • The major advertising channel was AdSense, accounting for about 97%.
  • The advertising copies mainly consisted of videos and HTML, with videos having a higher proportion of 64%, and HTML around 35%.
  • Recently, the most successful advertisement was a heartwarming Christmas short film featuring a little girl drawing a snowman she wanted to decorate. The next morning, she discovered the snowman had been decorated exactly as she had drawn. She then continued to draw other things, waiting for her parents to help fulfill her wishes.
Duration: 1 day, Estimated impressions: 36.1M

GOMEZ FASHION STORE, a fashion e-commerce platform targeting high-end consumers, saw a 40% increase in its iOS app deployment in November. According to the advertiser analysis feature of SocialPeta, the advertising deployment of GOMEZ FASHION STORE in November is as follows:

  • In the past 30 days, the app advertised in 13 regions, with the most significant marketing efforts focused in Romania, located in Southeastern Europe, accounting for 11% of the materials, followed by the United Kingdom with 8%.
  • The top three media advertising were in productivity, utility, and health & fitness categories, with respective shares of 26%, 21%, and 14%.
  • The major advertising channels were Admob, accounting for about 97%.
  • The advertising copies were mainly HTML, accounting for about 88%; followed by images at 7%, and videos being the least at around 4%.
  • Among the recently launched materials, the one with the highest estimated exposure was a brand promotion video showcasing the in-store displays. The video reveals the brand's wide range of products, including men's and women's bags, clothing, sunglasses, and footwear.
Duration: 28 days, Estimated impressions: 254.1K

The information application “Kimbino” which provides store discount information, saw a growth of about 119% on the iOS platform in November. This app was launched on the App Store in March this year. According to the analysis function of SocialPeta - Advertiser, the advertising situation of “Kimbino” in November is as follows:

  • The primary target markets were North America. The United States and Canada collectively accounted for 39% of the material volume; followed by Australia and the United Kingdom, each accounting for about 16%.
  • The highest proportion of media advertising was in the entertainment category, accounting for 59%, followed by news, which made up about 23%.
  • Among the recent advertisements, the most successful was a promotion poster showcasing various discounted products from a particular store.
Duration: 1 day, Estimated impressions: 4.2K

The only new face to enter the Top 20 in the Android app market is the education app “Songs & Cartoons - KiViTu,” with a growth rate of up to 975% in November. This app is focused on providing entertaining educational videos to parents for free, including poems, music, and helping children learn colors, ABC, and other knowledge.

  • According to the analysis feature of SocialPeta, the advertising situation of “Songs & Cartoons - KiViTu” in November is as follows:
    The main target market is in North America, with the United States and Canada accounting for a total of 45% of the materials. Australia and the United Kingdom are the next major markets, each accounting for about 20%.
  • Media placement is concentrated in the photography category, accounting for over 97%.
  • Almost all of the advertising materials are in HTML format, using animal or toy images to attract attention. The best-performing recent advertisement features a picture of Ma Luo and a duck playing, accompanied by the caption “Nursery songs, videos, cartoons,” succinctly informing users of the app’s functionality.
Duration: 28 days, Estimated impressions: 179.4K

Despite the ongoing slump in the U.S. real estate market, one of the largest real estate brokerage firms, "Compass," has bucked the trend with a 156% increase in iOS app advertising in November. The company is heavily investing in artificial intelligence and has stated that it is prepared for changes in the real estate industry.

According to SocialPeta's advertiser analysis feature, the advertising details for "Compass" in November are as follows:

  • Even though “Compass" is based in the U.S., it does not only target the American market. Its advertising creatives targeted to the U.S. accounts for about 32%,  followed by Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, each around 14%.
  • Among the main media channels, leisure and efficiency categories have a higher proportion, accounting for 35% and 9% respectively.
  • The advertising materials mainly consisted of HTML and images, with HTML having a higher proportion of 76%, images at 13%, and videos being the least at only 9%.
  • Among the recently launched advertisements, the best-performing one is a video showcasing the interior decoration and layout of a modern-style house.
Duration: 25 days, Estimated impressions: 161.4K

Top 20 by Revenue

The apps with excellent revenue growth performance in the App Store:

  • Recently, the short drama application ReelShort has shown impressive performance, with a revenue increase of up to 109% in November. The United States is its top revenue source, accounting for approximately 70%, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom, accounting for 5% and 3% respectively.
  • As for the Japanese streaming application ABEMA, its revenue increased by 70% in November, with the majority of the revenue coming from Japan, accounting for 94%. There are a few American users contributing approximately 1% of the revenue.

The apps with excellent revenue growth performance on the Google Play:

  • Stock trading application “TradingView” saw a sharp increase in November revenue, with a growth rate of up to 189%. The United States contributed the most to its revenue, accounting for 13%, followed by India and Turkey, with revenue shares of 9% and 5% respectively.
  • The overseas version of iQIYI, “iQIYI,” experienced a 30% increase in November revenue. Thai users contributed the most to the revenue, accounting for 15%, followed closely by American users at 14%.

Top 20 by Downloads

The apps with exceeding downloads performance in the App Store:

  • In the previous paragraph, it was mentioned that the income growth rate of 【ReelShort】 reached a staggering 109%, and the download performance was also impressive, with a growth rate of 206%. The main driving force behind the download volume is users from the United States, accounting for 40%, followed by India and the Philippines, accounting for 11% and 8% respectively.
  • During the year-end shopping season, competition among various applications was particularly fierce, with the online e-commerce platform Shopee Brasil experiencing a download growth rate of 35% in November, receiving full recognition from Brazilian users.

The apps with exceeding downloads performance on the Google Play:

  • Indian streaming application Hotstar successfully entered the Google Play Top 20 list with a remarkable 520% increase in downloads, marking the first time for the app to appear on the list.
  • SHAREit, a content transfer tool under Qiezi Technology, experienced a 334% surge in downloads in November. The highest proportion of downloads came from Indonesia, accounting for 20%, followed by Egypt and the Philippines at 15% and 7% respectively.

Here concludes the global non-gaming app distribution & revenue situation and global non-gaming app download insights for November 2023 in App Store and Google Play.

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