SocialPeta|Pre-Order Game Is The King Of Advertisers

SocialPeta|Pre-Order Game Is The King Of Advertisers

  1. Why do more and more APPs set up Pre-Order?
  2. SocialPeta|How to use the Pre-Order function in advertiser analysis?
  3. Data Principles & FAQ

Product announcement|You can search Pre-Order app advertisers! Why is "Pre-Order" so important? What kind of surprise will the SocialPeta bring you?

1. Why do more and more APPs set up Pre-Order?

Pre-Order APP refers that before the public test, the user can pre registers the app. Generally speaking, game apps often use this method.

Pre-Order game means that when the game has not been publicly tested, players will pre register and generally have an appointment gift bag. When the game is publicly tested, they can log in to the game with the pre registered account and receive the pre registered gift bag at the same time. For example, App Store developers can select "support Pre-Order" and select a date to publish the app for download. The release date shall be at least 2 days later, but shall not exceed 90 days.

During the app Pre-Order , developers can improve the popularity and popularity of the app by preheating promotion, so as to pave the way for more users. Overall, there are the following reasons:

  1. Before the product is released, you can get the exposure of the app store and accumulate users;
  2. Have the opportunity to get the [available for pre-order] display opportunity. The [available for pre-order] display effect is good, and the number of products in the module is small, which is conducive to the product to obtain more traffic;
  3. It is conducive to optimize the keyword coverage scheme before the product is officially launched, improve the keyword, and lay a good foundation for the initial ranking of keywords after the product is officially released;
  4. For well-known manufacturers' products, applying for [pre-order] can accumulate user attention and maintain product popularity. After the product is officially released, this part of the reserved users will be directly transformed into users who download the product.

2. SocialPeta|How to use the Pre-Order feature?

The new filter item "Pre-Order" in the advertiser analysis module can be selected to view the app advertisers currently in the Pre-Order. And click the tab to view which countries the APP advertiser is in the "Pre-Order" status.

Then, you can subscribe to an interested advertiser to view the advertiser's advertising strategy during its "Pre-Order".


For example, the above app was added to the app store for the first time on November 30. Socialpeta captured it's ads for the first time was on December 5, and On December 18, its advertising volume reached the peak.

SocialPeta|Pre-Order Advertiser

3.Data Principles & FAQ

· Socialpeta currently tracks the pre-order of apps in 46 countries / regions, mainly tracking the reservation status of apps on the app store and Google play platforms.

· The App Store generally provides the contract issuing time and pre launch time of the app (if the Pre-Order is set). Usually, there is an "Pre-Order" period between these two date.

· Google Play generally does not provide an app's contracting time, but it will provide a shelf time. However, this time may not be the shelf time of the reservation. The system needs to constantly check whether an app is in the "reservation" status on the g-play platform. Therefore, for android app, we provide a shelf time and version update time for your reference according to the platform information. And try to ensure the most complete app in the Pre-Order.

  • FAQ
    • Some countries do not have information on shelves or some countries do not have advertising creativity data? We try our best to cover the most complete countries and regions, but we still can't guarantee that the data is absolutely free of dead corners.
    • Due to the time gap in data acquisition, the appointment time of some apps will not be updated in time. The maximum error of this time is 1-3 days. Please feed back any questions to us and we will correct them in time.
    • After the new function is launched, we will also provide the reservation history of IOS app, that is, the historical data of IOS app that has been reserved. However, we are very sorry that this function will not be provided to Android App temporarily because the data cannot support android app.