7 Ad Creative Tips in eCommerce Advertising

7 Ad Creative Tips in eCommerce Advertising

It doesn’t matter the type of product you decide to sell, there’s something recurrent in any market, whether it’s online or physical: a well-done eCommerce advertising is essential for your brand to get known.

Have you ever heard the saying “it pays to advertise”?

In some ways, it is true. After all, there’s no use having a well-thought product ready to sell if people aren’t exposed to it.

That’s why you need to know how to make the ad creative. In this post, we’ll give you some pointers on how to promote your eCommerce, so that your creative efforts aren’t thrown away.

I have selected 7 different types of advertising ideas from SocialPeta and extracted their ad creative tips. By incorporating these 7 ad creative tips into your eCommerce advertising, you will have a better chance of getting better advertising effects and revenue.

Advertising creativity is particularly important in eCommerce advertising. Good advertising creativity can bring more traffic and clicks, improve conversion rate, and return on investment.

Home furnishing eCommerce ads

The first category is home advertising. The display of home advertising is generally limited, and it is more dependent on the target audience, and the similarity in advertising creativity is higher, mostly focusing on the quality of the business. The theme and color should be consistent, and should be warm or distinctive enough to attract target users:

This ad by CITYA Immobiler is very convenient. It is warm, the theme is the same, and there is a natural ecological beauty, which can not only reflect the texture of the home but also make people feel vitality. It is also unique to display in the form of video pictures. Home advertisements are generally placed in the form of carousel ads, and the ad form of picture composite video has a wider choice in the advertising space.

Holiday eCommerce ads

It’s Christmas and New Year’s time. There is a strong holiday atmosphere all over the world, and eCommerce holiday advertisements are endless. Many brands focus on moving routines when advertising festivals, so that every festival uses similar advertising creative reincarnation. It is difficult to attract users over time. In addition, interaction on social media has increased in recent years. The more difficult it is to be moved by the simple plot, the effect of this routine is also declining year by year. After the peak moment of the emotional card, routines have passed, we should consider other ways out.

Checker SA’s ad is a good example. Joyful and humorous, with a strong festive atmosphere, and even the copywriting is full of gimmicks-win cash 2020. It easily stands out among the moving advertisements that make people cry.

Food eCommerce ads

Food advertising is the category that most needs to highlight advertising creativity. For food advertising, more interesting advertising will generally achieve better results. Nothing will annoy your audiences more than to see the same old ideas rehashed by so many brands! Switching your ad up with novel images can be refreshing in the eyes of your diners. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and perhaps it’s true! 55% of audiences actually recall content more when images are included.

Today, the attention of consumers lasts for only about 8 seconds. So it will be smart for you to tell your restaurant’s story by exploring with images. 

Visual storytelling involves showing, rather than telling. But there’s just one small problem – not all of us are as creative as we wish to be. And not all of us are born to be master storytellers either. But that’s okay! There are many tried and tested principles to storytelling that can guide you along. Whenever you watch a movie, you’re exposed to storytelling too. Whether your food ad runs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube, they can all tell a story. Ultimately, it’s all about nailing the imagery and representation of your restaurant.

Jewelry accessories eCommerce ads

Jewelry accessories advertisements are similar to home advertisements, and both emphasize the texture of the product and the overall visual beauty. The more distinctive feature of jewelry accessories advertising is that it can use models to set off the goods, or supplement the plot, and use the atmosphere to render advertisements and goods. Like this ad:

Electronics eCommerce ads

With the Electronic product video, it’s evident that the company is fast integrating video into the marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in a similar domain, these videos are a good start to build a brief of what could be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

Combining advertising creativity and brand image, Samsung’s advertisement can be said to be very humorous, and it has gained a high degree of popularity in a short time. Samsung’s brand image has always been well-known, and its advertising creativity is generally based on the boutique route, focusing on the display of quality and function. Such humorous advertising creativity is actually rare, not to mention the advertisements for electronic products. Therefore, it gained extremely high popularity as soon as it was launched. This is also a new way of advertising creativity for electronic products.

Clothing eCommerce ads

Most clothing advertisements will focus on reflecting the characteristics of the product. The characteristics here, I guess many people think that the clothing advertising material I will mention must be very exaggerated. But the characteristics of the clothing I wanted to mention this time really touched me with its advertising copy.

The words “organic” and “sustainable” in the copy are the product features that really touch me. I was deeply impressed after seeing countless advertising ideas, and the brand was at least 70% successful.

Maternal and infant eCommerce ads

Maternal and child products have always been a very profitable market, and at the same time, it is also a market with high barriers to entry. Most people pay more attention to the quality and function of products in maternal and child products, and of course, brands. Therefore, the advertisement of maternal and baby products must not only accurately target the audience, but also creatively grasp the purchase intention of the target population, so as to effectively increase the CTR.

The ad material for this stroller is a classic feature-based ad. The whole idea revolves around the two themes of safety and convenience, inadvertently highlighting the texture of the stroller, which has brought full-scale heat in just 13 days. Although the originality is obsolete, the advertising of maternal and child products must be based on safety and functionality.


The essence of a successful eCommerce ad is good products and surprising ad creative. Good ad creative is a very difficult collection process. Sometimes we can’t think of a good idea even after looking through countless materials. Perhaps this article could bring you to better ideas:

  • Home furnishing ads should emphasize the sense of quality.
  • Holiday ads should highlight the festive atmosphere.
  • Food ads should highlight advertising creativity.
  • Jewelry accessories should highlight product quality.
  • Electronics ads should highlight the brand.
  • Clothing ads should highlight product characteristics.
  • Maternal and infant products should highlight the product function.