Online Christmas Ad Character in 2020 | SocialPeta

Online Christmas Ad Character in 2020 | SocialPeta


Christmas is approaching. As a very important festival considered by men, women and children, every Christmas ad is done very carefully and well. 2020 is a year severely affected by COVID-19, and its Christmas advertising situation has also been affected. It has transformed from a well-known advertising giant to a form of contention among a hundred schools of thought. So how can Christmas advertising in 2020 be launched to become popular?

Here we first review the Top3 classic Christmas ads in 2019:

3rd-John Lewis

When it comes to Christmas advertising, the most anticipated one must be John Lewis’s advertisement. John Lewis is a department store chain in the United Kingdom. When we search for Christmas ad on Google, nearly 70% of the search results on the homepage are for it. It is enough to show that John Lewis’ Christmas advertisements have a pivotal position. Every November everyone starts to look forward to: How will John Lewis put out a Christmas advertisement this year? Let’s take a look at John Lewis’s most popular and most invested Christmas advertisement in 2019:

The John Lewis 2019 Christmas advertisement is the first time John Lewis has collaborated with its retailer Waitrose, telling a warm story with fantasy colors. The protagonist is a cute little fire dragon named Edgar, and his best friend Ava. Edgar likes Christmas the most. However, whether it is the piled snowman, the frozen lake, the Christmas decorations that have just been hung in the village, they are all caught in the cheers and fire, so everyone dare not approach it anymore. . Her good friend Ava thought of many ways to help Edgar. She asked Edgar to use her skills to make Christmas flame puddings for the villagers, showing everyone the kindness of the little fire dragon, and people finally accepted Edgar.

John Lewis invested as much as £7 million for this advertisement. Not only did he create the original character of Edgar Little Fire Dragon, they even set the date of advertising as Edgar’s birthday, opened a Twitter account for him, and designed it. With countless surroundings, it can be described as a huge investment in Christmas advertising and marketing.

No wonder someone jokingly said:

American Christmas: Can’t wait to open the present

British Christmas: Can’t wait to see John Lewis’ commercial

On the one hand, he played a warm card, on the other hand, he also spent a lot of money to do a huge marketing.


Similar to the position of John Lewis, Apple, as a world-renowned company, is also very careful in advertising. Apple’s Christmas ads are also rich in plot and well-made. It is a similar warm route, but it is a live version.

Apple’s 2019 Christmas advertisement is about a family story. A family of four returned to grandpa’s home for Christmas and started talking. In order to settle the troubles of the bear children during the holiday, the parents chose to use an ipad to settle them. After arriving at Grandpa’s house, although Grandpa was accompanied by his family, he still seemed very lonely. The children noticed this. They guessed that grandpa missed her absent grandma, so they did it themselves and made a surprise video for grandpa with ipad. At Christmas, grandpa and his family watched the surprise given by the children together, and the story ended.

Although this Apple Christmas advertisement does not have any novel ideas, it makes us feel the most authentic family warmth in these familiar scenes. And the BGM of this advertisement is an episode of “Flying House”, which adds a touch of emotion to this advertisement.

It is equivalent to hyping up the heat of previous years to add color to your ads.


Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK, and the brand has been in existence for 200 years. And their 2019 Christmas advertisement is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of their supermarket delivery service. So how did this ad become the most popular Christmas ad in 2019:

This Christmas ad tells about their takeaway driver accidentally triggered a mysterious passage through time and space when they delivered the last order on Christmas Eve, so on this evening, he traveled through the 100-year history of the United Kingdom and sent people from Christmas greetings from Tesco. With the help of the magic heat of the Harry Potter movies, the flying car doesn’t look so violent. There is even a scene in the advertisement that the takeaway car did not control the landing point when crossing, and fell on the roof of someone’s house-that is the scene in the picture.

It is precisely this selling point that makes this ad a dark horse in 2019!

Soon after this advertisement was broadcast, Tesco’s takeaway trucks really appeared on many roofs in the UK! This magical event even made the headlines, which brought a lot of heat to this advertisement.

Through the review of popular Christmas advertisements in 2019, we can find that these Christmas advertisements seem to use plots to attract traffic, and there are actions offline. So in 2020, which is affected by COVID-19, Christmas advertising will change from TV advertising to a variety of online advertising. What are the outstanding advertising ideas this year?



Checkers is a supermarket chain in Africa. This Christmas advertisement combines Christmas elements with the most intuitive way of letting coins fall from the sky, telling the audience that their stores will have discounts on Christmas. Exaggerated and straightforward, it is an effective idea for shopping stores to put online Christmas advertisements. In recent years, audiences will love this kind of direct and humorous advertisement ideas.



With this Christmas advertisement alone, you can hardly think of Biltmore as a tourist attraction! Biltmore is a historic house museum and tourist attraction. Most of the buildings are as shown in this Christmas advertisement-in Châteauesque style. This advertisement shows a family of four going to this building for Christmas. The decoration is warm and beautiful, and it is also the ad creative skills of the story and the setting.



As a well-known big brand, Disney’s Christmas advertising this year can be said to have stirred up waves with one stone. Following the traditional musical form, telling a touching story: A little girl received the Mickey doll from her father at Christmas. Many years later, she gave the doll to her young granddaughter. Gradually, As her granddaughter gets older, she no longer likes this doll, and she spends less time with her grandma. When she realized this, she restored the Christmas scene from her childhood for grandma, and gave a Mickey doll, which is the scene in the picture. This advertisement is currently the hottest Christmas advertisement in 2020. Of course, Disney has its own brand enthusiasm, but the plot of this Christmas advertisement is really creative than many similar advertisements. When its BGM sounded, tears can’t wait.

So back to the original question, how do online Christmas ads advertising in 2020?

Ad creative

According to all these Christmas ad creatives, we can find that the popular Christmas advertisements are similar in creativity, and they are all warm and emotional plot advertisements. This is determined by historical heat and audience trends, so most of them choose to follow the trend and move the flow of advertising. In fact, you can find from the film and television works that Christmas is a holiday where everyone gathers and chats. If our advertisement takes a funny and humorous route, it is also a good choice.

Of course, the most important thing is that Christmas is also an opportunity to sell e-commerce products at a discount. A large number of products will customize a copy of their own e-commerce ads. These ads cannot support well-made plot videos, and if they stand out in Christmas ads What?

It is necessary to choose to use the conflict of colors and the embellishment of Christmas elements to highlight the characteristics of the product.


Such as this well-known chocolate. The copywriting mentioned the words “limited edition”, “love”, “special”, etc. This type of copywriting is used for most Christmas advertisements. Who can refuse the temptation of limited edition?

Advertising channels

For different countries and regions, the Christmas advertising channels are different, but the most important channel is still Facebook unshakable.


As a global social media platform, Facebook has a huge user base. Facebook is the first choice for most e-commerce advertisements. It is even difficult for us to see e-commerce advertisements in other channels. This is determined by the characteristics of the channel. As a mainstream social media platform, Facebook has unique advantages and is very suitable for e-commerce and website advertising, let alone Christmas advertising. Therefore, when placing Christmas ads on commodities, I still recommend Facebook as the main distribution channel.

Audience trends

Since Facebook is the first choice for distribution channels, the audience can be targeted more specifically to Facebook. When we search for Christmas in the audience analysis, we can get the results of similar words of interest such as Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, etc. These are the keywords we can choose when we launch:


Obviously, it is still women who pay more attention to Christmas. This also means that we have to focus more on women when we put Christmas ads. Of course, men can’t be ignored either. After all, they have to give women a Christmas gift. Therefore, we can highlight keywords such as “Christmas gift” and “Special gift” in the Christmas ad copy that selects male groups.

Cost analysis

Before launching Christmas ads, we should also have a certain assessment and understanding of our budget. Therefore, the cost analysis is also particularly important:

We can use the keyword Christmas for cost analysis, and we can get the data of Audience, CPM, and CPC in the above figure:


The United States has the highest traffic, with a traffic of 97.56M, a CPM of $25.62, and a CPC of $0.83. Similarly, the United States is also the main source of audience for Facebook channels, so the cost calculation in the United States is also the most important. The second place is the United Kingdom, the traffic is 33.25M, the CPM is $19.45, and the CPC is $0.24. The third place is Australia, the traffic is 10.67M, the CPM is $19.79, and the CPC is $0.33.

Although the traffic in the United States is high, CPM and CPC have always remained high. Therefore, we need to relax our budget to get better results when we launch Christmas ads.

Christmas is approaching, and online Christmas advertisements will be launched in large quantities in 2020. How to gain popularity is explained in this article. I hope to answer your confusion about Christmas advertisements. SocialPeta wishes you stand out in Christmas advertising!