The Marketing Model and Ideas of Passion Puzzle

The Marketing Model and Ideas of Passion Puzzle

Passion Puzzle
Passion Puzzle

The Reason Why Passion Puzzle has been such Popular in Early Stage

1.Passion Puzzle is a popular type of game whose theme is development and simulation. It simulates a boy who is dating with girls. The gameplay is based on the development of leisure, rich interactive game plots, all kinds of beautiful ladies need you to guide, plentiful dialogue and a strong plot are the core features of this game, players can get love experience in the game. Most of the boys not very sociable will try to play the game to get some skills. It may make a sense in the true social!

2.Passion Puzzle not only has a natural appeal in the type of game, but its game experience and game graphics are very well done. As a simulated dating game, it starts with a plot. When you travel to a coastal city, you will meet many cute girls who seem to be very interested in you. Sweet Mary, strict ivy, fearless Loly, sexy Mika, exquisite Shantal, naive but gorgeous Emilia. There are also a lot of casual elimination tasks to increase your favorability. The exquisite pictures and cute characters not only have the immersive experience of the plot but also have the function of relaxing and decompressing the game.

passion puzzle
Passion Puzzle

3.Passion Puzzle has made great efforts in advertising and marketing. The initial investment is huge, and this conclusion can be drawn through the subsequent data analysis. Marketers have put many advertisements in the inchoate stage, and ads of Passion Puzzle cover almost all social media platforms at a time. This way of combining its exquisite character image and game experience has attracted a large number of users.

The Marketing Model and Idea of Passion Puzzle

The success of Passion Puzzle due to its “overtake” audience analysis. Audience analysis is important, its precise positioning of the audience has made it a significant success in the early stage. During the initial release of the game, almost every platform was covered with Passion Puzzle ads. Galgame is in great demand in the market and the actual supply is very small. With the release of Passion Puzzle and its advertising, the fire is almost inevitable. The early-stage advertising was also very effective, and pictures and videos were put on all major channels. At the beginning of the launch, many Youtube game bloggers posted video experiences.

However, why has this overnight hit game gradually lost its sound in the last six months? 

By searching the Passion Puzzle, I have gotten one reason for its marketing. That is the decrease in advertising. When we search for Passion Puzzle, the part is a walkthrough video on YouTube, and the other is the audience analysis. 

In my opinion, the developed games all have a specific audience, they needn’t much energy to do the audience analysis. They need more ad analysis. Whether the advertisements have been acquired the effect. 

With the data of the upside pic, we can find that the number of existing ads in Passion Puzzle is very tiny, especially compare to other competitors. 

image ad

And, its ads have not been updated for a long time. From the trend chart, we can also conclude that after Passion Puzzle reduces advertising and reduces the update frequency, the traffic also decreases. 

Of course, audience analysis is necessary, but to this type of game, it is so easy to locate their audience. These games need more ad analysis on social media platforms and some tools to spy on their marketing.

How to Drive Long-term Traffic and Users to Your Games

Passion Puzzle is a male-oriented game, the audience is naturally chosen men who are in 18-25 ages. The biggest advantage of this kind of game is that it can attract the market of players of similar games as long as it does a good job of advertising. As a mobile gal game, it is originally more attractive to users than PC page games. Take Passion Puzzle as an example. Its main market is in the United Kingdom and the United States. The proportion of male mobile game players in the United Kingdom and the United States will be relatively higher, and this type of game is actually rare in the United Kingdom and the United States. Therefore, a large number of advertising and placement in the early stage is very important. As long as the advertisement is in place, it is very likely that it will become popular overnight.

And what caused its traffic to go from bad to worse? The above analysis has also talked about, it is the slack of the later advertising. Due to the decrease in the amount of advertising, the growth rate of new users is slow, and the old users continue to lose, and the status quo will be forgotten by the market. Of course, there are many possibilities for the reduction of advertising. One is that there are not enough funds for the initial investment, and the other is that there is no plan for long-term operation. So from Passion Puzzle, what experience can you learn from similar games?

1. To carry out a large number of targeted advertising in the early stage of game release. Target audience groups as much as possible for multiple placements. Generally speaking, the early stage of advertising will bring a traffic peak, and it is difficult to exceed this data in the later stage.

2. Through searching, it was found that many news about Passion Puzzle came from Youtube strategy videos, which can actually be used rationally. As a story-type game, the emergence of strategy videos is inevitable, and you can even promote strategy videos yourself from a marketing perspective to attract traffic. Timely observation of advertising data and corresponding countermeasures is the best marketing strategy.

3. In order to objectively evaluate the Passion Puzzle, in addition to the advertising and marketing model, I also actually experienced this game. Its game mode is to advance the plot by completing various mini leisure games. Many users reported that the plot is difficult to advance and the game experience is insufficient. In fact, it seems like the developer’s work. After the game is launched, marketers should also observe the changes in the data in time, so as to feedback relevant information to the developer to optimize the game. After optimization, it should also be pushed to the audience accordingly, on the one hand, recall the lost users, on the other hand, try to see whether the optimized version can bring new users.

Since the audience population is established, the analysis of advertising platform data and traffic is obviously more important. Through these data, we can change marketing strategies and ideas in time to obtain a better effect. SocialPeta is an intelligent choice!

In addition to the ad analysis above mentioned ad analysis, the advertiser also needs to spy on your competitors in time. 

Here, you can search for all kinds of games if you need them. This is an almost versatile advertising analysis tool, observe the industry dynamics in real-time, obtain intelligence through data analysis, monitor the effectiveness of advertisements published on major social media platforms, and even calculate your advertising costs.

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