The Best Shopify Niches And Ad Intelligence in 2021

The Best Shopify Niches And Ad Intelligence in 2021


2020 is a special year affected by COVID-19 and a year of rapid growth in online shopping. It is a very good opportunity for Shopify sellers. Using advertising can expand the sales effect of our Shopify stores and products.

So, what are the best Shopify niches in 2021? Now let’s check the list of the 5 best Shopify niches and its ad intelligence in 2021. 

Why we need niches?

A Shopify niche store is an easy way to build trust with online shoppers the reason why you have to pay more attention to creating it.

A niche-specific store has some advantages which make it very appealing to consumers. From the consumer’s perspective, a niche store makes them find quickly the things they need for their daily life. By shopping on niche stores, they don’t have to browse products for hours to find what they’re looking for. They can just look at a few products, place an order, and go back to what they’re doing in a matter of minutes. 

Meanwhile, for the dropshipping business owner, a niche store can give you more authority and helps you look more credible in your niche. When you have a dropshipping niche store, you can make content around your niche that will resonate well with your target audience. The people you’re targeting to market your dropshipping products will see you as an expert in the field and would confidently buy from you. 

If you’re thinking of building a profitable business for the long-term, a Shopify niche store gives you a better chance to achieve that. You might start with a dropshipping niche store but when it grows, you can turn it into a real business later on. Just like some of the best Shopify stores out there, you can shift from dropshipping products into selling private label products or products that are exclusively made for your store. However, you have to choose the right niche first. 

5 best Shopify niches & ad intelligence


In 2020, which is affected by COVID-19, masks are the best-selling product in the world, and no product can compare with masks in sales. Therefore, the first place on the 2021 best Shopify niches list is masked. In addition to isolating the virus, masks can protect against the sun in summer and keep warm in winter. It can be said to be a daily necessity. Sales in 2021 have been high, and all shops selling masks have made a fortune this year.

In fact, when advertising masks, we don’t need too much advertising information for preparation. We can find some official statements for mask advertising, use these to emphasize the importance of masks, and sales will naturally increase.

Secondly, price is also a way to attract users. Affected by COVID-19, medical masks are in short supply, and prices have directly doubled several times. When the words “SALE” and other reduced prices are added to the copy, a large number of customers will follow.

It is worth noting that unproven masks should not be used for medical advertising. Therefore, many Shopify sellers do not place advertisements for masks and rely solely on the natural search to obtain extremely high sales. Medical masks were robbed as soon as they were put on the shelves. It can be seen that the sales volume of masks is undoubtedly No.1.

More products under mask niche:

  • face mask
  • n95 mask
  • foot peel mask
  • kids face mask
  • ski face mask

2.Nail polish

According to the content of Shopify’s official niche list, we can find that the popularity of nail polish in Shopify has always been very high, and it has not fallen out of the top five for three consecutive years. Many people think about this, and think that more and more girls love beauty, and because they are unwilling or unable to go to beauty salons to do manicures, the sales of nail polish are so high.

In my opinion, the popularity of nail polish has a lot to do with a clear audience. The audience of nail polish is very clear, they are women, and they are relatively younger women, mostly single women. We can use the data in the figure below to conclude that the main audience area for the keyword nail polish on Facebook is still the United States, which accounts for up to 33%. We can get other attention content of these people who are concerned about nail polish based on the following search-related content, and then associate related products or content to increase product sales.

Towards the end of the year, nail polish will usher in a new peak period in December. Associating nail polish products with the content suggested by SocialPeta and related Facebook pages may lead to higher sales. Grasping the peak period in December will bring higher returns to your nail polish products.

3.Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics has always been a good niche in the e-commerce industry. From computers to mobile data cables, each is a popular product of Shopify. Of course, the most profitable Consumer Electronics products are definitely small digital product accessories.

This product has been ranked among the top three in Shopify for nearly 90 days, and its order volume has been increasing day by day, but it has remained stable overall. According to data from SocialPeta, in the third quarter of 2021, only nail polish sales can be compared with it.

According to electronic advertising channels, the most important platforms for electronic product advertising are Facebook and Google Admob. According to the advertising type trend chart of SocialPeta, it can be seen that at the end of 2021, the number of Facebook e-commerce advertisements is gradually decreasing. In contrast, the number of e-commerce ads on Google channels continues to increase. This may be a good opportunity to take advantage of in time. According to the survey, the reason for the decrease in the number of Facebook ads is most likely because the probability of Facebook advertising accounts being blocked has increased, and many small e-commerce sellers cannot afford to maintain and maintain Facebook accounts. The high cost of advertising costs was transferred to other channels such as Google to reduce advertising costs.


The e-commerce market for toys is huge, especially in Shopify, toys are a good niche. Basically, there are toys on every Shopify niche list, which proves that the sales of toys are also very impressive. In fact, most of the products under the toy niche are closer to children’s toys. Google audience analysis can be used to expand relevant keywords of interest to check the audience’s search volume for related words.

From the toy’s heat curve, it can be found that there will be a search peak for toy keywords on Christmas Eve every year, which means that this time period is also the peak sales period of toy goods. The traffic difference in countries is not very significant, but the main search countries are the UK, Australia, and Ireland as a whole.

In response to this audience report, we can say that Shopify products under the toy niche are more intensively promoted in the early Christmas period, and in these countries with higher search volume, this year’s Christmas is coming soon, I don’t know your Shopify store Did you seize this opportunity?

5.Sports accessories

In recent years, people are paying more and more attention to physical health issues. Therefore, more and more people are exercising, so the sales of sports accessories are also very good. Even though most of these sales may have bought these products under the slogan of fitness exercises, they did not insist on exercising. I suggest you find fitness-related items you already have at home and start exercising at home! Of course, COVID-19 is not over yet, fitness and exercise at home are the safest way.

The health and fitness industry has been growing steadily for the last two decades. However, because of the events of this year, fitness has shifted from the public realm to the home. That means there is a huge opportunity to sell at-home fitness equipment.

The highest orders in the past 7 days are almost all warm products, which shows that many countries and regions have entered the winter. Other sports products are also mainly indoor fitness. In the best Shopify niches in 2021, sports accessories can account for a large proportion. However, near the end of the year, the sales of sports accessories are falling sharply, and next year’s sales should be lower than this year. Therefore, it is not recommended that Shopify sellers list a large number of sports accessories products in the near future.

Where to find best Shopify niches & product ad creative

Alright, that’s the best Shopify niches and ad intelligence in 2021 that you can start dropshipping in. If you plan to start selling in any of these niches, or if you’re already selling in these niches in 2021. Until next time, learn often, market better, and sell more. You can find more great niches of Shopify, Aliespress, and Amazon in SocialPeta. Of course, you can get the full ad intelligence here. SocialPeta hopes you have good luck.