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1. Basic Information of GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels

App Name : GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels


GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels-SocialPeta

OS : iOS

Network : Facebook,Audience Network,Instagram


Publisher : Facebook,Instagram,TopBuzz: Notícias,Vídeos, GIFs,Montage Video Musique,GulogGratis,POTO - Photo Collage Editor

Total creative ads during the time period : 10,000

Duration : 397

Popularity : 1,973,691

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2. GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels’s Competitive Intelligence

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Trend of Category

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Ad Network Analysis

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3. Top 3 Ad Creative Analysis of GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels

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Top 1 Ad Creative of GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels

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Headline :He’s rich. But never had a complete family. He’s a De Silva, he got it all. Money, women, connections—but he met this younger girl named, Jahcia Fia Llanez. He was so tempted—he was forced to marry her……

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Headline :Get This Story Right Now👉👉

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Top 3 Ad Creative of GoodNovel: Books & Web Novels

Ad Details :

Headline :I could practically feel his hand still wrapped around my neck.

Text :I can tell you the exact moment my life began to fall apart. The moment where everything came tumbling down and I no longer knew what my place was in the world. The familiar instantly became foreign and I was left with nowhere to go. It all started when my boyfriend had found his mate. Tyler and I had been dating since I was fifteen, almost a year of time was spent having him by my side. Tyler happened to be the Alpha's son, I had grown up with Tyler and spent my childhood training at his side. When I turned fifteen the feelings of friendship quickly blossomed into romance. Tyler was seventeen, able to find his mate once he turned eighteen. I was so gullible back then, hanging on his every word. I was so sure we would be mates, we were destined after all. I had this same delirious mindset up until his eighteenth birthday party, the day where everything crashed and burned. Tyler picked me up from my house around 8 p.m. He pulled up to my house in his shiny Mustang, I'd often joke that he loved his car more than me. There were a lot of things Tyler loved more than me. My mom, dad and older brother weren't fond of me dating their soon-to-be Alpha. They knew the risks of getting involved with another wolf, but like a child, I had ignored them. I hopped into Tyler's car, not thinking twice that he hadn't opened the door for me. "I thought I told you to wear the blue dress." Tyler sighed, rolling his eyes. I frowned at him and looked down at the black dress I was wearing. I didn't see anything wrong with it. "I told you I didn't like that one." I frowned, wondering what got him in such a bad mood. "Whatever, you know I'm just looking out for you." Tyler shrugged, "You look like some goth girl when you wear black." I rolled my eyes at his bad mood, knowing he would cheer up once he had a few drinks in him. Tyler never liked when I wore black, he would always say I looked "goth". I didn't see a problem with looking "goth", some of the clothes they wore were really cute. I'm sure it didn't help that I had straight, raven colored hair. Tyler had told me hundreds of times how much better I would look as a blonde, but I couldn't bring myself to dye my hair. I was the only one in the family who had gotten my grandma's raven hair. I sat in silence as Tyler drove, listening to him openly complain about the neighboring packs. Tyler seemed to have a problem with just about everybody. "The Alpha from the Dawn pack is asking for my help. He picked a fight with the Eclipse pack and needs my help to get out of it. "Tyler rolled his eyes, running his hand through his sandy blonde hair. I felt my eyes widen, "The Eclipse pack? Why the hell would he pick a fight with them?" The Eclipse pack was one the baddest packs around. Legend says they started out as a pack of all rogues, and quickly expanded once Alpha Gabriel came into power. Now Alpha Gabriel's grandson had taken over, and it seemed the cruelty ran in the family. "Please Lola," Tyler scoffed. "It's just a stupid pack, and their Alpha is just a man." "A man with a lot of territory." I mumbled, knowing that the Eclipse pack held the most territory in the world. They were the biggest pack our kind had ever seen. "Not for long." Tyler smirked. I didn't like the feeling that bubbled in my stomach at his words. "What do you-" I started, but was cut off. "Enough of that. It's not important." Tyler dismissed me with a wave of his hand. We pulled into the parking lot of the nightclub and Tyler turned to face me. "This is important." Tyler smirked, pulling me in and pressing his lips against my own. I giggled like a stupid school-girl and leaned into the peck, loving the butterflies that swarmed my stomach. "Are you finally going to say yes tonight?" Tyler smirked, tugging on a piece of my long hair. I found myself smiling back, ready to give him the news he had been waiting for. It was only a matter of hours until Tyler was able to find his mate. He had been nagging me for months now to finally sleep with him, to let him take my virginity. Each time I had turned him down, waiting for this night. Once we officially became mates, I would give myself to him entirely. "I'm ready." I bit my lip, looking up into his cerulean eyes. His smirk deepened as he pulled me in for another peck "It's about time." I giggled as he grumbled. We went inside the club and met up with our friends. I happily clung to Tyler's side while he talked to his closest friends Ethan and Isaac. Ethan was your typical bad boy always jumping around from girl to girl. He had even tried to get with me at one point. Ethan had a problem with personal space, and would often try to push any kind of boundaries you set. Isaac was nineteen and had already found his mate, but he didn't seem too attached to her. He'd often go out with Ethan and Tyler, doing only Goddess knows what. "You ready to find your mate?" Ethan teased, waggling his eyebrows at a group of human girls that passed by. "Hopefully she's hot." Tyler smirked, giving my shoulder a small squeeze as he glanced down at me. I rolled my eyes at him and playfully smacked his shoulder. I eyed Tyler's drink enviously, he never liked when I drank. It didn't fit his picture perfect narrative. Just then, Tyler ripped himself from my side hard enough to make me stumble. "What , babe." I snapped, looking at him in surprise. "Do you smell that?" I heard him murmur to himself. I watched, open mouthed, as my entire world crumbled. A long legged girl made her way out of the woman's bathroom and locked eyes with Tyler. Even with the thumping music sending vibrations scattering across my skin, you could hear a pin drop. "Oh no." I could hear Ethan's amused voice, but it sounded like he was in a bubble. Tyler and the mystery woman locked eyes, and ran into each other's arms. Like some kind of bad romance movie. I couldn't hear anyone else now, couldn't focus on anyone's face. I could've sworn I saw Ethan laughing and Chelsea with a sly smirk on her face. The only one who didn't seem amused was Isaac. I could feel my entire body trembling as my brain fought to process what was happening. Tyler had found his mate. My boyfriend had found his mate, and it wasn't me. Then, like any completely rational teenage girl- I ran. I didn't stop running until I was deep into the forest, my lungs burning from being deprived of oxygen. My wolf, Maya, was furious. She was hesitant about Tyler in the beginning, but was eventually won over. She thought he was our mate too. While I was heartbroken and fighting back tears, Maya was seething. I closed my eyes and allowed her to take over, making her promise that she wouldn't go and hunt Tyler down. Maya carried us farther into the woods, and I allowed myself to sink into the furthest depths of her mind. My head was still racing with what had just happened, I wanted to turn everything off for just a few moments. I couldn't handle it. Hours and hours had passed, but I hardly noticed. I drifted off as Maya hunted and continued running. I finally came to my senses when soft grass tickled my back. The familiar scent of herbs filled the air. Basil, Lavender, and Mint invaded my nose and soothed my aching heart. "Lola, dear? Is that you?" A withered voice called out and I felt my heart jump. "Grandma?" My voice cracked and I sat up from the grass. It was nearing dawn, the sun was just beginning to rise and it cast orange hues along her small cottage. Her herb gardens lifted and swayed in the breeze. I had always loved coming to grandma's house. My mom forbade me and my brother from coming back here, holding a grudge against my grandma for years. "Lola, what on earth are you doing here?" My grandma had this quality that made everyone love her. She was nearly impossible not to get along with. My grandma matched my extremely short height of 5'2', and had the same long black hair. She was more withered, with laugh lines circling her mouth and eyes, but she had never looked better to me. "I missed you so much." I cried into her shoulder. I even remembered how she smelled. So many different herbs and apples. Grandma had a couple apple tree's she absolutely adored. She would always be making a pie or some kind of desert when we used to visit. Grandma led me into her little cottage and sat me by her fireplace. "Tell me, what happened?" She sat next to me, placing a fresh set of clothes in my lap. And tell her, I did. I poured my heart out for what seemed like hours. She never once threw my mistake back in my face, like my mother would have. "I don't want to go back, Grandma. I can't face them." I sniffled. "Then you won't go back. You'll stay here with me." My grandma nodded with finality. She had that determined look on her face that said 'nobody will stand in my way'. "What about mom and dad." I sighed, knowing a huge fight between them was brewing. "You let me deal with your parents." My grandma shook her head, placing a cup of tea in my hands. --1 Year Later-- I had been living with grandma for almost a year, only talking to my parents once a week. I stopped calling my mom after a month. She insisted on giving me updates on Tyler and his mate, which I learned was named Brittany. I kept in constant contact with my dad, the only person who seemed to understand the decision I had made. Even my older brother Sean, rarely called. Sean had started taking over his duties as Beta, my father having retired almost a year ago. Life had been amazing living with my grandma. I spent my seventeenth birthday in her cottage, picking herbs and making pastries with the apple's she had picked. My grandma lived a simple life, but I had quickly grown to love it. After training for almost a year, I could easily handle myself. I'm small and fast, which means men twice my size had to work even harder to land any blows. "Lola, dear. Your brother's on the line waiting for you!" Grandma informed me, placing a sandwich in my hand as I walked into the house. "Hello?" I said through a mouthful of sandwich. Why would Sean be calling me? "Lola? I have some news." Sean's voice responded from the other end, sounding a lot deeper than usual. "What's up?" I frowned, sitting on the arm of the couch as I munched on my sandwich. There was a long pause on the other end of the line. "Mom's dead, Lola." Sean replied in a gruff voice. I felt my face scrunch up in confusion. How could mom be dead? Everything seemed normal when Dad called me every week. "W-What? How?" I demanded. "Just- Just come home, Lola. I don't want to explain this over the phone." Sean sighed, adding "Dad needs you." The drive back to my old pack was only five hours. While I remembered Tyler finding his mate like it was yesterday, the run to my grandma's house had been hazy. We pulled up to the edge of the pack's territory, escorted to the side of the road by some of the wolves who were guarding the perimeter. I was surprised that I didn't recognize any of these wolves. They emerged from the forest wearing nothing but low hanging sweatpants. I tried to keep my gaze to myself, but I'm still half human. "What is your business coming here?" One of the men spoke up. His build was huge, and he had a long scar running down his bicep. "We're here to visit family. My brother's the Beta." I replied, looking at each of their faces. There really wasn't anyone here that I recognized. Had the pack grown in the time that I was gone? "Beta Drake?" The man had a confused look on his face. "What? No, Beta Sean." I scowled. Since when did Tyler have a Beta named Drake? I wondered if everything was okay with Sean's position in the pack. You typically have to do something really bad to lose your position like that. A look of understanding crossed the man's face, and he glanced at the other men with him. "Go on through." He nodded once, and my grandma wasted no time in pulling away. "Well, that sure was strange." My grandma looked at me and frowned, I'm sure she was thinking the same thing as me. "It definitely was." I frowned. We drove through the center of town and I was shocked to see a ton of new faces. Something had definitely happened while I was gone. I vaguely remembered Tyler telling me about another pack that needed help. Maybe they finally joined forces. We pulled into the driveway of my old house. The white paint was now faded. It looked like I had been gone for much longer than a year. The flowers that were once outside were now wilted and dead. My mom was the one to take care of the flowers out front. How long has she been dead for? I hesitated at the door, wondering if I should knock or just walk in. My train of thought was interrupted as my grandma opened the door and walked into the house. A shocked Sean was sitting on the couch, my dad sitting off to the side in his recliner. "Lola?" My dad exclaimed, looking more surprised than ever. My dad and Sean looked me up and down, noticing the changes I had been through in the past year. My raven colored hair had grown longer than ever, now reaching my waist. My silver eyes were much brighter, teeming with life. My skin was clear and porcelain-like, and I had lost some of the baby fat I had carried with me. The fat quickly was replaced with muscle. "Hi dad." I smiled at him, walking into his arms. I breathed in his scent of cologne. "I missed you, kid." My dad grumbled, ruffling my hair before he turned to his mom. His face lit up like a little kid, "It's good to see you, Ma." He pulled her in for a hug and held on for dear life. "Now tell me what is going on." I scowled at Sean, who was simply watching their exchange with dad. Dad sighed and sat back down on his recliner, looking tired and somewhat beaten down. "Well go on. I'm not going to break if you talk about it." He grumbled at Sean. My grandma stood off to the side, her hand on her son's shoulder. "It’s Tyler." Sean huffed. I rolled my eyes, "Wow, so surprised. Keep going." "I don't know if he told you, but Tyler was supposed to help another pack. They pissed off the Alpha of the Crescent pack and needed backup in case they went to war." Sean started, and I was already becoming bored. Tyler's mistakes didn't surprise me. After finally leaving home, I was able to see what a complete moron he was. "Okay, and?" I drug my words out, letting him know I didn't care about any of the small details. "Well, Tyler refused to help them. Then, Tyler kept talking on the Crescent pack. He pissed off their Alpha, pissed him off real bad." Sean shook his head as if he were trying to get rid of a bad memory. "He didn't." I sighed, shaking my head. I know Tyler's inflated ego was going to get worse. His father was a half-assed Alpha and he was turning out to be the same. "They came here, Lola. They declared war on us." Sean frowned, glancing at Dad. I couldn't help but feel confused. Sure, there were a lot of new faces but everything seemed the same. There was no way Tyler defeated the Alpha of the Crescent pack. "What happened?" I frowned, looking between Sean and my Dad's grim faces. "I'll tell you what happened," My dad spat angrily. "Not a single pack would help Tyler. Tyler made us all fight. Every man and woman had to fight. Your mom died fighting. I couldn't get to her in time." My dad's voice broke off with a mournful sigh. "How- How could he do that." I said the words more to myself. I knew Tyler was bad, but this was worse than I could imagine. Then again, they hadn't finished the story. "And you know what the worst part of all of this is? Tyler ran. Grabbed his mate and escaped while the rest of us were fighting for our lives." My Dad spat, now he was shaking with anger. Abandoning your pack was something no Alpha had ever done. Being an Alpha wasn't a job, it was something embedded deep inside of you. An Alpha would sooner be tortured and die with their pack than to leave everyone behind. It went against everything we know as werewolves. "Dad calm down. If he ever comes back Alpha will finish him." Sean's face turned grim again. "Alpha? Alpha who?" I questioned. "Once we realized Tyler had left us all to die, we did the only thing we could. We surrendered." Sean frowned. "We have a new Alpha now. Alpha Asher. We're part of the Crescent Pack." Sean grumbled, obviously not enjoying the situation. I wondered what that would mean for his position as Beta. "At least Alpha Asher would never leave his pack behind." Dad spat, "He may be ruthless and cruel, but he'd sooner die than abandon his people." After the long and painful conversation, they gave me and my grandma time to settle in. I nearly cried when I saw my room was exactly how I had left it. I ripped the pictures of Tyler and I down with a furious growl. "Better that girl be his mate than us. We'd never abandon our pack like that." Maya spat. "We kind of did abandon our pack." I replied to her with a frown. "That's different, Lola. We're not Luna, we're not Beta's or anything. We had no obligation to this pack. Especially after Tyler." Maya growled, but her words made sense. She was right though, if we were Luna, we would have died along with our friends and family. As we ate dinner, I nearly jumped off my seat hearing the mind-link click in my head. The mind-link hadn't worked since I decided to leave the pack. A deep, husky voice ran through my head. I practically shivered as it swirled in my ear, around my head, and out the other. "Report to training at the Pack House, 10 a.m. Do not be late. I look forward to meeting you." A male's husky voice rolled around in my head. Rough and commanding. "Was- Was that Alpha Asher?" I found myself speaking out loud. Dad, Sean and Grandma gave me looks of confusion. "What, Lola?" My Dad frowned, uneaten spaghetti hung from his fork. "Um, a guy told me to report for training tomorrow?" I sounded unsure. Was it his Beta? "That was Alpha Asher." Sean nodded, his lips pressed in a thin line. My Dad nodded, "He likes doing things himself. He makes everyone train." I scowled at the two of them. I didn't like being forced into doing anything. "Don't worry, Lola. If you're no good he won't make you fight. He just likes to see what everyone is capable of." Sean told me, his frown permanently etched onto his face. "I can fight just fine." I snapped at him. I no longer wanted to be treated like some dainty little girl. I may be small, but I can handle my own. "Since when?" Finally a smirk formed on his face, the only other expression I had seen on his face was a frown. I glared at him, "Since I left this pack. I haven't been sitting for an entire year." "I'll be there tomorrow for training too. We'll see how good you really are little sis." He smirked at me, only pissing me off further. I woke to the sound of banging. Startled from my rest, I jumped out of bed just in time for my bedroom door to open. "Oh my god Lola, what're you still doing here?" My Dad exclaimed, his eyes darting around at my restless appearance. "Huh?" Was the first thing to leave my lips. For a minute there I hadn't even remembered leaving grandma's house. With an exasperated look my Dad replied, "Hell, you're late for training!" "What!" I gasped, "Why didn't Sean wake me up?" "He has patrol early in the mornings." My Dad groaned, "Already off to a bad start." "Shoot, well go so I can get dressed!" I huffed, sprinting to my suitcase and yanking out the first thing I saw. Once my door closed I slipped on a black sports bra and a pair of black leggings. I hastily combed through my hair using the bathroom mirror. In the back of my head I remembered Tyler's comment about me looking goth. I smirked into the mirror. I darted down the stairs, nearly toppling my grandma over on the way. "Lola if you end my life knocking me down these stairs I'll haunt you!" Grandma called out after me, but I was already barreling through the front door. My stomach rumbled, demanding we go back home and eat some breakfast. As much as I'd love to oblige, I couldn't. "Goddess, he's going to be pissed." Maya huffed. "Well I didn't see you waking me up on time either!" I grumbled at her. "I was busy." Maya shrugged, giving an excuse. "You're a wolf who lives in my head, what could you have possibly been doing?" I shook my head at her. Maya's voice went silent in my head and I rolled my eyes. For once I was thankful that our house was a short run from the pack house. By the time my lungs had started to burn, I could see the other's already training. I skidded to a halt in front of everyone. From the looks of it there were at least thirty other wolves present for training. I instantly noticed Alpha Asher's men lingering around. Each one looked like they were half giant, and many had gruesome scars on different parts of their body. Each one was completely hot in an animalistic sort of way. I had been so busy ogling the shirtless men that I hadn't heard it when someone behind me cleared their throat. I spun around and nearly smacked into someone's chest. "Well" Maya's breath caught in her throat. I could only assume I was looking into the eyes of Alpha Asher. His eyes were the color of liquid honey, and at the moment they were set directly on my face. "Didn't I specifically tell you not to be late?" His husky voice was hard, lacking any emotion other than impatience. "Please," Maya rolled her eyes "From the looks of it, sleep was definitely better than this." The tone of his voice pissed me off. He sounded like your typical hot-blooded Alpha. Without thinking it through, I felt the words fall from my lips. "I'm not good with rules." I said bluntly, looking up at him. The guy had to be over 6 feet tall. I stifled a snicker as I wondered if he could give me a couple inches. He towered over me and made me look like a kid. I watched in silence as his dark eyebrow raised at my words, his eyes silently fuming, I kept my eyes trained on his own, but I noticed the muscle in his jaw moving. I guess he didn't like being disobeyed. "Well, we're going to have to change that." His voice was cold as he analyzed me. I couldn't tell if I felt like a piece of meat or an innocent doe lined up for slaughter. "Good luck." Again, my stupid lips uttered the words before I could think them through. His lips were pressed in a tight line and I desperately wanted to laugh. I expected a lot more from the deadliest of Alpha's. "What is your name pup?" His cold voice growled. I ignored the fact that the hairs on my arms were standing on end and answered the hot-blooded Alpha. "Lola. And yours?" I smirked, already knowing his name by the dominance and authority he exuded. "Your new Alpha." He replied, gauging the reaction on my face. Did he really think I had no idea who he was? Well, who was I to ruin the fun. "As if that wasn't obvious." Maya laughed. I let my smirk deepen, "Ooh, really?" I let fake shock fall over my face. I could see the anger flash in his eyes and I waited. Now, I don't normally have a death wish but I already started off on a bad note. I could tell from a mile away that Alpha Asher was one of those typical Alpha's who wanted everyone to fall in line like good little subjects. I had a big problem with that, and it didn't help that I seemed to blurt out the first thing on my mind. I was surprised when Alpha Asher turned away, facing the other wolves in training. "Attention everyone." Alpha Asher snapped. In an instant everyone's eyes were on Alpha Asher and I. I refused to cringe under the attention. Alpha Asher's voice took on a rough quality, one that nearly made me shiver. I couldn't help but notice Sean's fear stricken eyes on me, wondering what I was doing. "Lola decided sleeping in was more important than attending training today. Unfortunately, we no longer have anyone available for her to partner up with." Alpha Asher's deep voice rumbled over everyone, commanding our full attention. I let the little glimmer of hope blossom inside of me, maybe I'd be able to just sit out today. "Not to worry. I will be Lola's partner." Alpha Asher's harsh words were like a bucket of cold water. "Shoot, you've really done it now." Maya groaned. "What do I do?" I asked her. "Um, try not to die?" Maya shrugged. "Thank you for your infinite wisdom, Maya." I rolled my eyes at her. "It's not a problem. I live to serve." She snickered, "But for real, try not to die. You know how to fight. You'll never win, but you can still put up a fight." She shrugged. Everyone began training at Alpha Asher's words. Sean sent me one last pity and panic filled glance before he turned back to his opponent. I huffed, and turned to look at Alpha Asher. I wanted a good look at the guy. Much to my dismay, my jaw dropped. Alpha Asher had to have been the most attractive male I had ever seen. His hair was the color of molten chocolate, short but also intoxicatingly messy. I tried not to drool as he slipped his shirt off, revealing a scarred but chiseled chest. "Close your mouth, Lola." Alpha Asher snapped, and I rolled my eyes at him. I could hear the growl rumble in his chest and I mentally slapped myself. "You really shouldn't keep pissing the dude off, you're about to fight him." Maya sighed, but I could tell she was enjoying my resistance. "Yeah yeah, I know." I grumbled. Before I had the chance to react, Alpha Asher had launched himself at me. I grunted as his fist connected with my stomach, forcing me backwards. I could feel myself losing balance as he came in for another strike. I let gravity take me backwards and rolled out of his way just in time to dodge another punch. I got to my feet and shook off the pain. This was the same as training with Chris. I could do this. I couldn't let his impeccable god-like looks distract me. I watched as he lunged forward, his arm extending to throw a punch. I feigned turning left only to roll under his legs and launch myself at his back. I clung to his back for dear life. At one point I almost started laughing, I was like a miniature backpack on him. I jumped off his back just in time for him to roll across the ground. "That would've hurt." Maya muttered, knowing he intended to do that with us still locked on his back. If that hurt Alpha Asher, he showed no signs of it. "You're fast." Alpha Asher pointed out, throwing a couple more hits to my face and body, which thankfully I managed to dodge. This guy was fast. Faster than Chris and that was really saying something. "I am. And you hit hard." I snapped, dodging another punch. I didn't move fast enough and winced as his fist grazed my hip. I wasn't sure how long I spent dodging Alpha Asher's kicks and blows. By the time Asher stopped attacking me, I was completely exhausted. While I managed to dodge some of his hits, he was way faster than the normal werewolf. My entire body ached and groaned. Alpha Asher was absolutely lethal. He must've been good at controlling his anger cause he had at least thirty five openings to finish me. Just as I was about to leave with the rest of the group, Alpha Asher cut me off. He stood in front of me, his arms crossed against his chest. He had slipped his shirt back on after training. Peeling my eyes away from the bulging veins on his arms, I looked into his toffee colored eyes. "Did you learn something today, Lola?" His rough voice was cold and almost condescending. Again, it seemed as though I had no self control around him. My lips spoke the words before my brain had a chance to catch up. "Yeah, your nose twitches before you throw a punch." I said deadpan. I watched as flecks of gold swirled in his eyes and wondered if his wolf were close to surfacing. I could feel my heart pounding, and I don't think it was from the hours of training I just went through. "Are you purposely disobedient, or is this just something you enjoy doing." The muscles in jaw were moving again as he gave me a strange look. "It's just one of my very attractive qualities." I shrugged and turned on my heel before I could say anything that really pissed him off. I collapsed in a heap on the couch, waking my Dad from his recliner with a startled grunt. "I see training went well." He grumbled, "I see you're still alive." As if it were an achievement. "My body hurts." I groaned, flopping my head back on the couch. "Alpha was Lola's partner for the day." Sean smirked, but he also seemed relieved. "Shut up and let me suffer in silence." I grumbled, happily accepting the cookie my grandmother offered me. "Don't be late tomorrow and maybe it won't happen again." Sean smirked. "Tomorrow?" I moaned. I had completely acted out today, not even thinking about tomorrow. Great. I stayed on the couch wallowing in my pain until the smell of dinner lifted my spirits. My grandma was cooking again and as much as my Dad protested I could tell he had missed her cooking. We sat around the table eating dinner and exchanging stories. Dad wanted to know all about what I had gotten into while I was gone. "So you already finished highschool?" Sean asked, I could tell he was somewhat jealous. Sean graduated a year ago at the age of 18. While I was home schooled, he was forced to go to the local public school. "Yup, I officially graduated." I teased, sticking my tongue out at him. My Dad smiled at us as we bickered, "Now only one more year to go and you can find your mate." My Dad winked at me. My eighteenth birthday wasn't for a couple months now. At eighteen every werewolf is able to find their mate. That is, if they're within sniffing distance. "Jeez, can you imagine that. Her mate is gonna have to put up with a lot." Sean smirked at me. I rolled my eyes at him, "I'm definitely not going to make it easy on him." "So, who the hell trained you while you were gone? Alpha's been here for a week and I haven't seen anyone able to keep up with him." Sean frowned, obviously interested in my trainer. Me and my grandma met eyes just for a second. "It didn't feel like I was keeping up with him." I shrugged, wincing at my sore shoulder. "You definitely were. Everyone else got pummeled bloody." Sean cringed. "He made each of us fight him one on one to see what were capable of." "So that means he won't be my partner tomorrow?" I asked cheerfully. My dread about tomorrow was dissipated by the second. "I guess not." Sean shrugged, "Now tell me, who's your trainer?" Stifling a nervous giggle, I replied "Oh just grandma's neighbor. He's really skilled in jujitsu and stuff." I shrugged as if it weren't a big deal. I shot my grandma a sly look and she winked back at me. "Do you have any plans for the weekend, Lola?" My Dad asked in between bites. Tomorrow was Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday training-free. "Mm, not really. I don't exactly have friends here anymore." I shrugged. In fact, I hadn't had any friends all year. My only company had been grandma, Chris, and the employee's of the supermarket we would often go to. I didn't feel the need to surround myself with people anymore. "You could always talk to Breyona y'know." Sean shrugged as if it weren't a big deal. I sighed and bit my lip, "I don't know about that. She's probably still mad at me, I know I would be." Breyona was one of my closest friends, but when Tyler and I started dating I set her to the side. Tyler had his own group of friends that didn't care for Breyona and like an idiot I chose them over her. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Sean shrugged "I talked to her during practice and she asked how you had been. She said she felt terrible about what happened between you and Tyler." "Really, she said that?" I felt myself smile in spite of everything, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to talk to her. "She did. It's been a year since then, Lola. She might've moved on from the past." Sean shrugged. After dinner I hopped in the shower, practically swaying on my feet from exhaustion. As sore as I felt, I knew it would only be worse in the morning. I flopped down in my bed and heard something crinkle beneath me. Groaning everso dramatically, I rolled over and picked up the crumpled piece of paper I had laid on. Welcome Home, Lola. The handwriting felt somewhat familiar, but I couldn't place where I had seen it before. "What." I mumbled, stuffing the note in one of my dresser drawers. "Weirdo." I shrugged it off, letting my exhaustion take over as I fell asleep on top of my covers. I awoke in the morning bright and early, actually having remembered to set an alarm on my phone. One less thing to be called out for. I slipped on a grey sports bra and a matching pair of shorts. I even managed to put my long hair in a neat ponytail. I arrived at the pack house just in time. Feeling energized from breakfast and a full night of rest, I made my way over to the rest of the trainee's. As always the large room we trained in was bare, only thin foam flooring protected us from the hard floor underneath. "I see you're not late today." Sean smirked at me. I smirked back, "I'm the poster child for responsibility." "Hey, Lola." A feminine voice called out to me. I turned and looked into a pair of familiar dark eyes. Breyona gave me a small smile. I noticed how different she actually looked. Her dirty blonde hair was cropped short in one of those pixie cuts. "Hey, Breyona. Good to see you." I smiled back at her. She gave me a small smile and a nod, "You did good yesterday." I scoffed playfully, "Tell that to my sore body." I ran to the locker room and shoved my bag inside one of the lockers, rushing to get back before training started "Attention everyone." Alpha Asher's deep voice called out. Not that I'd ever admit this, but his voice alone was incredible. His voice demanded your attention, while his words demanded your obedience. "Pair off with your partners. You will each take turns switching between offensive and defensive moves. Alexander and Jax will provide help." Alpha Asher called out to all of us. "He looks even better today." Maya smirked. "Hush, were supposed to be paying attention." I grumbled at her. I let my eyes drift from his untidy hair to his honeycomb eyes. He really did look good today. He wore a simple black t-shirt and a pair of loose work-out shorts. Once he was finished speaking everyone paired off into their groups. I stifled a groan as I saw Alpha Asher make his way over to me. "I see you've managed to arrive on time today." His honey comb eyes stared down at me, not conveying a single emotion. My eyes flickered to his chiseled jaw and I noticed the muscle in his jaw was still. I couldn't help but wonder if it only moved when he was pissed. "You're going to test that theory aren't you." Maya sighed, shaking her head. "Don't tell me you aren't curious." I smirked when she remained silent. "Unfortunate isn't it?" I sighed, batting my eyelashes at his unwavering face. My stomach did a little flip when he ran his fingers through his tousled hair, keeping a straight face as he looked on at me. "Start with defense." His rough voice commanded me, and I huffed at him. Before I had the chance to take a breath, he was charging at me like a freight train. Defense is my strong point. I'm small and fast, so I can typically get out of situations easily. Fighting against Alpha Asher was an entirely different story. Every single move he made was calculated specifically for me. It was like he instantly knew his opponents weaknesses and adjusted his technique to use it against him. The only thing I had against Alpha Asher was my agility. I had taken gymnastics until I was fourteen, and still practiced what I had learned. Agility would've been more helpful if Alpha Asher wasn't so fast. After what felt like hours, we switched to offense. I found it harder and harder to focus on training when this god-like man was trying to hurt me. "You need to gain muscle. I can hardly feel your blows." Alpha Asher snapped, pulling me from my creepy thoughts about him. I groaned and rolled my eyes at him, "I'm only 105lbs, there's only so much muscle I can have on my body. Not all of us can walk around jacked." "If you fought as well as you talked, you may actually be a match for me." Alpha Asher said in a cold voice. I ground my teeth together, trying to fight past the anger that boiled in my veins. I felt my fists clench and my fury take control. There was nothing I hated more than being treated as weak. Tyler would never let me start training, insisting I was too small to survive in a real fight. Jokes on him. Channeling my anger, I lunged at Alpha Asher. I managed to easily dodge his attempt at slamming me to the ground. Rolling to the side and jumping to my feet, I swung my fist at the side of his face. I used all the strength I had in my body. I smiled as my fist made contact with Alpha Asher's cheek. I also could've swore I broke my knuckle. Much to my dismay Alpha Asher looked completely unphased. Training had ended and after some weary glances in our direction, everyone either headed to the locker rooms or out the main door. He gave me a strange, speculating look and nodded once. "Much better." He grunted, showing none of the signs of pain I had hoped for. "Your anger makes you stronger." Alpha Asher pointed out, his honey eyes had gold flecks swimming within them. Unable to hold the words back, I smirked. "Thanks, I was thinking about you." Before Alpha Asher could respond I ran to the locker room. All of the girls were clearing out rapidly and I grabbed the clean clothes from my bag. I cursed, noticing I had forgotten to grab a regular bra. I slipped my sweat soaked sports bra off and slipped a t-shirt on. I swapped my work-out shorts for a simple pair of jean shorts. I slammed the locker shut and turned around, nearly toppling over. Alpha Asher stood a few inches away from me. His cold stare made me gulp. I felt my back hit the lockers as Alpha Asher took a step forward. "Do you get a kick out of being disobedient?" His voice was quiet and rough. His eyes swirled with gold, making them even more mesmerizing. I took a slow breath, noticing how good he smelled. Husky from training yet earthy. The smell of sweat and cologne mixed to create something entirely new. I smirked up at him, hoping he couldn't hear my rapid heartbeat. "I get a kick out of a lot of things. Being disobedient is just a personality trait of mine." "You will obey your Alpha." Alpha Asher snapped, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "Don't you dare, Lola." Maya snapped, knowing what I was about to say. "And if I don't?" I teased, keeping my eyes locked on the golden flecks that swirled in his orbs. "Oops, too late." I snickered at Maya. "If he kills us I'm never talking to you again." Maya growled. Alpha Asher took another step forward and I could feel his chiseled abdomen against my chest. I found myself wanting to look down at his lips, and instantly rejected the idea. Now wasn't the time to act like a dog in heat. I was playing with fire and I needed my wits. I felt my nipples stiffen as they brushed against Alpha Asher's abdomen and I resisted the urge to cringe. My stupid body was reacting in a way I hadn't expected. Alpha Asher's gaze never left my own, but I was almost positive he could feel my hardened nipples grazing against him. "Don't test my patience, Lola." Alpha Asher snapped, but I held my ground. For a second I worried I had pushed him too far, but not a single one of my instincts thought he was going to hurt me. For whatever reason, I felt safe. That thought didn't make me magically like Alpha Asher though. I knew who I was toying with, and sooner or later it may come back and bite me. I tried not to freak out as I realized how close he was to me. I could feel his breath fanning my face. "My apologies, Alpha." I smirked, batting my eyelashes. His eyes had progressively gotten more gold, and I let out a fast breath when he turned away and stormed out of the locker room. "You got lucky." Maya huffed. "I don't know about that." I mused. "He didn't seem like he was going to hurt us." After taking a few much needed moments to calm my hammering heart, I left the locker room and headed outside. I gulped the fresh air and let the breeze cool my heated skin. "What was that about?" Maya murmured, referring to my uncontrollable body parts. I shrugged, "I have no idea. Can't really blame me though, he is smoking hot." "Well well well, if it isn't Lola. Never thought I'd see your face again." A cocky voice called out. I grimaced as Ethan made his way up to me. Ethan didn't seem to change at all. He still had that lanky build with hints of muscle, and his blonde slicked back hair. He looked just as sleazy as ever. "Ethan, so good to see you." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes at his stupid smirk. I walked away and groaned as he followed. "Your legs are too short. There's no escaping me." Ethan smirked proudly and I stifled a gag. "Unfortunately." I mumbled. I remembered very clearly his smug look when Tyler found his mate and left me in the dust. He was always encouraging Tyler to go out and try new girls. Thinking back on it, Tyler probably did cheat on me. Not that it mattered anymore. Ethan smirked, walking much too close to me. "So how're you doing since the whole Tyler thing? Kind of embarrassing, huh?" His mocking tone made my blood boil and I came to a halt. "Listen here," I growled, taking a step closer. "It's been a year. And entire year. Now back the hell off before I knock your teeth out." I spat. I turned on my heel and left Ethan's annoying face in the dust. "Ooh, she's still feisty." I heard his voice call out, and I flipped him the bird as I walked away. "Still annoying as ever, isn't he?" Breyona rolled her eyes, making me jump. I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed her standing there. "Insufferable. I feel awful for his future mate." I rolled my eyes, refusing to glance in his direction. Breyona gave me a small smile, "So, where are you headed?" "Oh, I'm just going home." I shrugged, glancing at her. I couldn't help the guilt that swirled around me when I thought of her. What kind of best friend drops you for an stupid boyfriend? "My house is on the way. Mind if I walk with you?" She smiled. "Not at all." I was kind of surprised, but I knew I needed to apologize for what had happened between us. "Look, I'm sorry okay? You know I'm not good with apologies, but I'm sorry for being the worst friend ever." I frowned. Judging from the look on her face, I definitely caught her by surprise. "I forgave you when I found out what happened between you and Tyler." She shrugged as if it were no big deal. That was always one of my favorite things about Breyona. She never made a big deal out of things, and she wasn't one for drama or gossip. It sucked at the time, but I honestly feel lucky." I scoffed, trying to imagine myself as Tyler's Luna. Breyona chuckled, "As mean as this may sound, losing Tyler was the best thing that ever happened to you. You were always way too good for him." "Well, thank you for that." I elbowed her side and gave her a playful smile. For once, the thought of leaving and going back to grandma's wasn't so appealing. With Tyler gone, I felt like I could actually start over here. The only thing that would've made it better was my Mom. The thought sent a sharp pang running through me. "So, fill me in. What has life been like since I left?" I asked, and listened intently as she gave me a run down. Breyona told me how her older sister and finally found her mate in a neighboring pack and was currently pregnant with her first child. Only a handful of our pack members actually died in the fight, my mom included. Alpha Asher was quick to end the fighting once our side surrendered, and once he realized our Alpha had abandoned them. I hadn't realized before, but some part of me blamed Alpha Asher for the death of my Mom. I knew it wasn't directly his fault, but the blame was still there. The rest of the blame I placed directly on Tyler's shoulders. "So, are you excited to find your mate?" I smirked at her, watching a light blush fill her cheeks. She shrugged, "I'm not pressed about it." I could tell there was something she wasn't telling me, but I let it slide for now. "So what have you been up to?" She quickly changed the subject. I have her the very short rundown of what my year consisted of. While it sounded boring, it had been the best year of my short life. "So does that mean you can kick all of our asses now?" Breyona chuckled, referring to the intensive training I went through for a year. I giggled, "I'd sure like to think so." "You held up against Alpha Asher pretty well." She shrugged. "You think so? Sean said the same." I frowned. Did getting punched and kicked over a hundred times classify as good fighting? Breyona shuddered, "Yeah, that's actually really good. Alpha Asher fights like a monster, I've never seen anything like it." "Yeah, neither have I." I shook my head, wondering if Alpha Asher was on some kind of magical werewolf steroids or something. As far as I knew nothing like that existed, but I still wondered. "Did you see Chelsea earlier at training?" Breyona snorted, gauging my reaction on my old friend. My eyes widened, "Chelsea was in training? I hadn't even seen her." I shrugged, thinking back on my old friend. "Yup, she's obsessed with Alpha Asher." Breyona rolled her eyes, "She hasn't changed at all." Her words made me feel funny for some reason. "She really hasn't," I frowned, "She was always obsessed with Tyler." "She wants to be Luna." Breyona shook her head. I shuddered at the thought of Chelsea becoming Luna, "That would be wonderful." I said sarcastically. Breyona chuckled, "Even the old you would've made a better Luna than her." I gave her a smirk, "Why thank you for that, but I'm done with Alpha's." I shook my head. "Are you sure about that?" Breyona giggled, "What was up with you and Alpha Asher?" I shrugged, "I just angered him. He wants me to be obedient." I rolled my eyes. I may be a werewolf, but I'm not a dog. Lola the Golden Retriever had a good ring to it, but I think I'd look better as a Husky. "I'm surprised he hasn't killed you yet." Breyona shook her head at my stupidity. I shrugged, "The guy's like 6'3 and almost 200lbs, he probably just doesn't see me as a threat." "That's true," Breyona snorted. "You looked like a kid when you trained with him." She cackled. "Not everyone can be 5'8' with long legs, ma'am." I grumbled at her, but a smile quickly formed on my face when Breyona struck a pose. "If you keep complimenting me like that I'm gonna start thinking you're my mate." She cackled and I could stifle my giggles. Breyona invited herself over for dinner at my house, and I didn't mind one bit. Breyona had met my grandma a handful of times when we were kids and she loved the woman. Grandma loved Breyona's honesty and bluntness. Grandma always said Breyona and I were practically sisters with the way we act. We all sat around the table and ate the dinner grandma had made. Dad was looking so much better, his skin wasn't translucent like it had been. Sean teased me for being stuck with Alpha asher again while my dad feared for my safety. I tried to assure him Alpha Asher wouldn't hurt me, but he didn't buy it. I kept my disobedient behavior towards our Alpha quiet. The last thing I needed was Dad and Sean finding out. They'd think I had some kind of death wish. Brianna and I made plans Sunday to hang out and maybe grab some lunch at the cafe in town. I rolled into bed after dinner sore as all hell. While it was only 7 p.m. I wanted a head start on going to bed. I was looking forward to sleeping my Saturday morning away. I realized the full extent of my bad luck when an annoyingly attractive voice rang out in my head. "Lola, report to my office at 9 a.m." Alpha Asher's rough voice spoke through the mind-link. "Come on, Alpha." I groaned, "It'll be Saturday." "9 a.m, Lola." His rough voice growled and ended the mind-link. I grumbled and turned over in bed, and let sleep claim me. Saturday would've been so much easier if I had just remembered to set a alarm. I rolled over in bed with a sleepy moan. I was having the most wonderful dream that involved several under dressed men, one of which may or may not have resembled Alpha Asher. I didn't care about the details. My eyes fluttered open and a my sleepy yawn filled the air. That had been the best night of sleep I had in a long while. The events of yesterday had yet to catch up with me as I sat up in bed and stretched. Just as I was about to stand up from the bed, my eyes darted to a figure in the corner of my room. "What!" I gasped, looking into the furious face of Alpha Asher. He was sitting in the corner of the room on a navy loveseat my Dad had gotten me when I was thirteen. "You talk in your sleep." He spoke, his tone calm while his eyes continued to burn. He looked at me strangely and I wondered what I had said in my sleep. I didn't have to glance down to know that my nipples had stiffened against my tank top. I wasn't wearing a bra, not that I needed to. Who sleeps in a bra? I snaked my hands up to cover my breasts as I glared at Alpha Asher. I was grateful I managed to fall asleep in a pair of sweats instead of my typical pair of underwear. Alpha Asher looked good. Being furious only made him hotter. He wore a simple black button down shirt, but the sleeves were rolled up, exposing his muscular forearms. I sputtered, at a loss for words. "What are you doing in my room?" I gasped, I could feel my face turning red. His face remained flat whilst his golden flecked eyes burned with fury, "9 a.m, Lola." He repeated those familiar words and I felt my body stiffen as I remembered last night's events. I let my eyes flicker to the alarm clock by my bed and went wide eyed when I looked at the time. 11 a.m. "We're in deep sleep" Maya muttered sleepily. I should feel frightened right? I've been pissing off the deadliest Alpha for three days now, and yet I was still alive. As if Alpha Asher could read my mind, he stood from his seat in the corner and walked towards me. I kept my face blank, my eyes taking in every inch of him. He took his time approaching me, like a wolf stalking it's hunt "You couldn't set a simple alarm, Lola?" Alpha Asher's voice was hard, and I tried not to be mesmerized by the golden flakes in his eyes. I wasn't sure why I was so unable to control my mouth around him. Even with the hairs on my body standing on end, I only felt one thing. Excitement. "Um, I forgot?" I bit my lip sheepishly. "We're dead." Maya groaned, "You and your big mouth killed us." "So dramatic, Maya." I rolled my eyes at her. A startled squeal left my lips as Alpha Asher shoved me against my bedroom wall. The pictures hanging on the wall rattled with the impact. His rough hands yanked my arms down and away from my breasts, but his eyes never left my own Something had to be wrong with me. Instead of feeling afraid, I felt angry. If he thought he could man handle me into obedience, he had another thing coming. "You are testing my patience, Lola." Alpha Asher growled. His eyes had become completely gold and I stared into their depths unwavering. He towered over me as I was trapped against the wall. His earthy cologne scent was everywhere. It wasn't that it didn't smell good, it was just really strong. My heart nearly stopped in my chest when I felt his giant hand wrap around my throat. I stubbornly kept my eyes on his. There was no way in hell I was going to submit. Naturally, Maya squirmed at my defiance. It was against her nature to disobey her Alpha. "This is your last chance, Lola." Alpha Asher growled. His hot breath fanned my face and his fingers exuded the smallest amount of pressure against the soft flesh of my neck. Any control I had over my body wavered. I could feel my hard nipples pressing against him and gritted my teeth as a new sensation formed between my legs. My insides churned at the thought of him being able to smell my arousal. I told myself it was only natural that I was attracted to him. He was breathtakingly gorgeous and an Alpha. She-wolves were naturally attracted to the strongest of our species. His golden eyes conveyed no emotion other than anger as he looked down at me. I didn't fight it when a smirk formed on my lips. I let my eyes widen in mock fear, "My last chance, huh?" Alpha Asher leaned his face into mine, his furious eyes locked on my own. His lips were only inches away and I resisted the insane urge to look down at them. "Next time you will be punished, and I will not be gentle. Remember that the next time you disobey me." Alpha Asher growled, sending a wave of excitement down my spine. I almost felt disappointed when he pulled away and opened my bedroom door. "You start patrol Monday. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Report at the southwest base. Do not be late." His voice was deadly calm, and my bedroom door clicked shut quietly. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. My mind was churning. I chalked my arousal up to Alpha Asher's god-like looks. Something within me was attracted to the thought of being punished by Alpha Asher. I shook the dirty thoughts from my head and hopped in the shower. Once I was finally dressed I came downstairs. The smell of my grandma's lavender pancakes wafted around the house. I know it sounds weird, but lavender is amazing in just about anything. "What did Alpha Asher need you for?" My dad frowned, "Strange that he came all the way over here." "Um, well.." I trailed off, wondering if I should lie. "He kind of told me to report to his office this morning, and I didn't." I smiled sheepishly at my Dad's outraged expression. "Are you trying to get yourself killed, Lola?" My Dad nearly shouted. "It was just a misunderstanding," I shrugged. "I forgot to set an alarm." "Was he angry with you? Did he hurt you?" My Dad bombarded me with questions. No way I was going to tell him the truth about what happened in my room. "He was angry, but he didn't hurt me." I shrugged. I could practically feel his hand still wrapped around my neck. My dad let out a weary sigh, "You need to be more careful, Lola." I nodded, "I know Dad. I will, I promise." I added for his benefit. My grandma shot me a sly smirk and I wondered what that was about. Sean came downstairs shortly after, and he too had asked why Alpha Asher had come for a visit. He was just as amused as Dad was. I ended up stopping by the local coffee shop after breakfast, craving one of the Iced Mocha's they were famous for. When Breyona and I were still best-friends, we would come here at least three times a week. I sipped my coffee and nearly moaned at the taste. The only thing lacking at grandma's little cottage was the short supply of coffee. I nearly spat out my coffee when I heard a nasal laugh call out behind me. I turned around and locked eyes with Chelsea. She definitely looked the same, and I wondered if anyone had actually changed around here. Her skin was still as tan as ever, and her sandy blonde hair reached down to her collar bones. She didn't seem surprised to see me, and I remembered she was in training with the rest of us. A mean smirk formed on her face as she walked up to me, a dark haired girl clinging at her side. "Lola, never thought I'd see you again." She smiled cruelly. The dark haired girl at her side snickered. I smirked at the two of them and shrugged, "Well, I'm back." "Whatever. I'd say welcome back but I really don't care." She shrugged. I couldn't believe I was ever friends with her. I snorted, "Good to see some things never change." Her fake smile became mean in an instant and like a startled cat she lashed out. "That makes one of us. Everything's changed for you though, hasn't it? No longer the Alpha's favorite. Thank god you didn't become Luna. Goddess only knows how I managed to put up with you." I rolled my eyes, "Changed for the better you mean. I don't need to be with an Alpha to know my worth. That's something you should try and live by." I turned around and headed back to the towns square. Ignoring the stares of some of the people around town, I walked into the towns center and sat down on a bench. I sipped my coffee and let my eyes wander over the large fountain in the middle of the square. From afar this town looks quaint and normal, if only the humans knew what really lived here. As always, my peace was interrupted. "Hey, Lola." Ethan's cocky voice called out. I rolled my eyes and began to stand from the bench. "Aw c'mon Lola. You don't have to leave. Can't we just have a normal conversation?' Ethan frowned. I gave him a scrutinizing look. Ethan wasn't one for normal conversations. "Sure, whatever. But the minute you get all douche-like, I'm leaving." I shrugged, but definitely didn't let my guard down. "Aw you know I was just playing about yesterday." Ethan teased, and I rolled my eyes. His blonde hair wasn't slicked back in it's normal style, it sat tousled on his head. Sure, Ethan was a fairly attractive guy. He could almost be called hot, but all of that faded away once you got to know his personality. "Sure you were." I muttered, sipping on my coffee. Ethan plopped down on the bench next to me and leaned back. I gave him a 'wtf' look when he let his arm rest on the bench behind me. "So, what've you been up to this past year." He shot me a smirk. "Went to my grandma's, trained and graduated high-school." I shrugged. Ethan frowned, "Y'know, Tyler was actually distraught when he heard you left. He tried to figure out where you went, but your folks wouldn't tell him anything." That small shriveled part of my heart that once loved Tyler squeezed at what Ethan had said, but my mind knew better. Tyler tossed me away like trash and his friends did the same. It was pathetic irony that Tyler tossed his own pack away as well. I rolled my eyes at Ethan, "Look, I genuinely don't care. I don't see how that's hard to understand." I could feel someone's eyes on me and looked around to find the source. I locked eyes with Alpha Asher, who stood across the town's square talking to a couple men. I assumed the men weren't new additions to his pack due to the scars that littered their body. Was everyone in Alpha Asher's pack so scary looking? Ethan's voice pulled my eyes away from Alpha Asher's. Ethan leaned closer to me, invading my personal space. Invading someone's personal space was an Ethan specialty. "So you've really moved on, huh?" Ethan asked, his eyes roaming my face as though he were searching for something. I shrugged, "Yep." "Y'know, I never said this before but I always kinda liked you." Ethan gave me a lopsided smile. "Ethan, you say that to every girl." I looked at him with a straight face. Ethan acted like I wounded him, "I mean it with you though. You're gorgeous and you have a sexy body." I resisted the urge to gag. I officially had enough of this conversation. "Goodbye, Ethan." I said sweetly, standing from the bench to walk away. I glanced over at Alpha Asher and felt a smug pang roll through me as I caught him looking. Ethan muttered something under his breath loud enough for me to hear. "You never played this hard to get with Tyler." "Did he really just say that?" Maya growled in my head. I could feel Maya try to push herself forward, and I reacted on instinct. I dumped my poor Iced Mocha down Ethan's head. Maya howled with laughter while I mourned the loss of my coffee. "Fuk you, Ethan." I gave him one last sweet smile. I could feel Alpha Asher's eyes on my back as I walked away. To read more: Download our APP, search book ID:0103, read the complete version!

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