Updated August丨eCommerce ad searching upgrade

Updated August丨eCommerce ad searching upgrade


SocialPeta’s August product update is online, which one do you want?

1. eCom Global|Redefine e-commerce advertiser types

E-commerce owners usually use three main promotion methods: independent site sellers, e-commerce platform stores, and social media platform accounts. Generally speaking, the promotion methods of independent site sellers and platform stores are quite different, while those of social media platforms E-commerce brand owners often acquire potential users through social platform drainage and brand operations.

Now, we have supported 8 independent station types such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, etc. by identifying the website building tools. The e-commerce platform is a type of data that overseas sellers are very concerned about. At present, we have supported 18 e-commerce platforms types such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. You can filter different platforms to view different e-commerce advertisements. The last category is social accounts. This category of ads/advertisers usually leads users to their social account homepages, allowing users to follow, like, or interact with other users. We currently support FB, Message, Ins, and Twitter for this type of data. Four types. (As shown below)

SocialPeta-AD Search for eCom

2. eCom Global|View the latest ads with one click

In the ad search for eCom, e-commerce owners usually pay the most attention to the latest advertisements. You can find the first ideas discovered by the system in a certain period of time by selecting the [Recent Material] tab button.

SocialPeta-AD Search for eCom

3. eCom Global|Part of the advertising already supports Shopify product analysis or audience analysis

At present, some of the advertisement ideas we have obtained can identify the association between the idea and Shopify. When an idea is associated with a shop of Shopify, we will provide you with relevant information about the shop, including the name of the store and its created time, the total number of products, the total number of categories, and the ranking of the website in Alexa and the link to this website. When an idea can be linked not only to a store in Shopify but also to a specific product, we will provide you with the estimated profit and estimated purchase cost of this product.

At the same time, if an ad creative is launched on Facebook and has a certain amount of interactive data, we will conduct an audience analysis based on the audience data that can be obtained. You can see the age, gender, and country distribution of the ad creative.

eCom Globa-Detail of Creative

4.AD Global|New App subscription function supports viewing APP downloads and revenue trends

E-commerce owners can't miss the ad search, just like APP developers can't miss the download&revenue information of competing products.

Now, you can add the App as a subscription through the App pop-up window on the ASO analysis page, or the button on the App analysis page, and then go to the App subscription page to view the details of the App you are currently subscribed to. For the details of the APP, you can not only check the trend of the APP's ASO-related keywords and the number of comments but also see the trend of APP downloads and revenue.

AD Global|App Insights
AD Global|App Insights|Downloads
AD Global|App Insights|Revenue

SocialPeta e-commerce analysis and APP analysis are committed to providing you with the latest data and the most effective intelligence.

More functions should not be missed, come and try SocialPeta.

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