6 Creative Skills for Clothing Ads | Case Study

6 Creative Skills for Clothing Ads | Case Study

With the changes of the times, the trend is constantly changing, the update frequency of clothing is accelerating, and people’s requirements for clothing are becoming more and more diverse. Through clothing advertising, people are not only concerned about the clothing itself, but also about its design, comfort, and brand concept. Therefore, clothing advertising plays a very important role in the sales of clothing.

I selected 6 exquisite clothing advertising ideas for case analysis, and summarized their different creative skills, hoping to be helpful to your clothing advertising ideas.

  • Follow the hot trend
  • Funny creative group photo
  • Body display attracting target
  • Exquisite texture video
  • Environmental theme
  • Use plot to attract audience conversion

Follow the hot trend

The clothing ads of Thời Trang Hoàng Yến, a seller of trendy clothing for young men in Vietnam. All ads are delivered in the form of carousel pictures, but the traffic has always been high.


Most of its clothing is mainly based on Japanese and Korean styles, combined with current hot trends for advertising to attract a large number of users. After Little Daisy was brought into the trend by G-Dragon, the sales of all related clothing accessories have been very impressive for a long time. Printing Riman’s T-shirts is also a feature that attracts users.

But all these have a prerequisite that is a precise audience. These things are not enough to attract all the people, only a group of young, passionate, and passionate teenagers who love Japanese culture.


When searching for T-shirt audiences, the ratio of men to women is almost 1:1, which is rare, because, in the commodity category, women’s attention and purchasing power are much higher than men’s. Therefore, selling men’s T-shirts is a good choice, and then we can segment and plan audiences for special subjects to determine who our clothing advertisements should be shown to who can get the most traffic and conversions.

Funny creative group photo

Unlike boys, girls are more likely to be attracted by some collective advertising creativity, such as this creative form of clothing advertising by Đồng Phục Hải Anh:


Young girls like to wear the same clothes as their friends and take nice photos together. This set of advertising ideas can be said to suit their tastes. And Đồng Phục Hải Anh also has a similar clothing video advertisement, using two girls as models and using luminous elements to attract traffic.

Body display

Both men and women will be attracted to the coveted figure, and clothing advertisements are the most suitable for using this creative technique. When people see that models with good bodies are so good-looking in these clothes, it is difficult to resist the temptation to place orders with passion:


Just like this underwear advertisement from Bardotti.pl, every step of the model is attracting my attention. I wish she would click in to place an order when she turned around. In fact, the monologue style is very simple. If only the pictures can’t impress anyone at all, this advertisement is very touching. It can be seen that the appearance of a beautiful figure in the advertisement can indeed stimulate the desire to buy.

Exquisite texture video

Most people generally pay more attention to exquisite and textured videos. Stewart Christie’s exquisite advertisement edited with raw materials uses this technique:


This video seems to have nothing, but it seems to understand everything. This is the magical creative technique of this advertisement. The use of raw materials to show the cutting process, on the one hand, the pattern is displayed, on the other hand, it also focuses on the theme of handwork. Now it is a new trend era. There are more and more wealthy people, and more and more attention is paid to handicrafts and originality. This advertising creativity has undoubtedly built its brand image very well.

Environmental theme

Some people may think that environmental protection clothing is a stupid slogan, but when it appears in advertising creativity, it is a very good gimmick. Especially the advertising ideas of Makara wear:


Think about it. If I really want to buy swimsuits and see that these styles are equally exquisite, and swimsuits featuring environmental protection themes, I would indeed choose this brand. On the one hand, under the overwhelming propaganda, the location of the ocean can easily arouse appeals for environmental protection. On the other hand, it is also worth paying attention to the environmental situation in this era. I also hope that I can do my part where I can.


Also for swimsuits, we can check the CPC and CPM of the corresponding area, estimate the cost that we may spend before launching, and save it as much as possible. It can be seen that the United States is the main traffic concentration country, but CPC and CPM are relatively high. Thailand’s traffic is second, but it is much lower, but CPC is very low, which is also a reference direction. Mexico ranks third in traffic, and its CPC and CPM are not high, and it is also a region worth considering.

Plot attraction

No matter what type of video advertisement, it will not escape the routine of the plot in the end. The plot video advertisement has always had good enthusiasm. Aigle’s advertisement is one of the recent clothing advertisements. The plot touches me the most:


At the beginning of the picture, three girls were playing a very lively snowball fight. Suddenly the picture turned upstairs. A little girl was watching all this quietly upstairs. The camera gradually zoomed out and emphasized her loneliness. Many people here will have a question: who is she? Why should she watch them playing snowball fights? What’s up with her? This is a good plot setting, which can attract users to stay longer when they see this ad. For the advertising industry, this little time for everyone to stay in the best opportunity.


The above are the 6 creative skills of clothing ads collected in SocialPeta. For clothing ads, some people think that creative ideas are not important. This is really a very wrong idea. Advertising creativity is also very important in clothing! Good advertising creativity can bring better sales to products and even brands. Collect as many creative techniques as possible to maintain popularity in the daily changing advertising industry.