Big Announcement! SocialPeta and Share Creators Reach a Global Strategic Partnership

Big Announcement! SocialPeta and Share Creators Reach a Global Strategic Partnership

SocialPeta is excited to announce that SocialPeta and Share Creators has reached a comprehensive cooperation in global marketing and sales.

SocialPeta and Share Creators share a similar clientele. Both empower game developers, designers, and publishers with their competitive features, assisting them with efficient teamwork, user acquisition, and company growth.

SocialPeta is a leading global advertising and marketing data analytics platform with a core value of "Breadth, Scale, Speed, Depth". SocialPeta provides 1.4 billion mobile ad creatives across 70+ major global advertising channels, and analytical data of over 5.1 million advertisers. SocialPeta has served over 1,000 clients domestically and internationally with its solution to help reduce cost and acquire customers for mobile advertisers.

Share Creators is a rapidly growing technology company located in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Chengdu, China. It spans the realms of art and design and the technology startup community. The innovative product Blueberry developed by Share Creators is a leading digital asset management tool (DAM) in the industry, designed to help clients effectively manage their digital assets. By combining advanced AI capabilities and unique technological breakthroughs, Blueberry enables extensive and efficient collaboration among internal and external teams within enterprises. Currently, clients in various fields including game development, brand e-commerce, industrial design, and consumer electronics worldwide are adopting Blueberry to help reduce costs and increase efficiency for their businesses.

The strategic partnership between SocialPeta and Share Creators is going to provide extensive services in advertising and marketing optimization. A cooperation between SocialPeta’s advertising data analysis capabilities and Share Creators’ digital asset management capabilities is going to happen.

This collaboration is not only expected to foster greater cooperation across various domains in the future, but it is also poised to generate a plethora of industry opportunities and drive innovation to new heights.

Founder Quotes:

Share Creators Founder Ada:

I'm very happy that Share Creators is going to have a strategic partnership with SocialPeta. I think this is a great start for Share Creators to provide valuable services to more clients. Moving forward, we will continually improve ourselves to equip our customers with higher-level services to grow their business.

SocialPeta Co Founder Constance:

As a partner of SocialPeta, I'm honored to witness and take part in the deep collaboration between SocialPeta and Share Creators. This joint collaboration is not only a strong alliance between two leading companies, but also a significant innovation in the field of advertising and marketing in the future. Our common goal is to provide more in-depth and professional services for those companies dedicated to the global market.

SocialPeta's data analytics capability and Share Creators' digital asset management technology will provide unmatched market insights and tools for capital management.

Our partnership goes beyond mere service integration, but to a next level —- a deep integration of core technologies and resources of both parties to jointly create a more comprehensive and efficient advertising marketing ecosystem.