5 Practical Advertising Marketing Skills

5 Practical Advertising Marketing Skills

marketing skills

When you make a product, what do you think is the most important? Volume. The acquisition of traffic depends on marketing. Many people pay too much attention to product quality and give up marketing budgets. This is not uncommon. The two are equally important. More and more people are aware of the importance of advertising and marketing, so the demand for marketing is also increasing.

Here is an analysis of 5 advertising marketing skills for everyone:

1.Target audience accurately of marketing skills

Advertisers should all know that targeting audiences are a very difficult but necessary step. We need to understand what public our products are suitable for and what the audience needs for us.

To target audiences, we need to list what information we need to know about users. This information integration is biased towards qualitative analysis, used to explain the reasons for user needs, and can help product developers think about problems from the perspective of users, and understand user needs and product features. Use scenarios, including user behavior data, and taking into account factors such as time and geography, and finally form a rich, three-dimensional, and dynamic system.

Take the word “clan” as an example, use SocialPeta to analyze the audience information of this keyword:


Using SocialPeta can simplify our process of targeting audiences. Through keyword search and analysis, we can get the audience of this keyword, refined into information such as social relations, education level, devices, genders,  ages, and so on.

Or we can analyze the audience from another aspect→cost.


It is also a very practical method to calculate and analyze the audience situation through CPM and CPC data, which can help us more effectively capture the needs of users.

2.Ad platform analysis of marketing skills

In addition to targeting audiences, it is also necessary to analyze the delivery channels in order to achieve better advertising effects. Today’s most popular social media platforms are our advertising and marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

Using the data of SocialPeta, you can do a comparative analysis of Game App on Facebook and Google Ads:


Using these data, we can see what kind of game has put a lot of advertisements on these channels, then further analyze the effect of these advertisers. Through the chart comparison in the above figure, we can find that in the advertising of Google Ads and Facebook, the game themes that account for the highest proportion are puzzle themes, and their main countries are also the United States. In addition to Google Ads and Facebook, SocialPeta also has many different channels to filter. The breadth of its data and coverage platform far exceed other similar websites. In addition, SocialPeta can also analyze the top10 advertisers from multiple channels for your reference.

3.Advertising creative of marketing skills

Whether you are creating content or advertising on social media, creativity needs to be part of your work. Advertising is mainly taking a new, unique approach to an old product or service. We can acquire advertising by spying on competitors’ ads. Advertising creativity is divided into three aspects: static advertising, dynamic advertising, and advertising copy idea. Advertising marketing needs creativity. 

a.Static ads, that is, image ads.

image ads

Image ad is the most common form of advertising. We can even sort and filter in the navigation bar. We can choose the language, country, theme, date, port, etc. This design of SocialPeta meets almost all advertisers’ needs for advertising analysis tools. Each advertisement content can be opened, and a lot of specific information including image size will be displayed after opening.

b.Dynamic ads are divided into two types, video ads, and playable ads.

video ads

Video ads are similar to image ads. But through the data, we can conclude that the effect of video advertising is much better than image advertising. SocialPeta has also added demo ads that are not in the general tools. Viewing the traffic of different types of advertising forms has great advantages for advertising.

c.Ad copy, that is, the text content of the ad.

copy idea

No matter what form of advertising you choose, you need a compelling copy. Advertising copywriting needs to keep up with current events and catch people’s attention. A good copywriter should not have its own writing style but should find a suitable writing style according to different products, target groups, and tasks. Therefore, when writing a copy, we must first know who we are talking to and who our target users are, and then we can extract the textual expressions they like to convey our demands. 

The expression that the target consumers like is our accurate text expression. In the expression of copywriting, in addition to paying attention to the consumer side, we must also accommodate the brand side. It is to adjust the tone and style of copywriting according to the brand’s temperament and personality. When creating copywriting, it is easier for many people to overlook a problem, that is, the expression of copywriting must conform to the characteristics of the release channel.

When we don’t have enough creativity, we can also get inspiration by looking at competitors’ ad copy. This feature of SocialPeta can also shoot news by traffic so that we can more intuitively see which copywriting will be better.

4.Cost analysis of marketing skills

When calculating the effectiveness of advertising, cost analysis is also very important. The cost analysis mainly depends on data. Many marketers think this is unnecessary. Our costs are naturally calculated by our own back-end, but this time I want to talk about analyzing the costs of competitors.


The picture above is an analysis of the CTR that I intercepted in SocialPeta. You can see that there is also an analysis of CPC and CPM. I believe advertisers are no strangers to these abbreviations. By selecting different filter content, we can present different data conditions below. The chart content of CTR, CPC, and CPM can directly see the cost trend, and we can also see the distribution of countries. These can help us make good decisions.


SocialPeta recently added a CPA section. I believe that advertisers understand the importance of the CPA. Compared with the click-through rate, user behavior is the real data for the advertising industry. It can even be analyzed and compared according to the different behaviors of users. This feature is still very practical since it was launched.

5.Data tracking of marketing skills

The effect of advertising is mainly displayed through data, so tracking of data is very necessary. In the Internet era, every user’s actions can be tracked and recorded, relying on the integration of some people to aggregate them into a website for the convenience of advertisers. It is necessary to accurately grasp the data of our and competitors’ advertisements in advertising marketing. Many people will ignore this step. Of course, it is precise because of the neglect of many people that advertisements focusing on this marketing skill have achieved good results.

The pictures and data of the entire article are from SocialPeta. In fact, there are many tools of the same type. Why did I choose SocialPeta? Due to it has the most comprehensive functions, covering almost all the needs of advertising marketers. Using SocialPeta for data tracking is a simple, quick, and effective way. Other tools of the same type are not so comprehensive and detailed. Advertising practitioners understand that data tracking and analysis is not a simple process. Since you choose to use tools, you must simplify this process to the greatest extent. It is troublesome to be able to use one tool to complete the analysis and open multiple tools for tracking at the same time. Increased the cost budget.

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