Global Mobile Apps in June|Pan Entertainment Apps' Revenue is Back on Rise

Global Mobile Apps in June|Pan Entertainment Apps’ Revenue is Back on Rise

Abstract: Non-game apps dominated the Android advertising chart; travel and food apps regained great popularity

With the aid of its App Intelligence and other modules, SocialPeta sorted out the top 20 global mobile apps (non-game) by revenue, download, and advertising in June 2022, hoping to be of assistance to more people in the mobile app industry who try to understand the changing trends of global mobile market.

The overall performance of global apps in June:
With popular films and tv series driving the revenue, [HBO Max] topped the chart of daily revenue;
The acquaintance social app [BeReal] reported a surging revenue to be the No.1 among all American social apps;
With increasing creatives boosting the downloads to increase by 141%, the network optimization app [Keynote] was new among Top 10;
Non-game apps increased advertising efforts. Fuzhou SkyUnion Digital dominated the Android advertising chart.

Top 20 by Revenue

In terms of revenue, there was not much change to the top apps on the App Store chart, and [TikTok] moved most rapidly on Google Play chart. Overall, pan entertainment apps recorded a significant increase in revenue, thanks to their updated quality content.

Take the long video streaming platform [HBO Max] for example. It updated the popular tv series "Westworld Season 4" on 26 June, and recorded 1.5 million in revenue from the App Store on the same day. [HBO Max] generated a MoM increase of 16.6% in revenue on the App Store in June, moving up 1 spot on the chart. Contents are the key to streaming platforms whose revenue is largely decided by quality videos.

With the coming summer holiday, there'll be another wave of updated films and tv series, Japanese comics will also make a steady effort in culture export. Line's comic app [LINEマンガ] was new on the Google Play revenue chart, and the comic app [ピッコマ] was among Top 5 by revenue. Google Play saw a MoM increase of over 3% in revenue in June.

Meanwhile, multiple social apps reported a significant decline in revenue. Joyy's social app [Bigo Live] reported a MoM decline of 6.8% in revenue from the App Store, and a MoM decline of over 25% in revenue from Google Play.

Top 20 by Download

Let's check the downloads of global apps in June. [BeReal], a social app that focuses on socializing with acquaintances and refuses "excessive beautifying" reported increased downloads in June, with a MoM increase of 40% in downloads on the App Store to become the Top 1 social app in the US, with a MAU of 11.6 million.

Hersh Jacob's network optimization app [Keynote] was new among the Top 10 apps by download in June, with its downloads increasing by 141% MoM. The app was officially released in January 2022, mainly featuring optimizing network experience, protecting privacy, and so on. According to SocialPeta's Advertiser Analysis section, [Keynote]'s surging downloads are closely connected to the changes in its advertising strategies. The app started advertising as early as 27 April 2022, and it reported a MoM increase of 90% in its deduplicated creatives on Android in June.

Seen from the overall downloads in June, there was a big difference in the downloads of shopping apps on the App Store and Google Play. [SHEIN] was the only one on the App Store chart, a MoM decline of 6.7% in downloads. There were 4 shopping apps among the Google Play Top 20 most downloaded apps, with [Amazon India] recording the biggest increase of 55% MoM in downloads. Driven by Amazon Prime Day, [Amazon India] is expected to have a new wave of surging downloads in July. SocialPeta will keep observing it.

Top 20 by Advertising

Non-game app advertisers led by APPS INNOVA drove the trend of mobile app advertising. The telephone cleaning app [KeepClean] had 135,000 deduplicated creatives active on Android in June, a MoM increase of about 26.9%.

With the shopping festivals around the middle of the year, various shopping apps have increased their advertising efforts. [Flamingo Shop] and [Falabella] were new on the advertising chart. [HAVAN] moved up fast on the iOS chart, releasing nearly 18,000 deduplicated creatives on iOS in June. [Lazada] moved up 8 spots on the Android chart, with a MoM increase of 82.9% in its deduplicated creatives on Android in June.

Many governments have adopted "normalization" policies towards the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven the demands for travel apps and food and drink apps, and as a result, such apps have spent more advertising efforts. [Pizza Fan Greece] had over 8000 deduplicated creatives on iOS and Android in June. The travel app [SWOODOO] had 5300 deduplicated creatives on iOS in June, a MoM increase of about 82.8%.

That's all for the downloads and revenue of mobile apps (non-game) from the App Store and Google Play and the advertising insights into global mobile apps (non-game) in June 2022.