Sharechat Strategically Partners with SocialPeta in Mobile Ad Creatives

Sharechat Strategically Partners with SocialPeta in Mobile Ad Creatives

Company Background
Sharechat's holding company, Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in January 2015. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and presently employs over 400 people.

ShareChat primarily worked as a content sharing platform, allowing its users to share their own posters and creative content. Currently ShareChat has 180 million active users and allows users to post content in 15 Indian languages. Since TikTok was banned, this brought a huge opportunity for Sharechat developing in Indian market. Therefore, the demand for creatives had increased and we got a chance to provide Ad solutions to Sharechat.

The large demand for Ad creatives

As per Sharechat's feedback, they spent a lot of effort to localize their products in local markets. And they needed a large number of ad creatives to get inspiration and attracted creative content that attract users' attention. Their UA team had to find a way to effectively obtain creatives and differentiate their products from the competition. Therefore, it's an opportunity to work with Sharechat and bring a solution to them.

The Strategy with SocialPeta’s Ad Creative Feature

At first, with the feature of ad creative, Sharechat can access 1 billion high-quality ads creatives easily. Especially, SocialPeta has integrated with more than 80 advertising networks, so they can reach a bigger database, and know what the currently hot creatives format looks like and what kind of audience they will target. 

Second, through SocialPeta's Ad Intelligence solution to examine their competitors’ creatives in different locations. They leveraged the Top Creatives & Advertiser Analysis features, where they were able to see all the creatives from their competitors and make a collection of the well-performing ones.

Using the creative database of Ad Intelligence, the UA team managed to analyze their competitors’ creatives in each network and country. They were able to speed up the A/B testing processes and managed to test more creatives in a shorter period of time thanks to the insights they collected with Ad Intelligence. The team was able to detect which product works better and which creatives are performing best for each product. While doing that, they were also able to follow the latest trends in the UA space, by keeping an eye on the Top App Publishers on the dashboard.

The Results: 12% Decrease in CPI for India Market

Before the collaboration with SocialPeta, designing a successful creative required many iterations and took too much time for Sharechat. However, since they started working with SocialPeta, they’ve been expending less effort while getting better results in finding the best creatives. They are able to find the top creatives efficiencies and their advertising campaigns have become more sustainable, with their new creative strategy, backed by SocialPeta’s Ad Intelligence, Sharechat was able to decrease CPI by 12% in India compare to last year.

Indian content-sharing and short-video apps have become popular since New Delhi last year banned ByteDance's TikTok. After TikTok was banned, the Indian firm also launched a similar short-video sharing app named Moj which has 160 million users and counts Meta Platforms's Instagram Reels as its key rival. Sharechat is developing rapidly, and the demand for a large number of creatives will keep going for a very long period.